Australian Shepherd Pug Mix

Different pug mixes look different and have different traits, this combination is one of the precious ones. Australian Shepherd + Pug if done right a very good breed to have, 2004 when it is first introduced. We will tell you this and more so keep reading.

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Breeding your pug to a different type of dog like Aussie Shepherd, which may be a popular option, is not a good idea. Because the dogs in pugs’ families are always on the list of the most unhealthy breeds. Golden retriever, cocker spaniel, and Shih Tzu, also are breeds to have a genetic disease.

Pugs are known to be the first dog breed on the rise. The common reason behind this is that they are cute and lovable. However, if you want to add some physical features of the pug into your healthy and strong new pug, you need to go with quality breeding options.

Another reason why breed your pug to other dogs is to try and preserve your breed. When you breed your Pug to another dog this will increase the variety in your pugs. This way you can get both good and bad traits in their offspring. If your dog has too many negative or good traits it might not be fit to become a mate or even lead in your breeding program.

What is a Pug Australian Shepherd Mix

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix loyal dog

A Pug Australian Shepherd Mix is a designer dog that is the result of breeding a Pug and an Australian Shepherd. Both great family pets, these dogs are can vary in appearance, depending on the genes of their parent breeds. They may have the short coat and wrinkled face of a Pug, or the long coat and pointy ears of an Australian Shepherd. They are typically friendly and have a playful personality that makes good family pets.

Pug and Australian Shepherd are both herding dogs. This means that they were bred specifically to do a job, which in the case of these two breeds is to work with herds of sheep. They are intelligent, obedient dogs that can be easy to train.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix History

Pug Australian Shepherd Mixed breed dog
The Pug Australian Shepherd Mix is a relatively new mixed breed dog that has only been around for a few years. Because of this, there is not much information available about their history or heritage.

The first known documentation of the breed was in 2004 on a popular dog forum. The mix’s description rapidly evolved into the dog we know today, and eventually became recognized as a fully-fledged breed in 2012.

It is not known when or how the Pug and Australian Shepherd mix came to be, but we can assume that the two breeds were used for specific purposes.

The Pug and the Australian Shepherd share many characteristics that make them good herding dogs. Both breeds are valued for their intelligence and ability to help humans around sheep or cattle in a productive way.

In fact, these two breeds alone do not make the perfect herding dog. They were bred to be used together and many other breeds can perform these tasks just as well or better than either of these independent breeds.

The Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a breed of herding dog that was originally developed in the United States. They are about the size of a small German Shepherd and come in a variety of colors. Australian Shepherds are bred for working and are known for their intelligence and herding instincts.

An Australian Shepherd, or Aussie as they are often referred to, is a type of working dog that is as versatile as they come. They are well-liked by people who hunt ducks and other waterfowl. They are also very good at protecting their owners and their livestock. More than any other attribute, Aussies are prized for their ability to work independently of their master’s oversight.

These dogs can adapt to just about any environment and they do not appear to age as quickly as many other breeds. The average life span for an Aussie is 12-14 years, which is about 10-15 years longer than most breeds of a similar size.

Purebred Aussie has been used as search and rescue dogs due to their strong sense of smell, high energy dogs, and ability to adapt to any environment. They will hike through difficult terrain to find the person. Then they will bark or signal their handler to show that they found the person. During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, these dogs were responsible for finding people who were alive but buried under the rubble of the Twin Towers.

Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs that watch you carefully and will be loyal to you. They can tell when someone is approaching, and they make noise to let you know.

They are elegant, graceful, and agile. They are extremely loyal to all family members and they love being with the family, including strangers. They are gentle with children but are very protective at the same time.

The Pug Dog


The Pug Dog is a breed of dog that is known for its flat face. It has a double coat and can be black, fawn, apricot, or silver. They were originally bred in China and were popularized during the 17th century in Europe. During the 18th century, they were brought to France, Italy, and Spain.

A pug dog is a type of companion animal that belongs to the toy dog breeds. Pugs are known for their short flat snout and round body with well-developed muscles. They have cute face and characteristic wrinkles and have won the adoration of people across continents.

Pugs are small dogs, weighing 6 to 15 pounds when fully grown. They have a square-shaped body, a black mask. Pugs weigh about 13 pounds on average and are 9 inches in height at the shoulder. Their paw size is 4 to 5 inches at the front foot.

Pugs, as with all dog breeds, have quite a unique personality. In this case, it would be described as happy and affectionate. They need plenty of socialization to get along well with other animals and children. This happy type of dog tends to enjoy being around people usually so much that they will often follow their owners from room to room just because. Often very playful, these dogs will also tire easily and need some good long walks during the day.

A pug dog is a very intelligent, cheeky, and bold dog that can be trained easily to perform various tricks. They are highly dependent dogs and will often follow their owners everywhere. They need a company of one kind or another to keep them happy and healthy.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Appearance

pug australian shepherd mixes

The physical look of the Australian Shepherd and Pug mix can vary. The dog may have traits from both parents. The Aussie Shepherd Pug mix can have the hard, flat coat of her Aussie parent or the soft, curly fur of her Pug parent breeds. Whichever fur type she inherits, her coat will be dense and double.

Some can be descended from Aussies with a white or blue merle coat. The Pug Australian Shepherd puppy has a variety of potential features from both breeds.

The Australian Shepherd Pug mix has the upright, pricked ears of the Pug and the almond-shaped eyes of her Aussie parent breeds. Her small to medium-sized eyes can be brown, black, amber, or a combination of these. Her nose could be one solid color or have some pink coloration.

Most Australian Shepherd Pug mixes tend to have brown or black noses. The expression of the Aussie Pug mix is typically alert and intelligent with a slightly wrinkled forehead. This expression will be more pronounced in some dogs than in others.

The Aussie Pug mix doesn’t have the square, stocky body of her Australian Shepherd parent or the short, stout body of her Pug parent. She is taller and leaner than both, with a more athletic build. Her length is equal to or slightly longer than her height.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Size

Aussie Shepherd pug mix breeds

The Aussiepug dog can vary in size, depending on the genes inherited from its parents. Australian Shepherds are medium to large dogs that can weigh between 14-18 kgs and height of 18-22 in. It may inherit the shorter legs of a Pug or the long legs of an Australian Shepherd. Its coat can be short like that of a Pug, medium like that of an Australian Shepherd, or long and wavy. The colors include black, white, red, brown, and tan.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament

Aussie Shepherd pug mix breeds companion dogs

Pug Aussies combine the playful attitude of a pug with some of the well-known temperaments of an Aussie. If you’re interested in adding this hybrid dog to your family, it’s important to learn more about what a Pug Aussie mix can bring to the table.

The Pug Aussie mixes are not aggressive. They are lively and playful when they are young. In the family, they get along well with children. What’s great about this mix is that it’ll possess the characteristics of both of its parents. It’s a dog that has considerable caution and high energy levels. Often, they are fine with a family pet such as dogs or cats but there may be times when they can chase them. They like to roam around the house and want their own space.

This combination breed is excellent for families that have children. If you have time to play with this dog and can give it plenty of exercises, then you’ll enjoy having a Pug Australian Shepherd mix. Thankfully, it has an independent streak so you won’t have to worry about its separation anxiety causing problems in your home.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Health

pug aussie mixed breed

A pug Aussie mix are generally healthy dogs, but like any other breed of dog, they can have health issues. Australian Shepherd Pug mixes are prone to some health issues like eye problems, hip dysplasia, and allergies.

This hybrid dog does have a tendency to gain weight and is susceptible to diabetes if not kept in check. The pug Aussie mix Mix is prone to hip dysplasia, skin fold dermatitis, and ear infections. These dogs are good for people who live in apartments. They will need to take them on walks every day and go to the dog park often. They should also go on long hikes at least once a week.

Dogs of this breed are at risk for many health problems. You can protect them by talking to a professional about what you should do. The best way to protect your dog and keep him or her healthy is to visit a veterinarian who specializes in this type of dog in particular. By watching for signs of specific health problems over time, you can start to recognize when something is starting to go wrong.

The sooner you can get them the care that they need, the more likely they are going to be able to recover from their condition successfully. Be warned though! Many of these health concerns are progressive and as one gets worse, it might lead to a whole new set of problems that weren’t even present before.

Common Health Problems of Pug Australian Shepherd Mix

aussie shepherd pug mix little dog

This breed is believed to be healthier and more active which means you will be less likely to deal with health issues. However, it is still important to be aware of some problems that could occur if left unattended.

With the right approach and continued care, dog owners will likely be able to minimize the risk of any health problems impacting their pets. Additionally, caring for a dog with a genetic health issue requires special attention throughout every stage of life. Research on Aussie Pug mixes when they are young will help you know how to take care of them.

Here are some of the most common health problems that Aussie Shepherd Pug Mix suffers from.

Hip Dysplasia

Aussie shepherd pug mix great family dogs

Hip Dysplasia in dogs is a serious disease that has to be observed in great detail by both pet owners and veterinarians. Hip dysplasia on dogs is a common genetic disease where there is an abnormality in the joint of your dog’s hips, and that can lead to pain in their joints and obesity.

Dogs who have hip dysplasia may walk with an abnormal gait, especially in the hind legs. The legs and spine are affected by this joint disorder which can be caused by a number of different factors such as genetics and nutrition. Hip dysplasia on dogs is a serious condition and it may require surgery to correct orthopedic deformities.


  • Limping
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Clicking sound from hips
  • Difficulty jumping
  • Loss of muscle mass


Aussie shepherd pug mixes guard dog

Deafness on dogs Deafness or hearing impairment is an abnormal and irreversible inability to hear. It may develop gradually or suddenly and can be caused by many factors such as infections, old age, genetics, disease, etc. The more common problem that is an issue with dogs is idiopathic progressive sensorineural deafness. This type of deafness comes from the inner ear where it is a result of progressive loss of hair cells in the cochlea.

Deafness in dogs is something that most dog owners don’t realize, even though it is very common. Sensitivity to sound is not something that gets noticed on a day-to-day basis because your dog sounds like he’s moving normally. If you start looking for warning signs of deafness on dogs, you will be able to avoid a lot of the complications that come with it.


  • Lesser active
  • Excessive barking
  • Appear unresponsive
  • Fail to respond to familiar commands
  • Less attentive


Aussie shepherd pug mixes designer breed

Epilepsy on Dogs is a common neurological disorder where seizures affect a dog’s brain. It can be caused by multiple factors, such as genetics and injury. Epilepsy can be a very serious condition for dogs, especially those that are epileptic. Epilepsy is a disease where the dog will have recurring seizures. Seizures on their own are dangerous, but when combined with epilepsy the situation can become even more serious.

If a dog were to have a seizure on you, then the best way to react is by first, not freaking out. The second thing to do would be to try holding it down gently while not getting in the dog’s way. If your dog has epilepsy, you need to get her medication from your veterinarian. This should help to prevent any more seizures.

If your dog has epilepsy, you can help control their seizures by making changes to their diet, medication, and behavior. Your dog will live a longer and healthier life by eating well-balanced meals.


  • Running in circles
  • Twitching
  • Muscles are stiff
  • Biting
  • Going unconscious
  • Urinating uncontrollably


Aussie shepherd pug mixes smartest dog

Cataracts on dogs are a condition in which your dog’s lens loses its transparency, resulting in vision impairment. This can be so severe that the dog is almost completely blind, lacking even peripheral vision. It’s not just dogs who get cataracts. A cataract on dogs is actually just a type of senile cataract. Cataracts on dogs, in reality, refer to the opacity of a canine’s lens.

The cataract may be most easily detected by looking at the eye in bright light and assessing the animal’s reaction to the light. A cornea that appears pink or red means that there is no true opacity present. Eyes can develop problems in certain diseases. Older animals or sick animals might have their eyes grow into the eyelid. Cataracts are usually seen as a blue tone over part or all of the eye’s lens depending on its severity.

Cataracts on dogs can be a very serious eye condition. Without adequate treatment, the dog might go blind, lose muscle coordination, and have other vision problems. If you catch cataracts in dogs early, there is a better chance of reversing the condition and saving your pet’s eyesight.

While there are more urgent health concerns for dogs, cataracts shouldn’t be ignored either. As vets we’re all likely to encounter dogs with cataracts at some point and it’s best to know how to diagnose and treat them early on.


  • Clumsiness
  • Rubbing on eyes
  • Cloudy pupils in both eyes
  • Changes in eye color
  • Signs of loss in vision
  • Swollen eyes
  • Excessive sleeping

Breathing Problems

aussie shepherd pug mix friendly dog

Whenever you talk about breathing problems in pug mixed dogs you must mention hereditary disease of the heart. However, this doesn’t apply to all varieties of pug mixed dogs as some are also prone to other problems.

These can be caused by a number of factors, including allergies and other medical conditions. It could be as simple a symptom as a cough or heavy breathing and as severe as an asthmatic attack.

There are several symptoms that you will want to observe to determine if there are breathing problems in dogs.


  • Breathing difficulties
  • Snorting
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion in nose
  • Gagging after coughing
  • Excessive coughing


Aussie shepherd pug mix couch potato

You may be surprised at the big problem that can come from an overly fat dog. Obesity is one of the top three health hazards for dogs. Obesity can cause lots of health problems for your dog and make their life worse.

Dog owners are often worried about overweight dogs. Sometimes, a simple weight loss diet can help. However, there are many other issues that are not as easy to solve. That’s why it’s important to find an experienced vet who is also experienced with canine weight-loss diets.

Dogs are known to overeat when they are bored or not receiving enough exercise. If you want to help your dog stay at a healthy weight, it is important to spend time with them every day. This will help decrease their overall calorie intake while still keeping them healthy. This is because any dog owner will tell you that exercise is vital in keeping your dog healthy and happy throughout its life.


  • Panting excessively
  • Tiredness
  • Doesn’t want to play games
  • Unusual rounder body and face
  • Refusal to go for walks and activities

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Diet, Exercise, and Grooming

Aussie shepherd pug mix most dogs

It is pretty obvious that this dog requires very little activity. He is a loyal and affectionate family pet and would be content to spend most of his time indoors near his owner. The Pug Australian Shepherd Mix as a puppy is playful and curious about the world around him. He will generally be happy when someone is home but also does fine when left alone for extended periods of time.

That said, like any other pet, a Pug Australian Shepherd Mix needs attention given to its grooming needs in order to keep it healthy. This includes daily exercise and brushing or combing on a regular basis. Their coarse curly coat keeps them warm in the winter but they need to be checked for ticks after they have been taken out in a garden or field. They also need bathing regularly as they produce an oily coat.

Feeding a dog a proper amount is vital to his or her health. Similar to the way people need more exercise and less junk food, dogs need more activity and less calorie-rich foods. In fact, a dog’s diet should consist of lean proteins with grains outside of their staple diet and they may need twice as much food as you think they need.

Be sure to monitor your dog’s weight and consult your vet if you are worried about his or her fitness levels. Before your dog tries to lose weight, it is important to take some wellness measures. This will help make sure that your dog is healthy enough to lose weight and that your dog doesn’t have any serious health problems. In most cases, vets recommend prevention so that you don’t get any serious health issues.

Pug Australian Shepherd Mix Training

australian shepherd pug mixed breeds puppies

A lot of people think it’s hard to train the Pug Australian Shepherd Mixed breeds, but that’s not true at all. In fact, once you learn the secrets of training this breed, it will be easy for you to get through to your Pug.

The Pug-Aussie mix is a combination of two very affectionate breeds that are generally active and easy to train. When you train a Pug-Aussie mix, it will go smoothly as long as you are consistent. Obedience training is also a great idea for this breed.

Aussie Pug Mix are great family pets

good natured pug australian shepherd mixes

Pug Australian Shepherd mixes are full of personality and can make a very positive addition to any family. They tend to get along well with children, other dogs, and cats. However, it should be noted that the Pug and the Aussie are strong-willed and will often choose their owners over other pets.

They are usually friendly with others as long as they are socialized well when they were young. You can not own a Pug Aussie mix if you are too young or don’t have time to spend on dog training and exercise.

Given their independent streak, it is important that you provide your Pug Aussie mix with daily exercise. Although this is not a high-maintenance dog, it does require exercising every day, as well as with a variety of toys and chew treats to keep its interest. Make sure that your dog’s food bowl isn’t always available, either. As suggested by the AKC breed standard, these dogs should wear down most of their energy through exercise before settling down for rest.


To sum it up, this dog is friendly and affectionate with those the dog is familiar with. They are a good watchdog because of their alertness and watchful nature when strangers approach their territory. If you have other pets in your home, expect your Pug Australian Shepherd Mix to get along with them just fine.

Although you might have to stand up for that new puppy since they will tend to pick on new pets until they feel comfortable in their new home. This dog responds well to training because they are intelligent, alert, and eager to please. Overall, this unusual mix makes a wonderful addition to any family.

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