7 Most Gorgeous Pug Mixes

1. Frugg: French Bulldog + Pug

2. Puggle: Beagle + Pug

pug + beagle

3. Pom-A-Pug: Pomeranian + Pug

Pomeranian mixes pug

4. Bugg: Boston Terrier + Pug

5. Basset Hound + Pug

6. Chug: Chihuahua + Pug

7. Pug-Zu: Shih Tzu + Pug

The job of the pug mix breeder is to create some of the best, healthiest, friendly and sober dog breeds by mixing pug with another popular breed. The pug mix must be a family dog, friendly enough with a nice temperament and good to go with children and family guests at all times. This happens by collecting the best dog breeds from around the world and mixing them by monitoring them genetically, pedigree wise and health wise.

The various pug mixes

There are different types of pug mixes available. Some are more popular than the others. But the most common ones are:

  • A Pompug is a breed of Pug with Pomeranian.
  • A Chug is another popular pug mix made from a Pug and Chihuahua. Chugs are tiny and adorable.
  • The mix of Husky and Pug is known as Pugsky. It inherits the face of a pug but not the large dark eyes fully.
  • Mix between Shih Tzu and Pug makes Pugtzu which is furry and small.
  • Pug and Boxer makes Poxer.
  • The French Bulldog and Pug makes the Bullpug.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier and Pug makes the Jug which may not have a flat snout.
  • The Schnauzer and Pug makes Schnug, which is furry with noticeable pug eyes.

These are just a few, and there are many more popular and rare pug mixes possible and available.

What is so special about the pug mixes that you would love to pet one

The cross bred pugs inherit the traits that pugs are loved for, and they also give you new mixed traits to explore. The yearning to try and experiment and see how it feels to pet a dog, which has mixed traits of the cute pug and some other breed, makes people go for the pug mixes. Some of the pug characteristics that the whole world loves can also be found in these mix breeds. Some of these characteristics are:

Pugs are extremely friendly, and they will not leave you alone! It will stay beside and behind you like a fixed trail of yours through the day. Pugs are known to follow their owners wherever they go. That’s because they love staying with their family, they love humans, and their attention. If you get a pug cross, be sure that it will be friendly with the whole family, your kids, and you can feel safe with the dog playing with your children. It would want to sit on your lap, play with you, get cuddled, and may even want to sleep on your bed!

They are funny and sweet. The flat and square face is their main signature identifier. Besides the wrinkles on the face, the big and black innocent eyes, the thumb mark on the forehead that looks so prominent, a dark trail moving from the head to the back, with a short curled tail tightly snuggling the body, make the pug so very unique. These prominent traits are visible even in the popular pug mixes.

They are quiet and docile dogs that do not bark much, and nor do they have the inclination to jump, attack or bite. Yet they are smart and clever and good as watchdogs. Goofy by nature, Pugs have a great sense of humor, and their temperament will make anyone love them. The same follows in case of pug mixes as these very adorable and loved traits of the parent dogs do get mixed with the other breed to give you the perfect blend you are looking for.

Great for apartment living, as they are not too much jumping, running or active indoors, you would love to get a pug mix breed for a pet.

A pug mix can be a great pet

The main reasons that they are lovely pets to treasure and cuddle are:

They won’t bark, or attack you or other family members or the kids. They are an extremely affectionate dog breed. The same goes for pug mixes as well.

They love to follow you, and with a pug at home, you will never feel lonely.

If you are lazy bones, and don’t want to take the dog out for walks and activities frequently, pugs are the perfect choice for you. It will not disturb you for an outing or demand a walk outdoors. Pugs love staying indoors.

Pugs look cute and sweet, and the pug mixes also inherit the same looks with a flat square face and big dark eyes. The overall look is never scary, but is really lovable.

If you plan to get a pug mix

To get a pug mix, you will first have to decide what kind of mix you want to go for. There are many dog breeds with which pugs can be mixed and are mixed. When you go to a good breeder who sells them, you will get a lot of varieties.

Since now you know why you are selecting a pug mix, the next job for you is to decide the other breed traits which you would want in the dog. And to decide that either you may tell what you want to the seller, or research a bit online or and ask friends to know more.

One very important thing you must know is that choosing the seller and the breeder is a crucial task. Not all sellers are good in mixing the best breeds that are generally healthy. Therefore, to get a good pug mix as pet that won’t carry diseases or inherit foul traits, you must choose the breeder carefully.

pug loves baby


Pugs as pets can be the cutest and friendliest pets to possess, while the family is never at a danger of dog bites, scratches or attacks. Also, it doesn’t destroy things, toys, and clothes. It does not chew on things, nor does it drool. You would rather buy a companion for yourself, which will never leave you alone.

Moreover, you won’t get a fussy dog which is very demanding. All it demands for is love, and if it gets that in plenty together with nutritious food, you are going to treasure this healthy pet for life!