Pug Breeders in GA

When you think of Georgia, one of the first things that comes to mind is it’s peaches. Georgia, dubbed “The Peach State,” is one of four states that produce a big amount of peaches each year.

Aside from that, they also have a reputation for being warm and kind-hearted to animals. They are also considered to have one of the best pug breeders in the country.

Having a dog pet in Georgia is a must because they have the best ambiance for a dog-lover to be accompanied by.

If you’ve been searching for AKC-registered pug pups in the state of Georgia. You must locate Georgia’s greatest pug breeders. We want to assist you, therefore we’ve compiled a list for you.

You can go ahead and check each one of the pug breeders we have listed here so you can see which one fits your liking.

7 Best Pug Breeders in Georgia:

  • Peachy Pugs of Georgia
  • The Heavenly Pugs of Ga
  • The Pug Barn
  • Indigo Pugs and Frenchies
  • Rowell Pugs
  • Pug puppies in Metro Atlanta GA
  • Blue Ridge Pugs

Best Pug Breeders in Georgia this year

You can see our detailed list below to get more idea on each pug breeder we have listed for you.

Peachy Pugs of Georgia

Address – Griffin, GA 30223

Phone – +1 470-885-2370


Peachy Pugs of Georgia

This Pug breeder is well known with a good reputation and reviews from different clients all over GA. For their good and great quality puppies. They have a huge community of Pug owners who want to express their love for this amazing breed.

The love for being a Pug breeder as a result of this. They’ve all been raised with a lot of love and care at home.

They aim to place their puppies with loving and responsible families in addition to providing a high-quality, healthy dog.

If you have any questions, please contact them by phone or through their facebook page.

The Heavenly Pugs of Ga

Address – Covington, GA

Phone – (770) 385-8210


The Heavenly Pugs of Ga

The owner wanted to share his passion for this amazing breed for a long time. That is how he came to be a Pug breeder.

They’ve all been reared at home with a lot of love and care. They not only want to provide a high-quality, healthy puppy, they also like to place their puppies with caring and responsible families. They consider themselves as a good pug breeder to give you your dream puppy.

The perfect puppy may not exist but when you take a look at what they have to offer. You might be able to find a loving new puppy you can take home and care for.

Before being placed in their forever homes, these puppies come with AKC/CKC registration, a one-year health guarantee, their first immunizations, and are dewormed.

Hoping for their new residences will take care of them so to bless others as much as they have blessed us. If there are queries in your mind, please contact them easily them by their phone or by email.

The Pug Barn

Address – Adel GA

Phone – (229) 896-2674


The Pug Barn

Here, they are passionate about what they do and all the dogs they own. They are not a puppy mill, thus, they strive to breed, sell, and operate the company in the best interests of their puppies and consumers.

Recognized that the company is only as good as its name, and wants both to be held in high esteem by their clients.

To deliver the best puppies from each of its breeds is their company’s main objective and priority.

Please explore the rest of their website to learn more about them.

Indigo Pugs and Frenchies

Address – Augusta GA

Phone – (706) 564-4709


Indigo Pugs and Frenchies

This company has been breeding pugs for almost 25 years and typically produces 2 to 4 litters every year.

The mission is to breed high-quality Pug pups that are emotionally and physically competent. So that they can grow up to be happy, healthy members of one’s family. Each of the puppies are AKC and/or CKC registered.

They have all their immunizations and de-wormings up to date for their age group. The come with a quality guarantee. On occasion, sell a litter of puppies without papers at a lower price. they do not create puppies for display.

Despite the fact that the majority of the puppies they raise have champion histories. They like to leave their puppies in households where they will are love as a pet and as a friend.

The adopter family will have their very own registered home kennel. And this is what distinguishes them from other competition. Striving to find the ideal family for their puppies is their ultimate goal.

It is important for the pups adopt into the most loving, caring, and secure homes possible.

They want that each family experiences the same set of feelings they have that comes with the excitement of owning a pug. That’s why they do all things with love everyday.

Rowell Pugs

Address – Dublin GA

Email – solorow@aol.com


Rowell Pugs

They like aiding young “puggers” in beginning their showing careers. With one of our great show puppies, and they especially enjoy assisting young “puggers”. In supporting young “puggers” in assisting young “puggers” aswell.

When they bought their first pug in 1972, Rowell Pugs was born. We began displaying pugs in 1976, and our first Champion was awarded in 1978.

Many Champions, Group, Specialty, and Best In Show Winners have been bred and owned by us, including the #1 Pug in 1989, 1990, 1992, and 1999.

For 15 years was the Top-Winning Breeder-Owner-Handled Pug of ALL TIME and the Top-Winning BEST IN SHOW Winning BITCH of ALL TIME (1990-2005).

This PUG breeder is home to little champions indeed. They have so far the best quality of PUGS in the market. You can have a visit to their page and be free to check out for more details about their services.

Pug Puppies in Metro Atlanta GA


Phone – 678-667-l6l2


Pug Puppies in Metro Atlanta GA

Because of their outstanding features and unique look, many feel Pugs are the ideal pets! Their Pugs are first part of their family, and they are all raised in their house, despite the fact that they breed for show. For them Pugs make wonderful family pets.

Dogs that are very caring and devoted. They are a small-scale Pug breeders in their spare time.

They advised their clients to contact them first for they do not breed PUGS all year round.

Looking for reputable breeders may be easy in other states. But Georgia also offers great dog breeders . And if you are interested, this pug breeder may just be one of those good dog breeder.

They also do not shop their PUGS incase the buyer is from afar. So if you are looking for a pup sale and you’re very far away, you might not be able to take one home. For genetics, they provide a one-year warranty on their puppies.

Blue Ridge Pugs

Address –Gillsville, GA

Phone –


Blue Ridge Pugs

Blue Ridge Pugs are available in apricot, fawn, black, chocolate, platinum, white, chinchilla, and merle hues. In the near future, they intend to expand their uncommon color breeding program to include panda Pugs.

Blue Ridge puppies have a four-week return policy and a one-year genetic health guarantee. Puppies also get two wormings and their first puppy immunizations. These pug puppies come with documentation.

These puppies are not placed in their new homes until they are eight weeks old. They do not register these pups, but you will be given photos of the parents or the parents will be there to meet you. Visitors are invited to come tour this facility.

Adoption prices for a fawn pug puppy start at $1,850 and go up to $2,850 for a panda. To reserve your pug pup of choice, a $350 non-refundable deposit is needed.

Deposits are not taken until the pup is between four and five weeks old, however we are happy to place a dog on “hold” until then.

Visit the Blue Ridge Pugs website to learn more about their breeding parent Pugs which are absolutely adorable and view a gallery of happy adoptees.

Tips for Bringing a Pug Puppy Home from a Breeder

pug puppies house training

Breeders seldom provide pups to purchasers when they meet for the first time.

In most cases, your breeder will give over the puppy to you within 12 weeks or fewer.

You must prepare yourself and your household for the arrival of a new family member during this period.

Consider what your pug might require at home.

One of the first things you should do is consider what your pug will require at home and get these items before it comes.

The following are some of the items your pug will require:
  • Sleep and train in a crate
  • Dog meal of high quality
  • Walking and identification with a leash and harness
  • In case you require medical advice, prepare a contact information for a veterinarian.
  • Toys for your pug to enjoy during his free time
  • Baby gates are available as an option to safeguard your child from falling down the stairs.
  • Because pugs have a hard time breathing, a harness rather than a collar is the ideal option.

What Is the Average Pug Puppy Breeding Cost in Georgia?

The typical cost of a pug puppy in Georgia varies depending on a variety of circumstances, but anticipate to pay between $600-$1500.

Popular or well-known breeders would most likely command greater prices.

Of course, the type of pug you desire will always be a factor. Aside from the cost of the pups themselves, you’ll also need to budget for additional expenses.

Vet appointments, check-ups, food, toys, beddings, and other essentials for your dog are all expenditures to consider.

As a result, it’s ideal to have a budget that’s been rounded up.

Final Words…

perfect pug puppy

Finding the ideal Pug breed will never be a chore; with just the proper amount of attractiveness from your future Pug, finding it in no time is as simple as clicking a button.

If you can’t find the right Pug puppy in your state, try your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Many Pugs (both young and old) are in desperate need of a loving home, and adopting one may be a wonderful way to rescue a life.

We are overjoyed that you have picked us to assist you in finding your ideal puppy.

As a result, we are certain that we were able to assist you in locating the best pug breeders in Georgia. You may contact them via phone, website, or social media if you want to discover more about them. We wish you luck in your hunt for the ideal pug for you and your family.

Read more if you need more details about raising pugs.