Pugs in Costumes – Ideas, Pros and Cons

Pugs are the clowns of the canine world, they say. Yes, they are playful, want to show off, and have a great sense of humor. Aside from that, you can dress them up! Do you love to see pugs in costume? Pugs are irresistibly charming when they are dressed as superheroes and the like, and they surely slay.

Why We Dress Up Pugs

Some are curious why pets wear clothes, boots, and at times, sunglasses. Is it just for luxury? Is it plainly a hobby? Well, we have to admit that some reasons may include fashion. We see pugs in costumes for photo shoots, and they love the attention. Some owners enjoy going out with matching outfits with their pets. Others take advantage of holidays as reasons to dress up their pugs and make it an unforgettable bonding experience.

However, most dog owners would probably understand that having dogs in costumes is not always about style. Clothes for pets are also designed for functionality. There are “therapy jackets” for aches, booties for icy walks, and coats to warm thin dogs during cold weather. Therefore, clothes are not just for show, they are also practical and beneficial for your pugs.

Awesome Costume Ideas

What’s the best costume you’ve seen so far? We bring you awesome ideas, and see which outfit would make your pug stand out.

  • “Little Pugmaid (Mermaid)”
    Turning your dog into a beautiful mermaid would be fun! Your pug would absolutely be picture perfect in red hair, too.Little Mermaid Pug
  • “Captain Pug (America)”
    How about a superhero? Don’t forget the iconic shield. He’ll use it to protect you from the bad guys.
  • “Ballerina Pug”
    Female pugs would look so adorable wearing a tutu! Pink is a charming color, but you may choose a color that you think would best suit your pug.
  • “Moo Pug”
    This is perfect for solid black pugs. Once they are wearing the costume, you would be persuaded to believe you’re seeing a cow!
  • “Butterfly Pug“
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a pug with colorful and beautiful wings? Pair it with a creative headdress and you pug would surely slay it!

Pros and Cons of Costumes

As much as we love to experiment with different kind of styles and unique outfits for our pugs, we also need to be careful when choosing the right one. Aesthetics is important, but safety is our priority. True, our dogs might need warmers and protection from any harmful elements, but we need to make sure that this does not intervene with their normal functions such as breathing, sight, movement, and ability to relieve themselves. If you decide to dress up your pug, make sure that it is safe from hazards. Some costumes might be too tight, causing discomfort. Some might even be prone to swallowing which can cause choking.

Now, the costume may be safe and comfortable to wear. But, is your pug sensitive? Does it want to be dressed up? No one else knows it better than you do, as the owner of the pug. If your pug is too shy to wear a costume, it would be best to pass.

pug in red dress

What do we learn? Dressing up our pets is one of our joys in life. We want to reflect our pug’s playfulness in costumes. So if you have weighed the pros and the cons, and your pug enjoys being dressed up, go for it and unleash the stylist in you!

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