Southern Nevada Pug Rescue

This is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of injured pugs. They educate the people about pug dog breed to encourage responsible pet ownership. They also rescue neglected dogs in the southern Nevada area. This is the mission of the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue

They are the best Southern Nevada Pug Rescue for many years. They are volunteers providing animal shelters. And a committed environment for Nevada pug rescue.

Check out their Facebook Page ( for more information.

Mission of Southern Nevada Pug Rescue


These groups ensure all dogs they take in for pug rescue ends to suitable permanent homes in Las Vegas. They continue to strive to help the homeless and sick purebred pugs and pug mixes. These volunteers educate people to be responsible pet owners.

List of Southern Nevada Pug Rescue Groups

Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League

Address: Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League




This group offers adoption and takes in pets when you can no longer keep them. They help both dogs and cats that are abandoned or abused. All their efforts are possible through donations and volunteers. When you donate, it will be tax deductible. All money will go to vet care, shelter, spaying, vaccinations, and grooming.

A Path 4 Paws

Address: Las Vegas, NV 89136-1364


Contact: (702) 591-6469

They are one of the famous pet rescue groups in Nevada and they have already saved around 3,000 dogs since 2017. This group saves homeless, abuse, or neglected tiny paws. One of their top rescues are those dogs in line for euthanasia.

If you want to hold a donation party or adopt a pet, then contact them. It will be a significant help for their mission.

The Animal Foundation

Address: 655 N Mojave Road, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Contact: (702) 384-3333

The Animal Foundation

This animal protectionist group was created in 1978. It is a clinic offering affordable service for spaying your dogs and cats. Right now, it is one of the known animal shelters in the United States. They already save around 15,000+ animals from killing and abandonment by their owners.

They take in all breeds of dogs and cats. Whether it is injured or homeless, they are happy to accept them. This group provides vet care, adoption, and rescue for pugs and other tiny paws.

The Animal Foundation needs your support for them to continue doing their mission.

Contact them if you want to adopt or donate to their cause.

Pugs N Roses – Las Vegas

Address: —




This Nevada pug rescue helps old dogs who are candidates for euthanasia. They also provide animal shelters for homeless pugs. Southern Nevada dog rescue also provides shelters for stray pugs in Southern California.

View business site ( for more information about their programs. They take pride in all positive Facebook reviews they get from all their efforts. You can also write reviews for them.

Corporate Matching Gifts

giving donations

Are you planning to donate to a nonprofit animal shelter? These organizations are the best recipient of your corporate matching gifts. This free money is useful in supporting their mission. They partner with business corporations that are passionate about animal welfare.

All your donations are tax-deductible. It is also a huge help for their cause.

These volunteers receive the best reviews in the industry. You can count on their accountability and transparency.

Share Love For Pugs

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It puts a smile on the organization’s faces to know that someone is supporting animal welfare. Check out the different events and programs of each pug rescuer in Southern Nevada. Express your compassion by giving donations or adopting a pet this holiday season.

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