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Pugs originated in China and were treated mostly as hunting dogs by Chinese Emperors. Odd right? But today, it’s considered one of the most adorable lapdogs in the world. Pug puppies are great for snuggling and playing. If you want to get a quality pug puppy in New York, you have to find reliable pug breeders.

You often find the best pug breeders as members of a pug dog club. They maintain high quality standards for their litter and adult dogs. In this article, we are going to feature a list of the top pug breeders in New York state this year. If you are looking for one, you’re in for a treat.

Top Pug Breeders in New York this year

Without further a do, let’s get started

Walk The Line Pug Ranch

North and Central New York



(315) 317-9796

Walk The Line Pug Ranch

This is a family owned group that’s breeding pugs in the North and Central part of New York. They started in 2000 as pug breeders and are passionate about their health and happiness. As a member of a pug dog club, all their pug puppies are DNA and OFA examined to check their health.

They have 100-acre farmland where they placed their home. It’s also where they house all their litters. Each pug puppy is potty trained and tamed to prepare them for their new families. The owners socialize with their dogs to make them friendly to people.

This private pug pup breeder is passionate about promoting pug research and proper breeding practices. They invite all pug lovers to share and interact with them since that fosters learning and development.

All their dog breeds comply with the American Kennel Club standards. You can expect to buy quality pug pups from them. They have been doing this for around twenty years, making them one of the credible dog breed groups in the state.

Kelz Pugs

77 Elmwood Park West, Tonawanda, NY 14150


 (716) 550-2078

Kelz Pugs

Kelly Maurer is the founder of this pug breed organization. She is a veterinarian for 14 years and has been in the field to breed dogs for 15 years in New York. If you want to find pug puppies that are AKC quality, then you can go for this one. They are one of the best pug breeders in the state.

As one of the reputable breeders, they want all their york pugs to be healthy. They let all their pups undergo CHIC exam to detect any health problems. If there are health issues, their vet or Kelly will treat them immediately. All these things are strong puppy proof of their good standing as a breeder in North Central NY.

All their New York pugs have a 2-year health guarantee. This gives you confidence that all their foo dogs will be healthy for two years and onwards.

In terms of buying a pup for sale, Kelly meets all buyers in person. She is meticulous about this and wants to ensure her pups get the best pug forever home.

For delivering pugs, they don’t hire any professional handler, so you need to either pick them up.

Fairytale Frenchies

1212 Bayview Ave, Bronx, NY 10465


(929) 454-9285

Fairytale Frenchies

This good breeder has 17 years of experience in breeding French bulldogs and pugs. They also provide stud and whelping services. If you’re looking to find the perfect puppy for your home, you can go to them.

Fairytale Frenchies are licensed to breed 3-4 litter annually. They have two main dog breeds: Frenchies and pugs. For the latter, they breed different pugs, which include fawn, brindle, black, and more. All of their franchise and pug puppies for sale are AKC registered.

How do they ensure the health of their puppies? All their pugs and frenchies receive Nu-Vet vitamins every day. They are also given age-proper vaccinations annually. All pups undergo house training and crate training to prepare them for their forever homes. Each pup also comes with a 3-year health guarantee.

There are many pug breeders in New York, and Fairytale Frenchies is one of them. If you need more information about them, you can call them. Otherwise, email them with any questions.

Casull Pugs New York

Albion, New York



Casull Pugs New York

This pug breeder was created in 2007 by a mother and a daughter. Their names are Annie and Cassi, and their first pug was Luke. They got Luke in 2005 and he is obedient and agile. They let Luke join contests and this mother-daughter tandem soon became a Pug Dog Club of America (PDCA) member.

Annie Sullivan and Cassi are current PDCA members. They also attend AKC events and shows. That also means their dog breeding program is premier. All their litters are health examined to know if one of them has health issues.

Their breeding program abides with the AKC, so you can expect their puppies to be of good quality. Casull Pugs sell two main pug breeds: for pets and for shows. All their quality pugs are eligible for AKC marketplace. You can expect an AKC title for all their puppies.

Their pet pugs have a limited AKC registration. You can inquire of them about that. You can also adopt an adult pug from them, which they have for their retirement shelter.

In terms of price, the average price of their pet pugs is $2,800 while show pugs are at $4,500.

Andi Pugs

Stanfordville, New York



Andi Pugs

The founder of Andi Pugs is Eileen Barbieri, and she started her breeding program in 1970s. She was one of the Saluki Champions before, and then she switched to breeding pugs. Her daughter Joy Barbieri is following her footsteps in dog breeding.

Joy is passionate about being a dog breeder, and so she decided to focus on that after college. She breeds different dogs, but with focus on New York Andi pugs. Some other dog breeds they have are Havanese, Toys and Hounds.

They are a reputable breeder and you can see that from their pug puppies for sale. Andi Pugs was also awarded as one of the outstanding 2009 PDCA Breeders. They also got an AKC Gold award. So far, the average price of an Andi pug is around $3,500.

If you’re looking for high quality pugs for sale in New York, you can turn to them. You can visit their website or email them for any questions.

MyPurebred Pugs

607 Pleasant Hill Rd, Port Crane, NY 13833


(607) 245-9782

MyPurebred Pugs

This certified AKC pug puppy breeder is located in Port Crane, New York. All their pug puppies for sale are raised inside their home. They are sociable and friendly to children. The average price for adopting their male pug is $2,600 while for a female pug is $3,000. They recommend if you pick up the pup from their house rather than shipping them to avoid animal stress.

All their pups undergo health exams to check for any health issues. They get annual age-proper shots, deworming, and grooming. All pugs have a health guarantee and AKC registration certificate. That means you get the best quality of pugs to own for your home.

If you have any questions, feel free to call their office.

Precious Puppies

New York


(845) 238-5313

Precious Puppies

They are one of the legit dog breeders in New York. They are licensed with the USDA so that they can deliver their pups to their new owners from other states. Also, they are registered and evaluated by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Some of their dog breeds available are French bulldogs, pugs, and Yorkshire Terriers. Some of their puppies for sale come from AKC parents. They can release the AKC papers once you show them a vet certification that they are spayed already.

All the puppies they are selling have a vet certificate to prove that they are in good health. Their pups receive annual shots and deworming. They are also crate trained to prepare them for their forever home.

Puppy Petite

8002 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214


(718) 232-2079

Puppy Petite

This group work with certified breeders in New York. Most dog breeds they have are Toys, teacup, and small-size dogs. All their breeders are licensed by the USDA and evaluated by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Puppy Petite guarantees your satisfaction in finding the best pug puppies in the market. They provide a one year health guarantee per pup. You also have fourteen days to let your pup be examined by a vet of your liking. They also give 2 free veterinary health exams for the puppy you will be buying from them.

They also have a license from the NYS Department of Health. That means you can count on them for being a legit dog breeder.

Central Park Puppies

650 Central Park Ave Unit A, Yonkers, NY 10704



(914) 207-7558

Central Park Puppies

Central Park Puppies is a private family operated dog breeder and shop. They do a holistic approach in helping families find the best dog for them. All their pups are health examined to see if they have any disease. To ensure the good health of their puppies, they give them annual shots and deworming.

Because their pups stay inside their home, they are sociable and friendly. Likewise, they are potty trained and groomed. Once you decide to get a puppy from them, they will guide you in every way, which include the following:

  • Free delivery to your house
  • Medical certificate of the pup with complete vaccinations
  • Whole body exam
  • 1-year health guarantee
  • A microchip inserted in the pup

If you need more information about them, call their office, or visit their website and Facebook page.

Sportsman’s Kennels

75 Schultz Rd, Manorville, NY 11949


(631) 727-3550

Sportsman's Kennels

Sportsman’s Kennels have a six acre farmstead for breeding different dogs. The dog breeds they have are Pugs, Pomeranians, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Frenchies, and Chihuahuas. All their litters are health examined and vetted to ensure they are in good shape. They also get annual check-ups, deworming, and shots.

Their AKC breeding program started in 1962, and they are proud of making many families happy with their new pets. Besides the physical aspect, all their puppies are potty trained and tamed. Your personality will be matched to the dog’s attitude to ensure your satisfaction.

You can visit their website to see their list of puppies for sale. You can also call their office to inquire information about them and their pets.

Hug A Pug Forever

Martville NY 13111



(315) 564-6491

Hug A Pug Forever

This is a 100% family owned and operated breeding program. Their passion for breeding pugs started from Beverley Raponi, their mother-in-law. They have been in this field for almost twenty years, providing AKC registered pug puppies for sale in New York.

They are one of your reliable options of pug breeders in New York. To guarantee the health of their litters, they examine them using DNA and OFA tests. They do deworming at intervals of 2 to 7 weeks. After, they are going to get a full body check up again for every pup.

All their pugs also undergone box training to prepare them for their loving homes. Likewise, they spend time playing with them to help them become sociable.

If you want to know more about the organizations above, visit their website. You can also call their office to get information about the puppies they breed and sell.

If you have questions to ask related to pugs, you can visit our website anytime.