Pug Breeders in KY

Finding quality pug puppies in Kentucky is a feat. If you want to find a list of reputable pug breeders that treat their pups like family, it’s hard to find one. Lucky for you we made this list to help you. Know each of these Kentucky pug breeders by visiting their website, social media, and calling their offices.

We hope you find the best pug breeders in Kentucky. Have fun and explore!

List of the Best Kentucky Pug Breeders this year

Petland Florence

7901 Mall Rd, Florence, KY 41042


(859) 209-3352

Petland Florence

This reputable pug breeder is one of the best in Kentucky. They breed other dogs, and they are willing to help you find the perfect pet for your family. Their staff will interview you so that they can help you choose the right pug puppy to match your personality.

Petland Florence started in 1967 and has a good track record as pug dog club member. They do crate training and behavioral therapy for all their pugs and other dog breeds. Toilet training is also done to prepare them for their forever home.

All their pups are home raised, so you are confident that they are safe and friendly for children. They provide health clearances for all their pug puppies for sale. All pups get first shots, DNA tested, and dewormed to ensure they are in good health.

With them, you’ll be bringing home a pug puppy with a good temperament because they have house training. Visit their website to know more about them.

Golden Acres Puppies

188 Beckham-Loy Rd, Columbia, KY 42728


(270) 805-1555

Golden Acres Puppies

This is a family owned and operated dog breeding program in Columbia, Kentucky. They are on the list of pug breeders with a strong reputation in the state. Miya, Cole, and Elizabeth Meyer are the active founders managing their operations.

Golden Acres have a 50 acre land as the loving home of all their pups. They feed their pups with nutritious food and give them toys to play with. You can read their customer reviews in the site and in Facebook to see that they are good breeders in Kentucky.

All their efforts are directed towards giving a clean and homey shelter for all their dogs for sale. They consider many factors in taking care of their litter. That includes examination, shots, deworming, and grooming. But most of all, they consider all their pugs and pups as a family member. That being said, you have 100 percent health guarantee for buying the perfect puppy from them.

You can call their Kentucky phone line to ask questions about their breeds.

Draco Kennels Quality Gundogs

1453 Finley-Dowell Rd, Hardinsburg, KY 40143


(270) 617-2692

Draco Kennels Quality Gundogs

As one of the popular breeders in Kentucky, dog companionship is a big deal for them. They spend lots of time playing and training their dogs for sale in KY. They have a fenced open field where they let their puppies run and have fun. Besides that, they give them proper food and vet care. All their pugs and pups come with a health guarantee to secure your satisfaction.

As a breeder, they let their pups and adult dogs explore and play. Training is part of it and they value socialization of dogs. This is important for a new owner since a friendly dog is a good companion. Looking into pugs, these are energetic dogs, so you need to puppy proof your home.

They also give tips for new owners so that they can better understand their pets. Dog breeding is a holistic program, and their experience taught them well. They want to share their knowledge to their customers, which makes them admirable.

You can visit their website to get more information about them.

RC Canine

Cave City, Kentucky



(270) 773-2768

RC Canine

They are one of the reputable pug breeders located in Cave City, KY. The countryside ambiance of their place gives good health for the CKC registered Boxer and pug puppies for sale. A clean pug puppy home like this, ensures all their pups are in top shape. Before giving a pup to their new owner, they will be examined by a veterinarian to ensure there are no health issues.

RC Canine has more than ten years as a good breeder in Kentucky. They have customers in the area and some in other states. If you want to adopt a dog from them, you need to pass their screening. The dog’s temperament must match with yours, and you have the desire to have one.

There are no deposits required to be included in their waiting list. You just have to pass their criteria to be considered. RC Canine is on the list of pug breeders you can trust in the US. Once you pass their screening, around 1-2 weeks will pass before you get notified that you are on their waiting list. After that, you will receive another notification via text or call that your pug puppy is ready for pick up.

They have different pug breeds available like the Fawn, Apricot, and Black pugs. Before giving their pup to the new owner, they are given shots and grooming first. All CKC papers and health clearances will be given as well to the adopter.

You can call their KY phone line for inquiries on how to buy a pug or boxer from them.

Pug Acres Kentucky



(480) 234-1296


Pug Acres Kentucky

This reputable pug breeder is still young but they have proven their worth in the industry. They provide quality pug puppy with AKC papers and health clearances. As a pug breeder, they make sure to give nutritious food, care, and love to their pug puppies. These toy breeds are emotional and sensitive, so proper care is needed.

You can visit their Facebook to see some of their pug puppies for sale. You’d see them wearing adorable costumes. By looking at them, you’d see that they are sociable and stranger friendly. All their puppies got annual shots, deworming, and grooming.

They also have a variety of colors for their pugs for sale. Their staff can help you select the best one for your family.

Rocky Top Puppies

4339 S Fork Ridge Rd, Liberty, KY 42539



(606) 787-1550 / (606) 787-1297

Rocky Top Puppies

Clement and Louis Brubacker are the founders of Rocky Top Puppies. This family owned pug breeders have a 15-acre farm where they grow their litter. The founder first had a pug on her 17th birthday, and by then, she fell in love with pugs. Tina was the name of the pug and it has several litters already.

Both of them have the passion of breeding companion dogs that will fit the need of their customers. As a good pug breeder, they provide care and nutrition to all their pug puppies. They play and train them to hone their temperament and obedience.

It might be challenging for a new owner to handle pugs, but they will give tips for you. If you want to learn more about their adoption and buying process, call their USA phone lines.

All their pug puppies have AKC papers and health guarantee. You will receive the best quality pug puppy from them.

You can also visit their site to see testimonials from their customers. You can also see their available list of puppies for sale.

Turner Pugs



Turner Pugs

This is a small reputable breeder in the state. Turner Pugs has around twenty years of experience in her pug breeding program in KY. All pug puppies are raised in a homey environment. Lots of care, attention are given to all litter to ensure their health and temperament are good.

The owner is also a licensed veterinarian, so she knows the best practices on pug breeding and grooming. You can visit the Facebook page to know more about them. There are also photos of pugs in the page.

As a reputable breeder, they provide love and vet care for all their pug puppies. They are raising AKC pups, so you are confident of getting quality pug pup and other dog breeds.

They are a licensed Kentucky breeder with whom you can find your loving pugs. They are listed under the American Kennel Club with all their dogs trained and well taken care of. Other services they have are pet boarding and veterinary care. They are offering it at an affordable price for all pet lovers.

Wiggli Pugs


(270) 308-5625


Wiggli Pugs

Colleen Stock is the founder of Wiggli Pugs. She has around 23 years of breeding good quality pug puppies that are AKC registered. Colleen and her husband have around fifteen kids. Six of them are from them while the rest are adopted. But this doesn’t hinder them from being a family happy and a dog breeder.

They originally lived in California, and then they move to Kentucky. That’s where they also started raising AKC pug puppies for sale. They have the passion and skills to raise toy breeds. All parent pugs are healthy and with AKC papers.

You can find several pug breeds from them, and they can assist you with your selection. It is a feat to find a lovable pet family member, but Colleen can make that easier for you.

Final Words…

Out of all the Pug breeders that are mentioned above, we recommend RC canine the most but others are also good especially if they are closer in your location.

Remember, it may take so much time for the pug breeders to raise pugs, but they find happiness in it. If you like to know more about them, visit their sites and farms. You can also give them a call for questions and appointments.

Once you have your pugs at home already, come back to our guides to learn how to raise them properly.