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Pugs have a rich history that traces their roots back to the ancient kingdoms in China, the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 B.C). Its prominent status has been etched in history as they are seen as companions for revered monks, emperors, kings, and may royalties.

With great historical figures on their backs like King Henry II, Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine, and Queen Victoria, pugs command great respect and admiration from reputed dog breeders.

At the present, pugs occasionally appear in Hollywood movies and tag along with celebrities. There is no doubt, Pugs are extremely popular and they are ever in demand!

If you are one of those charmed by their full round eyes that shine when they give out their widest smiles, you are in for a long, fulfilling, adventure with pugs as a part of your loving family.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the topics we have created to help you search pugs by location:

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Tips in Buying Pugs for Sale

Tips in Buying Pugs for Sale

Getting a pug is different from simply buying a tool you need at home or maybe getting toys for the kids. You are bringing home another family member. A pug loves attention and would do anything for your company.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to know and understand how both fulfilling and complex it is to bring a pug into your family.

Are you ready to own a pug?

More than anything else, this is the question you need to address right off the bat. Are you really ready to own a pug?

Pugs are breeds that love companionship.

To keep them from being stressed out, it advised to never leave them alone for long hours. It triggers separation anxiety in them. If you have a busy schedule that may ask you to spend more time outside the house, owning a pug might not be for you.

Some breeders recommend buyers to get them in pairs if nobody would accompany them at home while you are at work. If your schedule consists of long weekends away from home and business trips, it may not be the best time to get a pug.

Pugs need consistent grooming.

Pugs need consistent grooming.

Do you have time to sit down and groom your pug? This breed is an average shedder and they will shed all year round. You will need to brush their coat at least once a week to control the shedding. A breeder would also recommend giving them a batch at least once a month, and more often if you can.

You need to pay close attention to the folds on their face as well. These need to be cleaned weekly and consistently checked and monitored. If not given proper care, the area between the folds is the perfect breeding area for bacteria that may cause infections and other skin problems.


Pugs need Training and Exercise.

To minimize the time you spend cleaning up after your dog, you will spend time training them and giving them exercise. You have to be patient and consistent to have the best outcome.

Pugs have facial structures that may result in breathing problems. Make sure that the exercises are light but effective in keeping their weight in check. The goal is to keep them active and spend their energy on exercising rather than developing negative behavior. Avoid walking them or playing with them on a hot and humid day. Choose the cooler parts of the day to avoid over-exhaustion, preventing them from a heat stroke.

Pugs need Training and Exercise.


Congratulations! If you have gone through this self-assessment, we know that you are serious about being a responsible pug owner. Knowing the dedication and commitment it takes to raise a healthy pug and going forward with it is a sure sign you are ready to bring this bundle of joy home.