Pug Breeders New Jersey

Are you thinking of getting new pug puppies for your home? That means you need to find a reputable pug breeder in New Jersey.

We understand it won’t be an easy feat, so we made this list to help you. Here is a list of reputable pug breeders you can find in this state.

We will introduce you to:

  • Roo Roo’s Pugs
  • Dream Pug Finder
  • Yellow Frame Pugs
  • Agincourt Kennel
  • Happy Pugs
  • Panini Pugs / Christina’s Angels
  • Meshuga Dogs
  • Pugs N Kisses
  • Pugz Pawz
  • Pug Envy

All of them are registered AKC breeder, so you can rely on the quality of the pugs they bred.

Best Pug Breeders in New Jersey this year

Let’s go!

Roo Roo’s Pugs

Roo Roo’s Pugs, Sunset St, Keansburg, NJ 07734



(732) 670-0754

Roo Roo's Pugs

This group has been breeding pugs for more than nineteen years. They are known for producing healthy puppies, making them one of the reputable pug breeders in the state. As one of the leading Jersey pug breeders, they breed and sell AKC registered pugs.

They ensure the health of their pug puppies by giving them annual shots, vet care, and grooming. Before turning a pug puppy to their new owner, they will give you the health reports and AKC registration documents.

Their sociable and stranger friendly pugs are a wonderful family pet for you. To find pug puppies of great quality, you can contact Roo Roo’s Pugs today.

Dream Pug Finder

New Jersey



(856) 887-1223

Dream Pug Finder

Whether you are in New Jersey, New York, or other states in the Mid Atlantic region, you can always count on Dream Pug Finder for their high quality pug puppies. They are a small group of reputable pug breeders in the state.

All their puppies have registration papers from the American Kennel Club to ensure quality and purity. They offer quality Chinese pug puppies for all areas in the Mid Atlantic, that includes Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

All their happy pugs are vet certified and great family members to have. They undergo behavioral and crate training to ensure they have a good temperament. If you want to know more about their available puppies, you can visit their website or call their office.

Yellow Frame Pugs

Newton, NJ


(908) 362-6223

Yellow Frame Pugs

Are you looking for a well socialized dog breed in New Jersey? Yellow Frame Pugs is one of the best pug breeders you can contact today. Yellow Frame Pugs’ address is in Newton, NJ. They breed AKC quality litter which you can have inside your small space home or apartments.

Judi Basto is the founder of this pug breeder group. He is registered with the Pug Dog Club of America (PDCA). Being one of the current PDCA members, you are confident of buying top quality dogs from them. You can find different breeds of pugs in their facility. Whether you like white pugs or silver brindle, you can find it there.

Because they are a PDCA member, it means they secured an AKC title for their pug puppies for sale in New Jersey. All their dog breeds come from strong genetic lines that guarantee their purity. All of their litters are also vet checked for the health guarantee of their pug for sale in New Jersey.

If you want all the details of their dogs, you can email them at judybasto@yahoo.com. You can call their NJ phone line.

Agincourt Kennel

Cape May Court House, NJ


Agincourt Kennel

Agincourt Kennel is one of the best pug breeders in the state. They are known for breeding Best in Specialty Shows (BISS) pugs and English Mastiffs. They started breeding the former in 1989 while the latter in 1985. They also breed other dogs, that is Black Russian Terriers (BRTs).

This breeder is included in the present member’s list of Mastiff Club of America (MCOA). They also connect with other current PDCA members like Jenefier Modica. She is also an officer of the Delaware Valley Pug Club. Agincourt Kennel is also a member of the Garden State Mastiff Fanciers.

As one of the reputable breeders in NJ, they give more importance to quality rather than quantity of litter. All their puppies have health clearances to ensure they are in good shape before giving to new owners.

All three dog breeds have been exceptional. Mastiffs are loyal and caring giants. They are easy to train like the short coat pugs. Black Russian Terriers are also smart and highly trainable. All their puppies for sale in NJ are healthy and friendly.

You can see their sale listings on their website. Visit their site to view them. You can also call their NJ phone line to book an appointment or to ask for more details.

Happy Pugs

Burlington, NJ


E mail: contact form

Happy Pugs

Happy Pugs is known to produce quality AKC certified litter for sale in NJ. Happy Pugs address is in Burlington, NJ. As a top rated pug puppy breeder, they are careful in taking care of them to keep them healthy and active. They give annual shots and have them vet checked for any diseases.

All their litter for sale comes with health guarantees and AKC papers. That being said, you are confident of getting a healthy pup from them. To grow your pup into an adult dog will be challenging but fun. Pugs love to nibble and cuddle. You need to prepare to chew toys that are safe for them.

When training them, mix that with playtime to avoid boring them. This also helps you ease the stubbornness of your pug. Hide your treats properly since pugs can be mischievous and they can easily find where you place them.

Panini Pugs / Christina’s Angels

Panini Pugs Address: Vernon, NJ


(973) 841-0211

Contact: https://www.breeders.net/mailto.php?id=214688

Panini Pugs

Do you want to find the perfect puppy for your family? This pug breeder is one of your best choices. The couple Christina and Richard are the founders of this pug breeding program in the north side of NJ. They breed different kinds of pugs, and that includes the following:

  • Reverse Brindle pugs
  • Platinum White pugs
  • White and black pugs
  • Fawn and Apricot pugs
  • Brindle and silver brindle pugs

This couple loves these toy breeds because of their adorable nature and loyalty. A pug is a popular companion dog, and they are friendly to children and strangers. Despite being mischievous, they are loving and trainable. As reputable breeders in NJ, they make sure all the puppies for sale are healthy and free of any genetic problems.

There are other breeders in NJ but Christina’s Angels are one of your trustworthy choices. You can call their NJ phone line for inquiries and book an appointment.

Meshuga Dogs

891 Ringwood Avenue, Haskell, New Jersey 07420


(973) 703-7227

Meshuga Dogs

This is one of the five star rating pug breeders in New Jersey. They have forty years of experience in breeding pugs and Lab retrievers. They started in 1981 for breeding square and cobby breed pugs and smart retrievers.

Pugs are good companion dogs, which is ideal if you want a lapdog. Their guard dog traits are not as good as others like the German Shepherd and Doberman. But you can train them to be vigilant and smart in warning of your danger.

They have lots of pug breeds in their place, and you can see them on their website. Some of the pug breeds they have are apricot, fawn, black, white, silver brindle, merle, and reverse brindle pugs.

All their pups are crate and potty trained. That means you will have lesser concerns in training them as they grow. If you want to know more about them, visit their website or call their phone line.

Pugs N Kisses



Egg Harbor City, NJ

Pugs N Kisses

Nicole is the founder of Pugs N Kisses. Their pug breeding program is excellent. It helps make their litter sociable and obedient. It’s usually in Fall when they have a new litter for sale in New Jersey. Before giving one pup to an owner, they will be examined for heartworms and other health problems.

All their pug puppies are well taken care of inside a homey environment. That means they are friendly to children. This cobby breed is gentle, sensitive, and loving. They also love to cuddle and chew on things. You can buy a frisbee or bouncy ball in playing and training your pug.

Compared to other dogs, they need minimal time for exercise. You can spare 15 to 20 minutes for their walking and play. By doing that, you are preventing them from being obese. This is important since they will be at a higher risk for breathing difficulties when they are too fat.

Pugz Pawz

Hamburg, NJ


(862) 266-1340


Pugz Pawz

If you are looking for AKC quality fawn and black pugs, you can find them at Pugz Pawz. They are one of the prominent pug breeders on the north side of New Jersey.

They have a friendly and clean home and open space where they breed their healthy litter. Pugz Pawz abides by the standards of the American Kennel Club to guarantee the purity and health of their pug puppies for sale in New Jersey.

Pugs are great family member additions since they are loyal and adorable. They are emotionally sensitive, so you need to avoid shouting at them. Use positive reinforcement in training your pugs. That way, you are taking care of their heart and health.

Pug Envy

Somerville, NJ

(908) 963-1512



Pug Envy

Just like other breeders, Pug Envy aims to give you the best quality pug puppies in New Jersey. They maintain the purity of their litter, so you can register them with AKC. They have seven years of experience with their pug breeding program.

Because of the high demand for these toy breeds, they only offer a first come first serve basis. You can call or email them to inquire about their process. All their pug puppies for sale come with health clearances and guarantees.

How to Find A Reliable Pug Breeder NJ?

Looking for a credible pug breeder NJ is challenging since some are not honest with their practices. You need to be careful with scammers to ensure you are getting a healthy pup. To help you with that, here are some things you need to look into for a trustworthy pug breeder:

  1. They issue a sales receipt for your pug
  2. They let you see the puppy before buying them
  3. They have a complete medical record of the puppy
  4. They can issue a health guarantee and clearances
  5. They can prove the shots and tests given to the puppy

You can also look for the company’s name in the AKC list to double check if they are certified members or not. Read also the reviews of their past customers to see if they are good or not.

If buying a pug is heavy on your budget, then you can also consider adopting rescued dogs from shelters.

Final thoughts…

We hope you find the right pug breeder in NJ. Don’t forget to visit their websites, Facebook pages, or call their phone lines to ask about their company. Get the important details you need to make a decision on what pug breed you want to have.

Don’t forget to ask for medical records, AKC papers, and health guarantees for the pugs you will be buying from any breeder. Hope you find your best pug to add to your family!