Maltese Pug Mix

If you’re looking into getting a dog or puppy, you’ve seen a mishmash of different types of dogs. One of the more interesting-looking dogs is that of the malti pugs. A cross between a Maltese and a pug, the Pug Maltese combine the best features of their parents to create one happy little dog.

They are full of energy, playful, intelligent, and friendly. They can be right stubborn streak at times and it may take weeks to teach them new tricks. The Malti pug’s coat is soft to touch but they shed quite a bit so make sure you brush them regularly.

Though it might be a bit harder to find one for sale, this crossbreed has become quite popular over the years.

We will discuss everything about this interesting pug mix here.

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Malti Pug Parent Breeds

We start with the origin, the parent breeds – Pug breed and Maltese.

The Pug Breed

Pug side

The Pug is a breed of dog known for its distinctive physical features and has a wrinkly square muzzle face that should never be shaved or cut. and a curved tail. Its head is large in comparison to the body with erect, floppy ears that are thick at the base, and eyes that are round & dark.

The body is solid and heavy with well-developed muscles. It has a very short coat that requires little maintenance, making it an ideal dog for city life. This breed comes in a variety of colors including black, apricot fawn, silver or platinum, and palomino.

Pugs have a sense of humor and are very affectionate, so they form strong bonds with their owner and other pets. They are very gentle and easygoing dogs. They usually get along well with children, strangers, and other animals. They are bright and can be taught to do tricks quickly and without much effort.

Yet, these dogs are not ideal for people who are gone for long periods of time as they are known to experience separation anxiety when left alone. These cheerful little dogs are easy to care for and need moderate daily exercise. They should be fed twice a day with premium quality dry food that’s complemented with small portions of water, vegetables, and fruit.

The Maltese Terrier Breed

Maltese parent breeders

Maltese is a breed of toy dog that originates from the Mediterranean island of Malta. They are small, sprightly dogs that are known for their white coats. Maltese make good pets because they are very friendly and playful. Maltese dogs are a good choice for people who live in an apartment.

They don’t need much exercise. Maltese dogs are good with children, but they need to be supervised around young kids because of their size. Maltese dogs do not like to get wet or dirty, so it’s important to take care of their coats and clean them regularly.

Maltese dogs usually have a white coat, although some may have a light tan or apricot color. They have long hair that should be brushed regularly to prevent tangles and mats from forming. Maltese are very small dogs, typically weighing between four and six pounds.

They have a round head, large eyes, and a pointy muzzle. They have triangular ears that stand erect. Maltese tails are usually long and bushy.

Maltese are smart and eager to please; however, they can also be timid, which means they need to be properly socialized when they are young. Maltese dogs often become good-naturedly aggressive with other dogs, and sometimes even cats.

Appearance – Malti Pug

Malti pug appearance

Malti Pugs are different-looking pugs. They do not have the traditional wrinkly faces that the typical and well-known pug has. Instead, Malti Pugs possess the body of a Pug and the face of a Bolognese dog.

The face of this cross between pug and Maltese can be blunt or slightly longer than in purebred pugs. A Malti Pug looks like a tiny version of a Pug or a little Pomeranian. It has short legs and curled tail. The body is solid and compact with a flat muzzle and always pure black eyes or brown eyes.

Malti pug has prominent, round eyes that are dark in color, a pug nose, and large ears that are set low on the head. Malti Pug can have silky or flat coats usually depending on the type of Maltese they are generated from. The variety of coat colors and patterns make Malti Pug very attractive pets.

Their short and fine hair appears smooth and soft to touch, but it can get easily tangled with more frequent brushing. Pug Maltese are well known for having the energy levels of a small lap dog yet the mannerism of larger dogs.

The average height of these dogs is 9-16 inches. This breed can be called yappy if you live in an apartment because they are indoor dogs. But they make good watchdogs, barking loudly at any stranger who might come to your door. They are easy to train.

Temperament – Malti Pug

malti pug temperament

The Malti-Pug is a very interesting mix of breeds and as a result, there are many things that to note about him and his temperament. The Malti-Pug belongs to the toy dog breed. The toy dog breed has a good reputation for being smart and trainable, especially for people who like a challenge that is sure to come. owning an active dog is not easy, you need to work hard in order to have a well-behaved pet. You will have responsibilities like short walks and grooming.

Malti-Pug is a rare combination of an energetic, spirited, and fun-loving personality, with a hint of an independent mind. They also have protective tendencies. This dog is very loyal to its family and needs a lot of attention from them. The dog would be suited for you.

Pug Maltese are able to charm any company, interesting, friendly, gentle, playful nature, and lively dogs. They love their territory and try never to leave it for long. They like their house and yard very much, and in time can become an excellent watchdog.

This breed is intelligent and eager for adventure, which makes it ideal for people of all types. Provided the trainer is experienced and talented, this breed will do well with anyone. This breed is a good choice for people who are looking for a loyal and loving dog. They are able to participate in many activities with their family. However, they might not be the best breed for inexperienced trainers.

Health Issues – Malti Pug

Malti pug puppies

In this section, I will focus on common health problems that can affect Maltese+Pug breed dogs.

First things first, let’s start from the beginning, from puppyhood. Many people who buy Malti-Pug puppies do not know about the Pug’s breathing problems. These problems can make the puppy sound like it is snoring or gasping for air when sleeping. Since people do not know about the breathing issues these dogs can have, they are breeding them recklessly. This could lead to more dogs having breathing problems in the future.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Malti-Pug has another thing to worry about, Dental issues. Pugs have crowded teeth and they can get an illness called periodontal disease. If they do, it can lead to serious problems and damage in their body like in the kidney. This is yet another common thing to look out for in Pug Maltese, but it’s not the only one.

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy is a disorder that is passed down from parents to their children. It affects the bones and can cause tumors to form on them. This disorder can also lead to Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome, luxating patella, and hypoglycemia.

Malti-pugs are more likely to develop breathing problems because they have a shorter nose. This can lead to a collapse of the nasal passage. They also tend to suffer from overcrowded teeth, which is a common issue in Pugs as well because of their brachycephalic skull shape.

Other Health Problems

There are other health problems that Malti-Pugs can inherit from their parents. For example, hypertrophic osteodystrophy and Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome.

Malti-Pugs can develop a set of health problems that are common in both the Maltese and pugs. The main thing to look out for is breathing problems because of their brachycephalic skull shape. Teeth overcrowding is also a major issue with this dog breed.

You’ll avoid these problems if you get your dog from a good breeder. If you get it from someone who doesn’t care about health issues, he or she will breed dogs that have health issues. Always buy a Malti-Pug puppy from a breeder who will give you health clearances for both parents.

Small Dog Syndrome – Malti Pug

Malti pug small dog syndrome

Malti-pug small dog syndrome (MPSDS) is a behavioral disorder caused by breeders. It manifests itself in pugs that have been bred with Maltese and pugs, though it can also be observed in other dogs of both purebred and mixed-breed. Malti-pug small dog syndrome causes many problems in the lives of malti-pug dogs, little dogs that suffer this condition.

The small dog syndrome will not let the dog grow to be their size. Their behavior is different and their looks are changed. Malti-pug small dog syndrome is not just psychological, it’s a real physical disorder in dogs. People who own malti-pug small dog syndrome should seek the help of a vet.

Grooming Needs- Malti Pug

malti pug grooming

Malti-Pugs is a breed of dog that is known for its short, smooth coat. They can be either light or dark in color, and their ears may be cropped or uncropped. Because they have a short coat, they don’t need a lot of grooming, but there are a few things you should do to keep them looking their best.

First, you should brush their coat regularly to remove any loose hair or dirt. You can use a brush or comb designed for dogs, or you can even use a baby’s hairbrush. Second, you should trim their nails every week or two to prevent them from getting too long.

And lastly, you should give them a bath once a month or so. Malti-Pugs don’t need baths very often, but when they do it’s best to use a gentle dog shampoo.

Exercise Requirements- Malti Pug

malti pug puppies exercise

These dogs have very demanding natures and are perceptive of the moods of their owners and the environment around them. They need to be with the family for most of their waking hours to get along well with them.

You need a lot of attention from your Malti Pug to go along with the privilege of having him or her as a pet, as well as moderate exercise. You must provide your dog with stimulating activities to keep his or her mind from wandering into mischief.

Hybrid dog owners should ensure their dog gets enough exercise. A Malti Pug typically needs at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, such as running or playing fetch. Although they are small dogs, Pug Maltese have high energy levels and require considerable exercise to remain fit.

Recognized Clubs – Malti Pug

The Malti-pug is registered by both the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Same as their parent breed pug and maltese, the breeders that you should contact are those with the American Kennel Club certification.

Training- Malti Pug

maltipug puppy training

Malti-pugs are highly trainable dogs. They are eager to please their owners and can learn a variety of commands and tricks. Training your malti-pug is a great way to create a strong bond between you and your pet, and it can also be a lot of fun. Start training your malti-pug early, while they are still young, and you will be amazed at how quickly they learn.

Your malti-pug will learn quickly if you can make training fun for them, and this includes teaching them the basic commands of “sit” and “stay”. When you first start training your dog, keep sessions short – no longer than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Praise your dog when they do something correctly and reward them with a treat to encourage good behavior in the future.


designer dog pug matese mix

The Maltese Pug mix would be a good fit for any family who wants a dog that is cheerful, humorous, and easy to be around. The mix is basically a miniature pug with super soft fur and cute little wrinkles. These dogs are loyal and affectionate. They need some training when they are young, so they don’t become noisy or aggressive.

Since these dogs are so small, it’s ideal to have them as indoor pets. Expect this dog to thrive in an active environment as it loves to play and shed its energy. It loves people, children, play dates and is really good at going anywhere with anyone.

The Maltese-Pug mix is a friendly and fun dog. It likes to play, but you should do that in moderation. This breed of dog is great when given the opportunity to socialize and exercise. They will thrive and be a great addition to any family.

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