Basset Hound Pug Mix

The bassugg breeds are hybrid designer dogs. Basset hound pug mix dogs are a relatively new breed that is a mix of the basset hound and the pug. They are recognized by the Designer Dog Kennel Club, American Canine Hybrid Club, Dog Registry of America, and International Designer Canine Registry.

They are considered to be medium-sized dogs and they typically weigh around 25-35 pounds. Bassuggs have Pug coloring on their bodies and heads, with Basset Hound coloring on their ears. Bassuggs usually have floppy ears like the Pug parent, but sometimes they may also have erect ears like the Basset Hound parent.



The coat of a bassugg is generally short and smooth. It can be any color combination except for pure white because it is considered to be an unacceptable color for both the Basset Hound and the Pug. Usually, their eyes are very dark, but can also be lighter.

The bassugg is a hybrid dog that has been bred from the basset hound and the pug. It looks like a miniature basset hound with a pug’s snout and wrinkly face but as far as its personality goes, it is just like the pug. Pugs are small with feisty personalities, while basset hounds are bigger and friendlier.

The best way to get a picture of the bassugg personality is to look at its parent breeds to understand what temperament it is likely to inherit.

That’s just a preview.Read on to know more about this interesting pug mix.

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Basset Hound Pug Mix – Parent Breeds
Bassugg History
Bassugg Appearance
Bassugg Temperament
Bassugg Food and Diet
Bassugg Health Problems
Bassugg Training and Exercise Requirements

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Basset Hound Pug Mix – Parent Breeds

The Pug Breed

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So what is a pug breed? A pug breed is any dog originating from the country of China. The Pugs are an ancient breed, in fact, they are one of the oldest breeds that we know of today. They have round-shaped eyes, a short nose and a tail that curls down over the back. Pugs have always had a very distinctive look. Dogs of this breed are cute and small but still have the same domineering personality that all pugs do. Pugs come in a few different colors and coat patterns, which is what makes them so unique.

If you are looking for a companion that is both cute and cuddly, then look no further as this breed will not fail to bring home the glory. Pugs were made a very long time ago and they have been around ever since because they make good pets.

The Pug is an interesting breed of dog. It has the unfortunate reputation of being stubborn, pig-headed and somewhat difficult to train. But with care, love and a willingness to learn, it can become one of the best companions you could have. The Pug is a very affectionate dog, and has a great temperament for children. It’s usually very gentle, and makes a great family dog.

The Basset Hound Breed


Bassets are members of the hound family. The name “Basset” comes from their long, low body and short legs, which give the appearance that they are “basset hounds.” They are solidly built, with a distinctively coarse and heavy coat that was originally used for hunting in dense underbrush.

Basset hounds are short-legged dogs. Their ears, neck and legs are long compared to their bodies. Basset hounds have drooping noses and short muzzles. Their short legs mean they’re not able to run fast.

Basset hounds typically have heavy undercoats that shed on a regular basis. Some shed more than others, but overall they all have a lot of hair to look after. They were created to run alongside hunters, helping them find their prey.

The basset hound breed is a very gentle and funny breed of dog for many reasons. They are usually very friendly towards everyone, including children, and other dogs. The Basset Hound has been known to be a loyal stranger, just as they are loyal to their family, always loving and eager to please. What this mix will look like can vary greatly, depending on the characteristics of each breed. Some of them may be very close to a full-blooded Pug or Basset Hound. Others can end up looking more like hound dogs.
basset hounds

Bassugg History

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The Bassugg is a new breed of pet, so we don’t know much about their history. We do know the history of both basset hound and pug breeds.

Pug dogs are now among the most popular breeds of dogs nowadays. Many years ago in China, people bred dogs for companionship. A long time later, some people brought dogs from Asia to Europe. The dogs were very popular in noble families because they were small.

It is said that the Basset Hound is one of the oldest hound breeds. It has been mentioned in written works for over 200 years, with many depicting it working a pack of hounds to drive away prey. The name French basset was given to them because they were rather low and heavy, like little Frenchmen.

Basset hounds are a type of dog that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting. This dog is known for its short legs, long ears, and big paws. It resembles an animal referred to as a hound but with features distinct from most dogs that belong to this group.

Bassugg Appearance

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It may vary depending on their parent breeds. The Basset Hound pug mix and all variations have a long, low muzzle. Basset hound pug mix coats come in all colors and combinations; red is the most common of these. Their coat consists of a solid color with white markings on the legs, chest, and face. The basset hound pug mix has a long face with handsome facial wrinkles and folds. The body is of medium length, the chest well-developed, and the legs sturdy. The ears are long and floppy but they will perk up when they hear a sound. The tail is short, straight, thick, and tapered.

These short-haired dogs bring lots of love and smiles. They are gentle, loyal, and energetic. They are more on the calm side, but still have high activity levels to match their small size.

Bassugg Temperament

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The personality of a basset hound pug mix can change depending on its parent breeds. The basset hound pug mix is a sweet, loving dog that will do best when given lots of love and attention. This mixed breed dog is loyal and affectionate towards children and makes a great family pet. The basset hound pug mix will do well in an indoor setting but needs to be taken on daily walks to the dog park stretch its hardy legs and get some exercise.

A bassugg has a sweet disposition. These dogs are very quiet and patient, making them a great pet for families with children. Sometimes they may be stubborn and not want to perform an action. Take your bassugg to dog obedience school to teach you both how to behave together. With proper socialization and training, these dogs can make great pets for almost anyone.

Bassugg Dog’s Diet and Food

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Bassugg can typically eat the same dog food as its parent breeds. This dog is not prone to any specific health concerns, but it can be prone to obesity like any other dog of this size.

To keep your Bassugg healthy and happy, it is important that you feed him the proper food and avoid any foods that are bad for his health. Make sure to feed your pet the same brand of food for a period of two or three months. This will allow you to see how his body reacts to a certain type of diet and get enough protein. It may take some experimentation so that your pet can feel comfortable with a portion of particular dog food.

Top-quality dog foods should be at least 80 percent meats and meats derivatives. You should buy grain-free dog food for small dogs to make sure they get what they need in terms of nutrients, minerals and proteins. A premium quality food is healthier for your Bassets hound pug mix than a budget brand cereal dog food.

Bassugg Health Problems

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There are a few potential health problems that could occur in dogs from a Bassugg mix breed. One is a genetic problem called progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which can cause blindness. Other potential problems include hip dysplasia, which can lead to arthritis, and brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS), which is caused by the dog’s short muzzle and can lead to difficulty breathing.

There are several things that pet owners can do to try to minimize the risk of their dog developing these health problems. For example, they can have their dog’s hips screened for dysplasia and choose a dog with a longer muzzle if they are concerned about BAOS.

Ideally, the parents of the puppy will be screened to make sure they don’t have genetic problems. That way the owners can help make sure their puppies will also be healthy.

PRA is a heritable disorder, meaning that it can run in families and is more likely to be passed on to puppies when both parents have PRA.

Much like hip dysplasia and BAOS, gastric torsion is a condition that can be passed down from parent to puppy. This is a health issue in which the stomach twists, cutting off blood flow and leading to the death of stomach tissue. If gastric torsion isn’t treated quickly, the dog can die.

Bassugg Training and Exercise Requirements

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As you are probably already aware, training and exercise are important for any dog. Bassugg dogs need to exercise daily, however, they do not require as much exercise as some breeds. Exercise will prevent your Bassugg from becoming bored and possibly destructive or even obese.

Bassugg requires moderate exercise. They like both indoor and outdoor places, but they should be watched when outside because they may chase small animals. Crate training is recommended for this breed as they can be prone to separation anxiety. Bassugg dogs are fairly intelligent and training should not take too long.

Bassugg will enjoy many of the same activities that all dogs do. He will love to go for walks and play fetch in the dog parks. If you have a Bassugg it is important that you make a commitment to his regular exercise.



Sometimes we find a dog combination that leaves us scratching our heads wondering what the result will be. This is one of those occasions. The Basset Hound Pug mix looks like a combination of small stature dog breeds, with a hint of the toy. This designer hybrid can be a loving family member and entertain you with his antics once he gets used to his surroundings. Ideally, this designer dog should be kept on a leash until it establishes its own territory inside and out of the home.

This wonderful dog blend has the temperament of both breeds. It is gentle, lovable, and calm. A Basset Hound Pug Mix is good with children, other dogs, and strangers. This sweet dog loves to be loved by people.

If you are looking for a loyal companion who will stick by your side all the time, this could be the dog for you or you can stick to pure bred pugs, it’s your call.

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