Pug Breeder Michigan

Consider yourself lucky living in Michigan! This state has lots of unique characteristics and awesome family-friendly cities. Honestly, it is one of the best states to raise a family. Well, no surprise here.

Michigan boasts friendly people, lush pine forests, and crystal-clear lakes. These places are perfect for families and pets. Besides that, this state has an affordable cost of living and a strong job market.

Yes, Michigan is one of the best states for outdoor enthusiasts. It has so many cool cities and low crime rates. You will surely live a great life here if you have a pet. It may not be the best state in the US. Yet, it offers nice job opportunities. Nice income will also give you extra cash for experiencing fun outdoor activities with your pet.

For instance, you can spend the day hiking at Reeds Lake. You can also visit Grand Rapids Yacht Club for yachting regattas. Residents are great, making the city super friendly!

Michigan Is a Pet-Friendly State

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Michigan has the best-of-both-worlds activities for animals and people. It has so much to offer throughout the four seasons. For instance, you can pick up a snack at Franklin Cider Mill. You can also take your pets to various parks.

Housing and other costs are more affordable in Michigan. Whether you are outdoorsy or a professional, Michigan has something to offer. From big-city life to country living, you will have plenty of options. It is a heavily forested state. It means that you will have close access to camping, fishing, and boating.

We can guarantee that Michigan is a pet-friendly place. It has various pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and hiking trails. Sometimes, they have dog parades, too! Your canine pal will surely have the best time. You can also find many pug breeders here if you are into Pugs.

You can bring your dogs to annual animal festivals. For instance, the agility course at Round Barn Winery. You can also adopt a new pug here. Sometimes, they have animal shelters with fundraising events, too.

Best Pug Breeders in Michigan

Here are the best pug breeders in Michigan.


(866) 269-1056





PuppySpot is a certified pug breeder for Michigan residents. Over the years, they have placed 200,000+ puppies in loving pug parents. They also gathered over 10,000 five-star reviews and got a 4.6 stars overall rating. It is so cool!

We guarantee that PuppySpot delivers joy. They have a safe and responsible way of selling puppies. The team also put the health and well-being of these fur babies first.

The team’s mission is to make all animal lives better. This group is a community of dog lovers. They connect all top breeders to caring and responsible pet lovers. PuppySpot holds its customers to the highest standards. This way, they can guarantee the best life for their puppies and owners. PuppySpot is the cream of the crop. They put significant time and love into raising healthy fur babies.

PuppySpot believes that careful breeding is important. They socialize their dogs and closely screen potential families. Plus, PuppySpot is passionate about the betterment of all breeds. They are very picky in selecting new families that their dogs will call home.

Casa Blanca Pugs



Casa Blanca Pugs

Our second recommended breeder is the Casa Blanca Pugs. This group is a member of Pug Dog Club of America. They also work closely with AKC Breeder of Merit. Besides that, they already won the “Breeder of the Year Award 2017” at Pup Dog Club of America. We can guarantee that this group is trustworthy.

One of its founders is Barry Clothier. He has been breeding pugs for over thirty years! He also received many awards for being a good breeder. Another co-founder is Blanca Clothier. She is from Spain. However, she has bred pug champions in different countries. Bianca’s pugs have competed in Spain, France, Italy, and other countries.

If you want to add a pug to your family, we recommend Casa Blanca Pugs. You will surely receive a healthy pup. They will also provide you with their health records. This way, you can understand the puppy’s genetics. Also, there’s no reason for Casa Blanca Pugs to hide anything.

Moreover, Casa Blanca Pugs is willing to provide health clearances. Remember to choose a pup with “clear”, “good”, or higher grade.

If you have more queries, please contact (919)3609971. You can also visit their official website.

Roxie Hill Pugs

Kalamazoo, Michigan




Roxie Hill Pugs

Our third recommendation is Roxie Hill Pugs. This organization has been breeding since 2005. The massive experience has taught them many things about pugs. This unique breed needs special care. Besides that, they stand against pug puppy mills. This is a huge plus!

Currently, this America certified pug breeder is in Southwest Michigan. However, visitors from other states are still welcome! So cool, right?

We can guarantee that pugs are Roxie Hill’s passion. The team 100% adheres to the breed standard. They also ensure the careful handling of pugs. They also choose pairs cautiously. This way, they can develop the healthiest and prettiest pugs possible!

If you prefer this good breeder, please message them immediately. They have many customers. Healthy puppies are getting adopted quickly. So, we recommend you reserve as soon as possible. You can contact Roxie Hill Pugs via email or phone.

Michigan Pug Rescue

23927 Wesley, Farmington, MI 48335

(248) 473-8389



Michigan Pug Rescue

Our fourth recommendation is Michigan Pug Rescue. This good pug breeder has been working since 2000. Larry and Kathy Nathan are the founders. Aside from being a breeder, they rescue pugs, too! They save pugs from poor situations, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Relocating families that are unable to take their pug
  • Owners that cannot afford veterinary care and other financial conditions
  • Pugs at the shelters
  • Pug puppy mill raids

Michigan Pug Rescue is a non-profit organization. It means that they need generous financial support from us. Currently, this team has rescued over 700 pugs and their mixes. Undoubtedly, they dedicate themselves to rescuing homeless pugs.

If you want more pug breeder in each state, we have dedicated pages in here.

If you have an extra buck, we humbly ask you to donate. This way, you can help Michigan Pug Rescue in saving more lives. Remember that all volunteers do not receive compensation. All proceeds go straight to pug puppy expenses. The sole purpose of this breeder is to find a home for abandoned fur babies.

Tips For Finding Pug Breeders in Michigan

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How can we find the best pug breeder in Michigan? How can we prevent being scammed? Nowadays, many breeders sell and buy pug puppies. It is one of the ways how our economies run. So, before choosing a pug breeder, we need to do some research first. We should also exercise caution.

Buying a dog is almost similar to buying a car. However, pets have a more precious life. They need the best love, care, and affection.

If you want to find pug puppies, this guide can help you big time. We will give you some tips in choosing the right pug breeder. We will also tell you which ones you should avoid.

When you dig deeper, you will surely find a trustworthy breeder. Here are some tips that can help you.

Avoid breeders with bad reviews.

When searching for pug breeders, you need to avoid those with bad reviews. You should stay away from pug puppy mills, too! In general, do not trust anyone who sells online without a strict process.

Remember that responsible breeders inspect applicants first. This way, they can ensure their dogs will go to loving homes.

Contact local pug breeders.

The best way is to search locally. Many trustworthy sellers are available in Michigan. Visit their websites or local pet clubs. Make sure to visit in person to ensure puppies are healthy.

Ask pug breeders the right questions.

When meeting up with a breeder, make sure to ask questions. This way, you can guarantee a good match for your lifestyle.

  • Ask about the puppy’s parents. It’s better to meet them. This way, you’ll have an idea about its future temperament. You will also know whether it has inheritable diseases. As the breeder, if you can see health certificates.
  • Ask about the treatments that the pug puppy received.
  • Are they vaccinated or dewormed? Did they undergo medical exams?
  • Ask about the pug breeder’s credentials. Remember that a more experienced one can produce healthier puppies.

Check your preferred puppy’s appearance and behavior.

When you meet the pug puppy, look closely at their appearance. Remember that pugs are prone to some abnormalities. For instance, the eyes, breathing, and gain. Hold the pup close to you. Then, listen to its breathing. Raspy and difficult breathing can be a problem.

In checking the eyes, make sure it is not squinted or watery.

Wrapping Up

If you have your heart set on rescuing, adopting or buying a new pug, that’s superb! We hope this article has helped you decide on choosing a breeder. No worries because all recommendations are trustworthy. Also, these reputable breeders follow top-quality breeding standards.

If you have never owned a pug pup before, please research first. You can also ask your preferred breeder for counseling. This way, you’ll know what to expect. It will also hip you decide whether a pug is a good match with your lifestyle.

Do not forget to ask about your puppy’s history. Responsible breeders will show you the pup’s relatives and medical conditions. They should also be concerned about the pup’s health.