How much do pugs cost?

How much do Pug Cost?

Pugs are fast becoming a famous dog breed due to their loveliness and mischievous nature. This breed originated from China, and it first came out in 200BC. Today, most people around the globe are buying this breed. How much do pugs cost is the big question most pug lovers ask. Various factors determine the price of pugs. In this article we will answer:

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How much is a tan pug?

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How much does a pug cost in average by location?

The price of a pug largely depends on which country you buy the pug from. These prices range from one country to another. The following are some countries where you can buy these dogs and their price range.

Australia– Where a pug sells for about $1400

USA– Price ranges between 700 to 1500 U.S dollars.

India– They sell at a range of $134 to $224 which is 6000Rs to 10,000Rs.

Canada– The range is from $500 to $2000 U.S dollars which is about 600 to 2400 Canadian dollars.

Buying from your area will help reduce the costs of shipping which can be as high as $500 and therefore make it cheaper.

Time of the year also an important factor to pug puppies price

Another important factor that influences the price of pugs is the season and the time of the year you buy a pug. Most people purchase dogs during winter holidays and in late spring. This is because people want to enjoy their vacation with a new dog. This high demand, therefore, makes the price of pugs to skyrocket. After these seasons, the costs of these companion dogs fall significantly due to the low demand but a constant supply leading to an excess amount of pugs in the market.

Age of a pug

Baby pugs cost much more than old and retired pugs. The price of pugs is always high from the 5th week to about the 10h week after birth. After which, their value decreases, and if they are not bought by the age of 4 months there is a low chance any new buyer looking for new puppy pugs will buy them. At this age, you can even buy them at 1/2 or 1/3 the cost of puppies. It is important to note that purchasing adult pugs will make you miss the puppy training period.
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The quality of a breeder is essential for having a healthy pug. The different attributes can be pugs with heavy breathing and those that have golf-ball bulging eyes. You should, therefore, expect to pay higher prices for quality pugs. Purebred baby Pug can cost you between $600 to $900. If you want a show quality Pug puppy with your preferred color coat such as black pugs, silver fawn or even apricot fawn you should be ready to pay between $1000 and $1500. Some puppy pugs can cost as high as $3000. The pugs that immigrated directly from China which is the native country of the breed are considered to have a high quality. This is because they have the high-quality gene source.

It is advisable to buy pugs from a professional and reputable breeder in order to get value for your money. These breeders also have the required expertise and can accurately price a pug. Here are the 12 famous pug puppies for sale websites.

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