Pug Breeder Washington

The state of Washington is hugely made up of forests. That’s the reason why their main industry is lumber. They make different lumber products like plywood and wooden furniture. Besides, their mining industry is also booming. They are abundant for certain metals like aluminum, lead, and gold.

pug puppies

On the other hand, this state is also known for pug breeders. There are a few of them out there, and you just have to search for them. You need to refine your research for you to find a reliable one. An excellent pug breeder in Washington can guarantee that you’ll have healthy pug puppies to choose from.

Best Pug Breeders in Washington

To save you some time, here is our list of the best pug breeders in Washington.

A Grumble of Love Kennels

Yelm, WA 98597



(360) 628-9676

A Grumble of Love Kennels

This reputable pug breeder started in 2017. This group is founded by the couple Aneta Putra and husband Chris. As a good pug breeder, they aim to let others experience the unconditional love for pugs. They have several pug puppies in line for adoption and you can inquire them of that.

They have extensive experience in handling different temperament and physical conditions of pugs. One of their principles is to treat pugs like a friend. By giving love and care, they will grow up to good adult dogs.

All pug puppies for sale receive potty training, vet care, and grooming. They are also friendly and sociable because they were raised indoors. Once a pug is adopted, all its stuff is also given to the new owner.

They are also AKC registered, so you are confident of getting quality AKC registered pugs from them. To inquire about their adoption process, you contact them through their website or telephone.

Aura Pugs

Montesano Washington 98563



Aura Pugs

This pug breeder also uses a family environment place to house their pug puppies. The effect is producing a sociable and friendly pet for everyone.

Aura pugs is family-owned and it started from the owner’s great grandmother who raised poodles. Their dog breeding program started in 1960, where the grandmother showed Scottish and Manchester Terriers. Right now, they are breeding fawn and black pugs that abide by the AKC standards.

All their pups are raised indoors, so they are friendly to people. They are sociable and capable of joining dog shows. In fact, the majority of their pugs are still joining dog shows in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Northwest America.

If you’re interested to know more about their available Chinese pugs, visit their website and email them.

Hoskins Pugs



(360) 451-2758

Hoskins Pugs

This is a small group of retired military personnel that choose to be pug breeders of the Washington state. As a reputable pug dog club, they train all their dogs before adoption. They have different pug breed available for you to choose from. Some of these are black pugs and fawn.

As a member of the American Kennel Club, all pugs evaluated are of the highest quality. They are sociable and friendly to people. All pets are vaccinated, spayed, and groomed. All pugs are litter box trained as well.

Hoskins Pugs have been breeding quality AKC registered pugs for around fifteen years. Their pride pugs are one of the best in Washington and Oregon.

Visit their website to get more information about them.

C Pride Pugs

Port Orchard, WA


(206) 898-1718

C Pride Pugs

They are one of the best pug breeders in America since 1998. C Pride Pugs prioritizes the quality of Chinese pugs they are selling in Washington. All their pups abide by the AKC standards, so you can expect they are vaccinated, spayed, and inserted with microchips for easy tracing.

All their pug breeds stay in a family-like place, this is to make them sociable to children. You can have them as your best friend since they have good social skills. These pups are as sociable as poodles, so having them as part of the family is great.

They also perform DNA testing to determine if their pug puppies have Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE). It helps them give early medical treatment for any diseases on their dogs.

They offer limited slots for those who want to adopt a pug, and the cost is $3,500. If you want to include your pug for a dog show, the registration fee is $5,500.

If you want to know more about them and their programs, visit their website. You can also call their office for inquiries.

M&M Pugs

Roy, Washington



(360) 458-5282

M&M Pugs

These local breeders began in the 60’s and their motto is breeding quality pugs. They have years of experience as a good breeder abiding by AKC standards.

M&M Pugs is known for breeding quality black and fawn pugs. These breed are good for children and parents. They have good social skills and family-oriented. Besides, they also have Llamas for dog shows.

This local breeder is serious about giving you the best quality pugs. They thoroughly check any health concerns of the puppies for adoption. All pugs receive proper medical care and grooming for all puppies. They also provide a 2-year health guarantee contract for any health concerns of their pug. This goes along with the AKC papers of the dogs.

Moon River Brittanys

28604 S 855 Pr SE, Kennewick, WA 99338



(509) 947-4802

Moon River Brittanys

The main dog breed line they have are for shows and hunting. They are also AKC registered, so you can rely to get quality AKC registered pugs and hunting dogs.

Some of the dog breeds they have are Scottish terriers, windwalker pugs, Manchester terriers, and more. You can visit their website to know more about them.

Windwalker Pugs

Gig Harbor, WA




Windwalker Pugs

This pug breeder has been in the industry since 1994, so you can depend on their quality of pug puppies. Despite their experience, they continue to learn about Chinese pugs and other pug breeds. So far, their breeding program is exclusively pugs.

Part of their breeding program is to do DNA testing for all puppies to determine if they have Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE). All their staff maintains small litters to keep the sanitation of their place. All their staff prioritizes the health and personality of their pup and adult dogs.

Windwalker Pugs just breed a small number of purebred pugs and pug mixes. They usually breed those for dog shows. Their adoption coordinator is meticulous in choosing an adopter for their pugs, especially those for dog shows. The potential adopter must pass their standards to be considered.

They have fewer restrictions for selling those pups with a breed that they no longer wish to continue breeding. All their pugs have microchips so that they can trace them. If the owner can no longer feed them, they can turn them into Windwalker Pugs again.

If you want to know more about them, you can visit their website and Facebook page. Email them for any inquiries about their adoption process.

Loda’s Pugs

841 South St NE, Salem, OR 97301


(503) 428-1567

Loda's Pugs

This is one of the trusted pug breeders in Washington state. They started their breeding program in 2012. To ensure AKC quality of their pug pups, they bought their Sires and Dams from California, Utah, Washington, Texas, and Ohio. All of them were DNA tested for Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE). Also, they give them proper medical care and vaccinations.

All their pugs go through annual vet examinations to update their shots and de-worming. Because of that, they also got a license in Oregon.

Before adoption, if there’s enough time, the pup gets vet exams and worm treatment for two weeks. Before it gets transferred to their new home, they will receive a second shot from the vet.

The different pugs they have right now are silver, apricot, fawn, black, white, cream, and chinchillas. You can visit their website to see some of them. You can also inquire through their website or by calling them.

Puppyland Puyallup

13103 Meridian Ave E Ste. 104, Puyallup, WA 98373, United States



(253) 697-9984

Puppyland Puyallup

This is one of the reputable breeders and pet shops in the state. A licensed veterinarian takes care of all their puppies for sale. The best part is that they offer health warranties for all their pug puppies. But they make sure to examine the health of all pups before turning them to their new family.

They offer three health warranties for their puppies: 15-day viral warranty, 2-year congenital and hereditary warranty, and an optional 10-year health warranty. This ensures the welfare of your pug pups and for you as well.

Hope this article has helped you find local breeders in Washington area. Visit their website or Facebook page to inquire more about them to know more.