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Are you looking for quality pug breeders in Minnesota? You’ve come to the right place since we’ll be featuring the top pug breeders in Minnesota this year. We made this article to help you find credible AKC registered Chinese pugs in this state.

Best Pug Breeders in Minnesota this year

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Pug Valley Kennels

Southern area of Minnesota



Pug Valley Kennels

This pug breeder is 60 minutes away from Minneapolis and St Paul, the twin cities. They have twenty years of experience breeding pugs and other dog breeds. If you’re looking for an AKC quality pug puppy, you can turn to them today. Pug Valley Kennels is the leading pug breeder in Southern Minnesota.

All their pug puppies are purebred and came from parents that are champions in dog shows. If you want to buy a pug puppy from them, you can write your name in their waiting list. It’s a first come first serve basis. Choose a specific pug type you want, and write your name on the list. Once a litter is born, it will be given accordingly based on the list.

All their puppy paws come with an 18-month health guarantee certificate. Because of the quality care in their pug house, you are confident of getting a healthy litter.

Visit their website for more details.

Puppy Paws 4 You

24690, County Road 15, Winona, MN 55987



(507) 454-4266

Puppy Paws 4 You

This is a family owned dog breeder in Minnesota. They have been in this industry for three decades, and licensed by the state. They are also certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as one of the reputable breeders in America.

Puppy paws is headed by the Scharmer family. The couple Jenny and Tim Scharmer leads their family in producing AKC registered pups. They are meticulous in choosing what dog breed to have and every breeding decision. So far, they have Cavalier puppies, pugs, Bernese Mountain dogs, and Westies (West Highland White Terrier).

All their pups came from champion bloodlines and crate trained to be your best family companions. In their breeding program, they give nutritious puppy food and vet care for all their dogs. All upcoming litters are vet checked for any diseases. They receive grooming, shots, and training before adoption. All pups also have a one year health guarantee.

You can also view their website and Instagram to see pictures of their present and past puppies. That way, you have an idea what kind of pup you are getting from them.

The Pug House

Clear Lake, MN, 55319



(612) 475-5850

The Pug House

The Pug House is one of the top rated pug breeders in Minnesota. Sandy Scott is the owner of this organization. She’s particular in screening buyers of her pug puppies since they must have the desire and capacity to own one.

All puppies have a limited AKC registration. You also need to sign their contract telling you will not breed your own pugs. The pug house is inside Scott’s house, so they are constantly mingling with children and family. This makes them well socialized and friendly pugs.

All their puppies for sale are vet checked, vaccinated, and groomed. They take good care of them and treat them as family companions. Whether you want a fawn, westie, or black pug, you can get it from them.

There may be quite a lot for the process of buying a pug, but it’s worthwhile since they are healthy. All upcoming litters have a one year health guarantee card. They also have a limited registration.

For soon to be pug owners, you can visit their website or Facebook page to know more about them. They also have photos of their pugs in their social media channels for you to view.

You can book an appointment two weeks in advance, if you want to see your favorite pug.

Bovey Bed Pugs

33870 Scenic Hwy Bovey MN 55709



(218) 259-8432


This is a small pug breeder in Minnesota, that is owned by Alissa Johnson. She started her breeding program in 2015 where she started with Bovey bed pugs. Later, she decided to breed other pugs like the westie puppies and fawn. As a hobby breeder, she is able to give the best puppy food, vet care, and grooming to all her puppies.

She did her research before and during the process of running her pug breeding program. All her bovey bed pugs are tested for three main diseases: degenarative myelpahty (DM), Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK Def), and pug dog encephalitis (PDE). This is done to have an early detection, so that it can be treated immediately.

Owning a pug is serious since you agree to provide your new companion with nutritious food and healthy living environment. You also need to let them visit the vet periodically to check on their health. This is part of the contract you will be signing once you buy a pug from Bovey Bed Pugs.

All their pug puppies come from champion dog parents. That means you are assured of getting high quality litter for your family.

Rub A Pug Pug

Moorhead, MN, US



Rub A Pug Pug

This is another small pug breeder in Minnesota that will help you get high quality fawn and westie puppies. They have different pug puppies for sale, but you will have to apply to be screened and shortlisted. They want their dogs to be with loving owners who are also capable of giving them nutritious food and shelter.

You can visit their Facebook page to view images and videos of their pug puppies. They live with the family, so they are well socialized for children. They are tamed and crate trained to prepare them for their forever homes.

You can email them to find out more about their company and pugs.

CK Pugs

Graceville, Mn 56240



(320) 287-2687

CK Pugs

Colleen Kleindl is the owner of this pug breeding organization. They raise their litters in a 10 acre farm. Her husband Mike helps in the breeding program. They have been in the industry for fourteen years where they started in 2000.

The pug breeds they have are apricot, black, and fawn. All of their purebred pug puppies for sale are CKC registered. They are also vet checked and vaccinated before adoption. CK Pugs main mission is to breed high quality pugs that will be loving companions of future owners.

You have to pay around four hundred dollars if you want to buy a pug from them. All their pups for sale get annual shots, vet care, and grooming. That means you are getting quality litter from this breeder.

If you need to view some of their pups, you can visit their website. You can also call their office to schedule an appointment. Colleen can share with you essential information about pug breeding. Call them today.


We hope to have helped you find the best pug breeders in MN. If you need more information about each of them, contact them through their telephone, website, or social media. We hope you find the right pug that fits your family.