Pug Breeder Maryland

Maryland is famous for its blue crabs and Baltimore City. The latter is a known trading port before, and it’s also where the US national anthem was made. Besides that, they are also known for being animal friendly. Are you looking to bring home AKC quality pug puppies in Maryland? You need to find the best pug breeders in Maryland. We want to help you, so we made our list here.

Pug Breeders Maryland

Best Pug Breeders in Maryland

All the pug breeders in this list are verified and their track record is tested.

Pony Tails Kennel

16171 Carrs Mill Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797


(301) 908-1806

Pony Tails Kennel

This is one of the reputable breeders in Maryland. They have around 15 years of experience but their website was made in 2009. This good pug breeder organization is family-owned, and their goal is to provide high-quality pug puppies to everyone.

Right now, Pony Tails have two main dog breeds in focus: Pugs and Boston Terrier. Lisa, her husband, and two daughters go hands-on in breeding dogs. They give proper nourishment and love to maintain their healthy puppies. Because of the family environment, all their pugs are friendly and sociable. They are one of the best Maryland puppies you can ever find.

If you need more information about them and their puppies, visit their website and YouTube channel.

Pugs by T&N

Nanjemoy, Maryland



(301) 751-6845

Pugs by T&N

Pugs by T&N is one of the leading pug breeders in Maryland. They are certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC), so you can rely on the quality of their pug puppies. As a member of the pug dog club, they value the health of their pug puppies for sale. Before they turn a pug puppy to an adopter, it will have 4, 6, and 8 week vaccinations. This is done to reinforce the health of their Chinese pug.

Do you want to see one pug puppy from Pugs by T&N? You have to make an appointment by either calling their office. You can also email them to book an appointment.

Their adoption coordinator is meticulous in screening the right family to own their pug puppies. The adopter must have the desire and capacity to provide the needs of their pug puppies for sale. Once you pass the screening, they will call you for a scheduled visit.

Farmstead’s Puppy Paradise

39146 Middleton Ln, Clements, MD 20624



(240) 561-2791

Farmstead's Puppy Paradise

This pug dog club is a known pug breeder in Maryland. They are certified by the American Kennel Club, so you can depend on the quality of their pug puppies for sale. Farmstead’s Puppy Paradise is family-operated and owned. They started around 2006 for breeding pugs and adult dogs.

They are located in Southern Maryland, providing a family environment dog kennel and open space for their pug puppies and adult dogs. Before a pug puppy is turned to an adopter, they will have initial veterinarian exams and grooming. This is to ensure the quality and health guarantee of their Maryland puppies for sale.

Besides pugs, their main dog breeds include Boston Terrier, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Golden Retrievers. All their dogs are family raised, so they are sociable. Each dog receives proper age shots, deworming, and grooming to ensure breeding quality abides with AKC.

Farmstead Kennels offer a 2-year health guarantee for all their puppy for sale. They offer a package for all their puppies for sale, that includes getting them vet checked and the health card.

We provide a puppy package including vaccination and de-worming records, a veterinary health report and a few puppy toys/accessories to get you started. If you want to know their available puppies, you can call or email them.

Maryland Puppies Online

227 Gateway Dr D, Bel Air, MD 21014



(443) 752-2264

Maryland Puppies Online

This breeder started in 2004, but they started be pug breeders in Maryland in 2007. Sammie is the one managing Maryland Puppies Online. She started working with them as a kennel tech in 2015 until she became an adoption coordinator. She is an expert in finding the perfect match of pug puppy for new families.

They are not like your ordinary pup store since they are meticulous in finding the best homes for their pets. They are like boutique-style pup shop where you get to have time to bond with your dream pups. All visits are appointment-based, so you need to contact them to schedule yours. You will be in their waiting list, and you need to wait for them to call you.

All litter undergo cate training, vet care, and grooming. This is to ensure you get high-quality pugs, Boston Terriers, and other breeds available in their shop. All their dogs are friendly to children, that’s because of the family environment where they are housed.

They work with a local vet who gives age-proper shots and deworming for all their Maryland puppies for sale. Besides that, they also sell and deliver to other states like Georgia, South Carolina, Canada, and Alabama. By doing these vet care, all their pets receive a Maryland Heath Certificate to serve as a puppy proof of their good condition.

You can start searching their website and Facebook page for your dream pups. You can e mail or call them to inquire of their updates for buying a litter in MD.

Charm City Puppies

8205 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21045



(410) 203-0000

Charm City Puppies

Charm City is one of the good breeders in Maryland. They do house training and cate training for all their pups for sale. All their pets are treated like a family member, so they receive lots of love and care. This makes all their pugs and other dog breeds sociable.

Their staff are knowledgeable about different dog breeds. They can help you understand the pros and cons of each breed, so you can find the best one that fits your family. All litter receive annual shots, deworming, and grooming. This is to prepare them for their new families.

You can visit their website to know more about them and see their sale listings. You can also leave your cell phone number with them, so they can call you for your scheduled visit.

AA Ridgewood Kennels II

11 E Tolna Rd, Shrewsbury, PA 17361



(717) 235-2205

AA Ridgewood Kennels II

Ridgewood Kennels started small, just having one room at the back of their house for breeding pups. They are around 50 years old in the industry of breeding dogs. All their purebred pups are registered with the American Canine Association (ACA).

They also have Kennel partners that are licensed and approved by the USDA. All of their Kennel partners have a 5-star rating with ACA. This ensures the quality of dogs you will get from Ridgewood Kennels.

Ridgewood Kennels is family owned and operated. They are one of the famous pug breeders you can find in Maryland. That’s because all their pups receive proper medical attention and grooming. They are doing this because they are concern with the health of their litter. Before sending their pup to their owner, they will be given seven shots and two deworming sessions. Also, all their pups for sale comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you need more information about them and their pups, contact them via website or Facebook page. You can also call their office right away.

Howling Hill Kennels

11347 Eskridges Ln, Catlett, VA 20119


(540) 788-4046

Howling Hill Kennels

This pug breeder started in 1995 and the Brennemans are happy to provide you AKC registered puppies for sale. They have two main breeds for sale: Boston Terriers and Pugs. For the latter, they have purebred pugs for sale.

In terms of location, they are one hour away from Washington DC while 30 minutes from Manassas. But you need to book an appointment before coming to their place. This is to control the number of guests for health reasons.

All their puppies get age-proper shots, deworming, and grooming. They take care of their pups like family. Once you buy a pug puppy from them, it comes with AKC papers and a 12-month health guarantee.

If you want your pup delivered, they will personally deliver them to your house using their own vehicle. That’s how they take care of their pets. They don’t trust deliver services to ship their puppies to their clients.

Other Quality Dog Breeders in Maryland

Wicked French Bullies

270 Eareckson Ln, Stevensville, MD 21666


(410) 320-1451

Wicked French Bullies

Pugs and French Bullies have similarities and differences which makes both adorable. If you’re looking to find a reputable French Bulldog breeder, then Wicked French Bullies is one best choice. They have seventeen years of experience in breeding AKC quality puppies. They are a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC), so you can depend on their quality breeds.

They have a small farm where they let their pups roam and grow with a happy environment. All their Frenchies are friendly and playful. They receive crate and potty training as well. Also, before giving them to their new owner, the pup gets vaccinated and dewormed. That being said, you can guarantee on their health.

If you want to visit their place, call them in advance. You can also go to the Contact Us section of their site to e mail them.

Chesapeake Bay Shar Pei

14780 Mt Calvert Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772



Chesapeake Bay Shar Pei

When you are looking for breeder of Shar Pei, this family owned dog breeder is your best shot. They started around 2011 and continuing to breed AKC quality pups. Before they decided to breed Shar Pei, they had a pug before. However, they got the pup from a terrible pug breeder. It was too late for them to know that their pug has a genetic disease.

Because of this dreadful event, they decided to find another dog breed that fits their family. That’s where they found Shar Pei. This dog breed don’t shed a lot and less risk for skin rashes. They have a huge build and intelligent to be your guard dog too.

They are smaller than a Labrador but bigger than a pug. These traits made the owners of Chesapeake wanted to breed this dog.

All their pups get shots and deworming to keep them healthy. They are also sociable to children because they grew in a family-oriented environment. Before giving the pup to their owner, they will be vet checked for any disease to ensure your satisfaction.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a credible pug breeder in Maryland, always know their practices and history. Take time to read what their customers are also saying. That gives you enough idea if they are good breeders or not. It’s also great if you choose those that are members of a pug dog club like the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club.

Not all dog breeders give a health guarantee service for their pups for sale. Your best protection is to ensure they get vet checked and the pup has a veterinary record for your reference.

We hope our list will help you find the best pug breeder in this state of Maryland. Contact any of these breeders to get more information from them. For more info about the world of pugs, you have us! just read our contents.