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In this article, you’ll discover information about the cocker pug as well as photographs of the breed so you can get a sense of how they could appear. We will also list the best pug breeders for this hybrid.

This information should assist you in determining whether or not adding a cocker pug to your household is the best decision for you.

Because both the Cocker Spaniel and the Pug are popular companion dogs. the Cocker Pug, also known as the Pucker, is expected to become a popular designer dog breed in the future.

For the time being, they are relatively new on the scene and face stiff competition from comparable mixed breeds like the Puggle and Cockapoo, which have been gaining popularity across the world.

Cocker Pugs Parent Breeds – Pug & Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Pug is taller and thinner than the Pug, with larger and broader ears and a less brachycephalic head. This breed is quite social and enjoys spending time with its family. While they are rapid learners, they are quickly sidetracked. and may be obstinate, making them relatively tough to teach.

About & History

A Cocker Pug is a cross between an American and an English Cocker Spaniel, as well as a Pug dog. This ‘designed dog’ has most certainly been around for two or three decades. however the exact year of birth is unknown. Similarly, it is often assumed that this mixed-breed was developed in America. although no records exist.

Because this new species has such a short history, we must go to its parents for further information. The Spaniel is said to have originated in Spain, with records dating back to the 1300s. The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred to hunt on land as a gun dog.

The Pug dog has a much longer history than the Cocker Spaniel, and its origins are actually old. Experts agree that Pugs have lived in China from before the year 200 B.C. where they were maintained by Chinese emperors. They’ve traditionally been lap dogs and are still excellent companion animals now.

cocker spaniel

Below is a list of Cocker Pug breeders that you can check so you’ll have a more detailed view of each of them. Enjoy reading!

Walnut Creek Kennel

Address – Nebraska, USA

Phone – 402-560-2005

walnut creek kennel

Walnut Creek is a competent and experienced breeder with a Nebraska breeding license. Since 1998, they’ve been growing high-quality pups. In fact, the owner’s first puppy was an American Cocker Spaniel.

The entire family contributes to the care and raising of these puppies. The goal is to provide a location where families and individuals may buy a healthy. well-socialized purebred dog. The objective is to breed high-quality puppies that will stay with you and your family for a long time. The disposition of the puppy is very important to them. they want to breed pups who are pleasant, extroverted, and joyful. The pups are reared as members of the family, and are only ready to provide a litter to chosen. loving families after extensive study, continual learning. and the due diligence in the selection of dogs from breeders. They spend a lot of time with the pups from the time they are born until they depart, so we can get to know them.

Superstar Puppies

Address – Fairfax VA,

Phone – (571) 223-6770

superstar puppies

Here’s some information regarding Superstar Puppies. Superstar Puppies is a fresh new state-of-the-art puppy boutique business in Fairfax, Virginia. It’s company’s goal is to discover the ideal puppy for you. Superstar Pups exclusively sells healthy, happy puppies from reputable breeders.

They only work with the top 2% of licensed registered breeders. and with combined expertise and knowledge in the pet market totals over 35 years. AKC registration and/or AKC Canine Partners registration are included. with the majority of their purebred puppies.

They offer state-of-the-art kennels and equipment at Superstar Pups, which provide plenty of space for puppies. to wander about in bright, pleasant rooms. The patterns are spotless and elegant, with the pet’s comfort in mind. They make matching simple at Superstar Puppies. the puppy counselors are all well-informed and can give customized puppy recommendations. that are best suited and tailored to you and your nice lifestyle.

Posh Puppies Indiana

Address – Warsaw, Indiana

Phone – 574.377.6362

posh puppies indiana

The owners have always participated in placing the puppies into their new loving families since the year 1990. They have always carried a deep sense of liking for animals in their lives.

Before they ventured into puppy-raising, Ashlee was working as a veterinary technician for a veterinarian and she helped in different aspects of care for pets. Meanwhile, Brian has helped on his family’s farm.

These breeders do not ship their puppies but they require a PUG Nanny if in case the buyer cannot come personally to pick up the puppy. They also demand at least a 350 dollars deposit.

More information about the Cocker Pug Puppy breed

cocker pug puppy

Cocker Pug Mix Appearance

Since the Cocker Pug is such a new breed. there is still a lot of variation in the physical appearance of the Cocker Pug population. They will begin to develop a more consistent look over time and with repeated breedings. Buying a Cocker Pug puppy is still a bit of a gamble, and it’s difficult to anticipate which parent they’ll look more like in the ‘looks lottery.’

Overall, the Puggle, which is a Pug mixed with a Beagle, appears to be a close relative of this breed. They have a compact, slim and well-muscled torso supported by long, straight legs. They are always bigger than the Pug, reaching up to 45cm in length and weighing between 8 and 16 kg. While most people have a’snub-nose, their face will be more elongated than that of their Pug parent.

Cocker Pugs Sociability

Cocker Pugs are bright dogs who like pleasing their owners. It’s one of the qualities that distinguishes them as a fantastic pet. Every pet must be socialized. It’s a lot like parenting a child. You must create limits early on and educate them to your Cocker Pug in a consistent and patient manner.

Determine ahead of time what your Cocker Pug puppy’s limits will be. then express them to all people in the house and highlight the need of everyone being proactive in obeying them. Children have a harder time with this, but it’s a good workout for them. – which is why keeping a pet may be a valuable socialization technique for your own children.


Pugs aren’t particularly energetic, but Cocker Spaniels are. As a result, your Cocker Pug will most likely have a low to medium level of activity. and may require up to 45 minutes of exciting playing or walks every day.

Cocker Pugs are often friendly dogs that like visiting a dog park and meeting new people. Your dog, on the other hand, may be more laid-back and content to simply lie about. Unfortunately, this can lead to weight gain. To protect your dog from growing overweight, you’ll need to walk them every day to provide them some exercise.

These dogs may be more heat sensitive due to their shorter snouts. As a result, it’s better to take your Cocker Pug for walks early in the morning or after the sun has set. Avoid walking your dog on hot asphalt to avoid burning their paws.


While most members of the breed have a short coat, they just need to be groomed once or twice a week. A few have significant skin folds on their faces that must be washed. and dried every day to prevent dermatitis. When it comes to grooming, the Cocker Pug’s ears are the most important aspect.

Because their floppy ears are prone to infections, they should be examined. for any symptoms of build-up or skin reddening on a regular basis. Any wax should be removed, and most should have their ears cleaned every two weeks.

The Price of Cocker Pug Puppy

Cocker pug prices vary based on the breeder and region of the puppy, but they normally range from ($600 to $1100). If you’re looking for a puppy, resist the urge to buy one from a pet store. Many of the puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy factories, where their mothers are compelled to produce litter after litter.

Breeders with a good reputation can be identified online or via kennel groups. When it comes to the care and environment that these breeders provide for their pets, they are held accountable. They reduce inbreeding, which is significant. since inbred animals are more likely to contain undesirable or recessive genes.

Final Thoughts

perfect puppy from cocker pug breeders

A Cocker Pug is a delightful and sociable dog. They are continuously driven by food and desire attention from their owners. They’re ideal for folks who shower their pets with attention and adoration. They make wonderful companions for any sort of owner. and get along swimmingly with other dogs. When they’re attempting to be aggressive, they’re fierce and adorable.

They will go to great lengths to please you, but they must be regulated or they will continue to do what they want. A Cocker Pug is the dog for you if you want a dog that is a lot of fun and is willing to work with you.

Hence, if you’re considering getting an AKC-registered cocker pug and want to make the most of it. here’s what you should do, For further information, check the list below. We compile some of the most well-known breeders of all time. Here are a few breeders you should never ever skip to guide you in having the best cocker pug puppy your own.

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