What Are The Best Pug Names?

Owning a pug is one thing. But giving it a beautiful name is another. Even during planning on owning a pug, we already become excited to give it the best name a dog could ever have. We imagine an infinite list of possible names. So, what’s the best name for your pug?

The Importance of a Name

Before we discuss the creative, witty, and fun names for our pugs, it would be best to appreciate why we have personal names. We might not have wondered about it since having a personal name is a normal part of our everyday life. Ever since we were born, we were called by our name (whether we like it or not). But pause for a moment and imagine how life would be if we and our beloved pets did not have names. How do we identify a person? Would it sound pleasant if we were called by ID numbers? That would bring order to the community, but would it be able to establish relationships?

Therefore, a name is not just a group of letters. It should not be taken for granted. A name is an identity related to the owner’s character, background, appearance, and other qualities. A person’s name is even related to his reputation.

popular pug names

Popular Pug Names

How then can you pick the best name that would reflect the attributes of your pug? You might need some help so we compiled the best pug names around the globe, and if you have already named your sweet dog, see if your pug’s name made it to the list.

  • Ace – a nickname to one who excels
  • Alex – means Defender of Men or Protector
  • Bella – means Beautiful
  • Biscuit – for the dog who loves treats
  • Bruno – means Brown
  • Buddy – means Friend
  • Diesel – means Full of Energy
  • Doug – from the Famous Doug the Pug
  • Louie – means Famous Warrior
  • Lucy – means Light
  • Max – means Fun and Happy
  • Precious – means Beloved or Of Great Worth
  • Oliver – olive branch symbolizes Peace
  • Otis – means Wealthy
  • Pugsly – one of the most popular Pug names
  • Rico – means strong
  • Shadow – dog that follows you anywhere
  • Sophie – from Sophia which means Wisdom, Skill
  • Tootsie – means Young Lady
  • Yuki – from a Japanese word which means Happiness

What’s your favorite on the list? If we have not mentioned your pug’s name, don’t worry. You can always make your own.

Cute pug names

How to Choose the Right Name

If you are still having a hard time thinking about which name is the best for your pug, here are a few tips. As mentioned, pick something that is related to your pug’s attributes. Is your pug friendly and playful? Does your pug love treats? You may want to observe your dog for a short period before giving it a name that reflects its traits. Keep in mind too that the best names are short, so your dog can easily recognize the name. Choose a name that you are comfortable with, as you will often use it when calling your pug.

There are endless ways to name your pug. Just don’t forget to have fun!