Pug Breeders Colorado

Colorado is known for its stunning scenery, wildlife, and variety of outdoor fun and exercises. Offering a wide range of activities including hiking, mountain biking. And horseback riding, skiing, canoeing and even some extreme outdoor activities. Famous for forests, mountains, plateaus, hot springs, and sand dunes.

Amazingly, it is known as the “Centennial State” since it was created 100 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. The city of Denver is known for being the origin of the cheeseburger. Lover’s City is a nickname for a part of Colorado.

On the contrary, Pug breeders are also well-known in this state. There are a few out there; all you have to do is look for them. To locate a trustworthy one, you must focus your search. A good pug breeder in Colorado can ensure that you have a healthy selection of pug puppies to pick from different dna tested parents.

So, if you’re planning for an AKC-registered pug pups and want to have the most of it? Here are a few breeders in Colorado that you shouldn’t miss:

6 Best Pug Breeders in Colorado:

  • Kloud 9 Boxers & Pugs
  • LCP Spirit MNT Pugs & Mastiff
  • Pleiades Pugs
  • Bit O’Gold Pugs
  • Mile High Pugs
  • Kus Mier Amore Kennel
For further information, you can read about pug breeders in Colorado here in our list.

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Kloud 9 Boxers & Pugs

Address – Deer Trail, Colorado

Phone – 720-490-0380


kloud 9 boxers

A well known family-oriented dog breeding program with a lot of expertise. It is located in Deer Trail, Colorado, in a rural area of up to 10 acres. The breeders have almost 20 years of expertise producing pups. It is a place where Chinese Pugs and Boxer pups may be found.

They breed the highest-quality dogs and sweet pugs in the UKC and AKC. Pug pups are available in a variety of colors, including fawn, black, white, and apricot.

Pugs are gregarious and well-mannered as a result of their upbringing in a home with young children and other family members. Their objective is to create high-quality puppies with happy, pleasant dispositions and a healthy body.

They are extremely committed breeders.

They are quite proud of their adorable puppies. Breeders want the best for their pets, as well as for you. They make certain that you receive your desired Pug from them as a result of this.

The producers take great effort to breed only the best canines. They do a comprehensive health examination and meticulous planning before selecting a puppy to breed. PDE and CBC testing is done on all of their Pugs.

Should you wish to inquire you can call them or visit their website for more. This way , you might find an amazing little pug puppy you can take home so you can add it to your great family.

LCP Spirit MNT Pugs & Mastiff

Address –Oak Creek Ave, 1020

Phone – 719-396-5792


LCP Spirit MNT Pugs & Mastiff

One of the well-known dog homes on my list is LCP Spirit MNT Pugs & Mastiffs. It’s a dog breeding program geared at families. This breeding program begins with the breeding of Pugs with Mastiffs. Linda B Headley owned it at the time, and it was known as LCP Spirit MNT Pugs. Following Linda’s death, the current breeder. Began caring for the dogs in accordance with Linda’s final wishes.

They have a chinchilla male Pug stud, which is really unusual. When the puppies reach the age of eight weeks, they are ready for adoption. Prior to that, they are cared for and reared in a family atmosphere. With children, adults, little and large dogs, poultry, and other animals. As a result, the Chinese Pugs have a very gregarious and pleasant personality.

The owner is really committed to the dogs. She works hard to improve the quality of Chinese Pugs. She spends her time studying how to care for the fur kids in order to do this. They’re working together to provide the puppies a bright future. With the support of other professional breeders and her own skills in this industry.

Before reaching your doorstep, the breeders ensure that the Pugs have been vet examined, have had their first few injections, have been dewormed, have been well-socialized, and have been microchipped.

They provide a 48-hour health guarantee, free health insurance for 30 days, and a 2-year genetic health guarantee. They also give the puppies puppy care packages, toys, and blankets so that they don’t miss their former home.

Please explore the rest of their website to learn more about them.

You may also send a message to them straight from their website.

Pleiades Pugs

Address – Bailey, CO 80421

Phone – +1 303-909-2591


Pleiades Pugs

In my list, Pleiades Pugs is a well-known Pug breeding program. It is located in the Colorado town of Bailey. They are a reputable Chinese Pug breeder. Pugs in brindle, frosted, black, and fawn colors are available. They consider the puppies to be family members. They provide the breeders a lot of pleasure.

The puppies are all AKC registered. The Pugs are also excellent show dogs. A $100 deposit is required to reserve their puppy and be placed on the waiting list.

You can also come and take a visit on their Facebook page so you can get updated and to learn about them. Their Facebook page features all of the adorable photos of the dogs, as well as some videos. Visit learn more about prior buyers’ experiences, go to their review page.

Bit O’Gold Pugs

Address – Montrose, CO

Phone – 970-240-9719


Bit O’Gold Pugs

Ch Lil’ Golden Dreamer of Maywood was the inspiration for Bit O’ Gold Pugs, which was founded in 1983. Their first female champion, “Goldie,” was also the dam of eleven champions.

What started off as a weekend project has evolved into a labor of love. They’ve had the highs of winning Best-In-Show and Specialty Best of Breed, as well as the lows of having a whole litter die in your arms, one by one.

They’ve traveled all across the country for our program and met a lot of passionate people who share similar enthusiasm. They have loved breeding and displaying beautiful Pugs through highs and lows, miles and miles. It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s been really fulfilling.

They don’t have litters very often, and we only have puppies when they’ve reached the age of six or eight months. They can’t predict how a Pug will come out since they change so much. Some breeders can, but we can’t. We breed so that we can display Pugs, and if we sell a puppy, they want to make sure that you receive exactly what you see. Not just another champion, but Group, Specialty, and Best-In-Show winners is our objective. While they do not often put pups, they do occasionally have young adults available.

If you are interested, please contact them.

Mile High Pugs

Address – Denver, CO

Phone – +1 (303)-204-5973


Mile High Pugs

Mile High Pugs’ breeders have been breeding pugs for 18 years. And believe in delivering beautiful, genetically sound, champion bloodline. AKC certified pugs into the world.

To deliver into the world stunning, genetically sound, champion bloodline. AKC registered pugs and to match them with their wonderful and furever home!

They give the world’s most gorgeous pug pups to the Rocky Mountain Region. (AKC registered of course). It’s fine if you’re not from the Rocky Mountain region; they’ve got you covered. Make a phone or send an email to talk about how they can help out-of-state pug parents! It may need a trip to Denver, CO, but there are worse locations to visit!

They will also guarantee that your puppy has all essential vaccinations throughout its first eight weeks of life. As well as offer you with resources to ensure that your puppy grows into a healthy and attractive adult pug!

Like them on Facebook to view new photos, live puppy streams, and other fun stuff.

Kus Mier Amore Kennel

Address –Severance, CO


kus mier amore kennel

As a Veterinary Technician, Ashley Kusmierkiewicz is dedicated to breeding healthy, high-quality pugs. She takes pleasure in breeding healthy pups. From parents who have been health checked and are OFA clean. Pugs have a negative reputation due to prevalent health difficulties. But, it is altering and molding people’s perceptions of pugs by demonstrating. How healthy, athletic, and intelligent the breed can be when bred.

They make every effort to address their medical and social requirements. They make every effort to provide the healthiest, most well-rounded puppies possible. They are ecstatic to be breeding such wonderful pets. It is very essential that they breed adaptable, well-socialized, and healthy puppies. For families who will welcome them into their homes and hearts. Every dog they have is a source of immense pride for.

The pugs are vaccinated. They also give littermates’ Scent Toy. With a Puppy Starter Kit as a referral guide. Some food as a starter for the PUG inside a bag. Are all included in their puppy packages.

A one-year health guarantee is available. Our health guarantee covers terminal, hereditary, and congenital disorders.

Final Words…

healthy puppy pug breed

If you’re determined on rescuing, adopting, or purchasing a new pug, that’s fantastic! We hope that this post has aided you in your decision to select a breeder. There’s no need to be concerned because all of the advice are reliable. Furthermore, these reputable breeders adhere to the highest breeding standards and maintain responsible breeding practices.

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