Your 45 Minutes Guide to Dogs with Down Syndrome

Your 45 Minutes Guide to Dogs with Down Syndrome

A Special Note of Attention for Pooches Suffering from Down Syndrome

There are lots of people who are adopting pets and the ratio is ranging higher day-by-day. Dogs have become a very special part of a human’s life.

They have also been loving and caring for a human. Their loyalty has been a wonderful illustration for humans since ages.

There are lots of similarity between humans and dogs.

Dogs are treated almost like humans. This makes an excellent point: They have adopted most of the qualities alike humans such as cleanliness, training, exercise, dancing, and emotional behavior.

Believe it or not!

We are living in a world where dogs are treated better than humans. You can
Every coin has two sides likewise there are also some negative similarities between dogs and humans.

Most of the diseases which are in humans are not in dogs but there are few where dogs have the same symptoms as us.

Down syndrome is also one of the diseases which prevails both in humans and dogs.

Do you feel your dog doesn’t react to the command you give?

If Your dog has weak bones and is not active in comparison to other dogs, there is a chance that your dog is suffering from Down syndrome.

In the forthcoming section, we will provide you with all the related information about down syndrome in dogs and also give you an effective approach to nurture those special dogs.

We ensure you that at the end of this write- up, you will have a considerable amount of information regarding Down syndrome after which you can create a great life for your special dog.

Before, heading towards dog’s down syndrome, let’s dig deeper about the meaning and origin of this fatal disease.

What is Down Syndrome?

In every cell in the body, there is a nucleus, where genetic material is stored in genes.

It has been observed that nucleus of every cells is made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Half of these are inherited from each parent.

According to the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), “Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.”

The presence of this extra genetic element has some adverse consequence like the dog’s body is not completely developed. It also showcases the fact that there is an intellectual disability in them.

The dogs also feel like they are not being able to do the activities done by other dogs.

They feel annoyed and separated. Sometimes they even don’t have the basic sense of standing, sleeping and eating by their own like a normal dog.

It is also found out that the lifespan of such special dogs is less reliable than other dogs.

As promised above, we are presenting a beneficial guide book regarding down syndrome in dogs. Let’s look at the required knowledge about the disease and help dogs who are suffering from such a serious disease.

Table of content

Chapter 1 – Can a Dog have Down Syndrome? (A Sad Truth)

Can a Dog have Down Syndrome
Down syndrome in dogs is not as common as humans. But still, there are certain breeds in which you can find the symptoms.

First of all, remember, a human has 23 pairs of chromosomes while a dog has 39 pairs.

Another difference is, a dog’s chromosome 21 is very distinct from a human’s chromosome 21.

Also, polysomy, a condition which species such as mammals, plants, fungi, and insects have at least one extra chromosome occurs in dogs based on a study published by Oxford.

Furthermore, it was found that dogs, like humans, can experience imperfect genes.

However since the gene sequence of humans is different from that of a dog, a defect on chromosome 21 of a dog might not have the same effect.

There is still some research work going on about Down syndrome effects in dogs.

Can a dog have down syndrome?

The question still remains unanswered.

Neither we can completely deny nor say that with confirmation dogs have a down syndrome which is equal to humans.

Dogs cannot speak and stand for their benefits and due to suffering from this fatal disease it would be even worst situation for them to live a normal life with humans.

Also, it gets hard to identify that your dog has this disease and need special attention and care.
In our next segment, we are providing you with the symptoms through which you would be able to find out whether your dog has this disease or not.

Chapter 2 – How to Tell if Your Dog has a Down Syndrome?

How to Tell if Your Dog has a Down Syndrome?
The dog has a body which has a different resistance power than humans.

The origin of the disease, the symptoms, and the cure of down syndrome in dogs would also be different from humans. So it is again new research work and statistics when dog’s down syndrome is concerned.

There is no specific research done on this topic but there are some symptoms given by PETMD which is interesting as well as useful for you to know.

Have a look!

Slow growth ultimately resulting in small stature, broad head, abnormal gait, mental disability, small limbs, bend from the shoulder, poor muscles and bone.

If you find any such symptoms in your dog then it is a high time that you talk to a veterinarian for more specific information regarding this disease.

You can also research on the internet and know a better cure for your little puppy.

In our next most amazing chapter, we would discuss the nurturing and caring of the dogs who are suffering from down syndrome.

So, keep reading ….

We are going to unveil a huge secret.

Chapter 3 – Adopting and Caring for a Special Dog Suffering from Down Syndrome

How to Tell if Your Dog has a Down Syndrome
Dogs are animals. At the time of birth, they are not given special care which is given to a human child in case of Down syndrome.

There is a feasible chance that the dog may die after a few days from birth if he or she is suffering from this fatal disease.

It all depends upon the kind of atmosphere and care which is given to that creature during the birth time.

These dogs are more likely to have problems such as heart disease, poor eyesight, hearing impairments, thyroid problems, and physical disabilities.

There is a chance that the animal may not have bones in a specific area of the body and also some parts are not developed at all.

They also have skin problems like loose skin, patches, and excessive shedding of the skin.

Make sure that you don’t assume that your dog has this disease and before coming to any conclusion, visit a pet doctor.

How to care for the Dog with Down Syndrome


If you are thinking of adopting and caring these special ones who themselves are in dark, pertaining to this disease.

You must think before adopting these dogs as they need a lot of attention and regular treatment which will increase your financial burden.

Be ready!

They also need a different space at your home where they can live peacefully.


Some of these dogs are scared of colors, noises and also humans which is again difficult to handle.

They also need regular vitamins due to their disabilities.

Every dog has different choices in food and such special dogs also may have allergies. So, before adopting one ask the caretaker about the eating habits of the dog.

Many of the pet centers are aware of this disease in their dog so when you are adopting this dog, ask them about the behavior and nature of this dog to cope up with them.

You must use dog cleaning products for their bed sheets and clothes. Give them a clean ambience so that they don’t get other diseases.

Proper vaccination is a must when you are adopting these kind of dogs.

Moreover, you are not likely to see such dog in your life but even if you get a chance to help or see such special creature provide immense care and love to make them feel better in this world.

Do not leave this page, we have another very important topic coming in the next segments which will explain to you the difference about dog down syndrome and human down syndrome.

Chapter 4 – The Difference between Down Syndrome in Dogs and Human Beings

The Difference between Down Syndrome in Dogs and Human Beings
Down syndrome is not a new disease and from centuries people are suffering badly from it.

There are many orphan houses and NGOs who are nurturing these special kids but in the case of dogs, there is no such awareness and they die after a few days from birth.

Bitter truth!

Parents of these special kids spend all their wealth but there is little chance that these kids live a longer life.

Down Syndrome In Humans

As stated above this disease is deadly and there are very few people who live for a long time.

The disease is incurable and from generations, researchers are finding a definite cure for it.

The statistics highlight that one from 700-900 babies suffers from this fatal disease worldwide.

There are mostly two reasons for down syndrome in humans. Firstly, it can be inherited by father or mother to the child. Secondly, it can also affect the child due to the environmental factors during pregnancy period.

Moreover, in every country, there are proper facilities for these special kids. There are also some solid laws protecting the right of such disabled children.
Let’s view the symptoms of Down syndrome in humans.

Common Symptoms of Down Syndrome in Humans

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some of the common physical features of Down syndrome include:

  • Almond-shaped eyes that slant up;
  • A short neck;
  • Small ears;
  • A flattened face, especially the bridge of the nose;
  • A tongue that tends to stick out of the mouth;
  • Small hands and feet;
  • Shorter in height as children and adults;
  • A single line across the palm of the hand (palmar crease);
  • Small pinky fingers that sometimes curve toward the thumb;
  • Tiny white spots on the iris (colored part) of the eye;
  • Poor muscle tone or loose joints.

Down Syndrome in Dogs

Humans have 23 sets of chromosomes and dogs have 39 which is the first major difference when comes to down syndrome.

Therefore, the duplication effect of this chromosomes causes a different effect of the disease in both beings.

The irregular set of chromosomes which is seen in dogs leads them to die early than their average life span.

There is no such research where the genes of humans and dogs are identified to know similarities between them.

The behavior and physical appearance of dogs suffering from down syndrome is more likely to match with humans who have this disease.

Down Syndrome Symptoms

Down syndrome dogs are very rare and that is the reason there is no proper awareness about them.
There are many symptoms by which one can identify these dogs. Some common symptoms are as follows:

  • Slow growth eventually resulting in small stature;
  • Broadhead;
  • Large, protruding tongue;
  • Short limbs;
  • Abnormal gait;
  • Poor muscle tone;
  • Mental dullness;
  • Delayed opening of the eyes and ears;
  • Delayed tooth eruption.

These are the symptoms which are noticed but there are many other symptoms which are not yet examined.

On the whole, there is no major difference between down syndrome of humans and dogs. However, the intensity of this disease is high in humans in comparison to little pooches.
Both humans and dogs need proper medication and care to fight against this fatal disease.

Chapter 5 – Improving the Lifestyle of a Special Pooch Suffering from Down Syndrome

Improving the Lifestyle of a Special Pooch Suffering from Down Syndrome

When a child is suffering from down syndrome there is a chance that he or she may live a healthy lifestyle and also be popular due to their talents in different fields.

The child’s parent is always proud of them as they win in life despite all the pain and sufferings.

Dogs with down syndrome stay clueless the entire time. Only if they get an owner who is caring, it is also possible to cure them by giving proper nutrition and shelter.

The Good News: The owner doesn’t have to spay them as these dogs cannot have babies and so they do not pass their imbalance genes to the next generation.

There are certain points which you need to note down for improving the lifestyle of this furry pals.

Diet – It is necessary that the diet of these dogs are taken care and provide them with food which has a high amount of protein in it.

You can also provide them with meat and other non-veg food which will give them energy and immunity to fight against many diseases.

Make sure that you find out which food is not suitable for your dog and avoid that in their diet.

Exercise – As working out is necessary for humans, it is similarly important for dogs especially in down syndrome.

Make them play different games, also do activities like fetching birds, running in the garden, and take your pet every day for evening walks.

Remember, dogs have immense energy. It is necessary to spend it organically by making him run, jump and climb as per his or her stamina.

Also, make your doggie play with other dogs which will help the dog to socialize and express his likes and dislikes.

It has been observed that dogs have poor heart conditions so this exercise will make their heart strong.

Make sure that your pet is physically fit to perform any kind of exercise. Do not force!

Training – It is necessary to give proper training to these special dogs so that they at least understand the day-to-day human signs to work easily and effectively.

Dog’s training is one of the main things when you are adopting a down syndrome dog.

Things to avoid –  It is advisable that you keep your children’s food away from the pet as they tend to have rectum discharges which are not hygienic for kids and other members of the family.

Also, give a different corner to these pets for their health and hygiene.

Chapter – 6  Things You Should be Aware of about Down Syndrome in Dogs as a Pet Owner

There are many things to be taken care if you have made the decision of adopting dogs having down syndrome.

The sad part is the dog of any breed can have this disease and sometimes you cannot even identify with down syndrome.

The most famous breeds like a pug, pitbull, bulldog, and German shepherd may also be diagnosed by this syndrome.

These dogs mainly have symptoms like blindness, heart problems, allergies, aggression and weak bones, nerve problems, and thyroid.

Some of the breeds also have hearing problems so it is hard for them to get a command from the owners. Try to use gestures to make them understand the command.

The owner must have more patience for handling these dogs as they do not have mental abilities like other dogs.

Keep your expectation level to yourself as this dog is different and so must be treated differently.
These dogs need your affection so be kind and help them and also encourage other people to help these vulnerable creatures.

In a Nutshell

We hope that you have to gain considerable knowledge about this disease. You can always put trust in vet doctors and take the required learning.

Being kind is not award-winning but when you will help humans or dogs with down syndrome you will inspire a thousand others to follow your path and that’s worth it!

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Dogs, regardless of the breed is one of the greatest human stress relievers of all time. You deserve to know the most important dog facts so you can handle your pooch better and avoid major accidents too! You’ll never know when they are useful.