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Looking for quality AKC registered pugs to have as pets but conscious about the methods? You can never be wrong in choosing reputable pug breeders in Seattle. That’s because they know the essentials to produce healthy pug puppies. So, have you found a reputable pug breeder to buy your pug puppy yet?

If not, then good that you are here! We are featuring a list of reliable pug breeders in Seattle. Continue reading to find out more about them.

List of Pug Breeders Seattle

reputable seattle pug breeder

By the end of this article, we hope you find the right pug breeder that satisfies your needs. Then you may visit them anytime.

Church of Pug

Seattle, WA 98165


(206) 992-0708

Church of Pug Reputable pug breeder

Church of Pug is one of the best pug breeders in Seattle. They are a member of a pug dog club. Using their years of experience, they are able to produce AKC registered litters. As a pug breeder, you need to have the passion and skills for breeding healthy puppies.

This group is a non profit organization that started in 2019. They save and adopt purebred pugs and pug mixes. They take in different pug breeds like black pugs, apricot fawn, fawn, and brindle. Their program for breeding pugs is exceptional. It abides with the standards of the American Kennel Club.

Besides pugs, they take care of other brachycephalic dog breeds like Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, and Pekingese. They also offer affordable veterinary services like spaying and vaccinations. Church of Pug also offers temporary foster care. They will take care of your pride pugs like it is theirs.

All their works are funded by donations. They organize fundraising events like the following:

  • Community Pint Night
  • Charity Sweepstakes
  • St Patrick’s Day and other holidays

You can also buy from their online store to support their cause. Their earnings will go to support their organization in continuing to save more pugs. They also save adult dogs who are abandoned and candidate for euthanasia.

A Grumble of Love Kennels

Yelm, WA 98597


(360) 628-9676

A Grumble of Love Kennels Breed

A Grumble of Love Kennels started breeding pugs in 2017. As one of the top local breeders in Washington state, they want to share their love for pugs. There are three founders for this group and Aneta is one of them. As a good pug breeder, they continue learning about how to take care of this toy breed.

All their pups are placed in a homey place, so they have a good temperament. They socialized with different people and other pups. You can expect them to be friendly and energetic. You can call or text them to schedule appointments. They also arrange meetups for you to see your future pet. You can see their web page and socials for the videos and photos of their pugs.

They treat all their pug puppies for sale as family. All their staff raised them well, and they undergo litter training. Having a pup is like having a family member added to your home. All their pug puppies are vet checked and health guaranteed. This is part of their breeding program upon giving their pug to their forever homes.

Husband Chris is the better half of the main founder while Aneta is their third founding member. All the litter they produce passed AKC standards. Some of them even won dog shows and become pride pugs of the organization.

All their family raised pugs have a free 30-day health insurance to serve as a health guarantee. They also give the pug owner a training support reading material. This is to reinforce the skills of the owner in taking care of pugs.

WindWalker Pugs

Seattle, WA




WindWalker Pugs Bred

Windwalker Pugs is a family owned and operated pug breeder in Washington state. Their love for pugs began when the founder’s daughter fell in love with a pug. The pug’s name was Fern. This dog was not the perfect pug puppy because it got no socialization and training. But they were able to train Fern in all aspects, and that’s where they see the opportunity and passion of raising pug puppies for sale.

To find pug puppies is a feat. You need to check on their health and temperament. WindWalker Pugs understands your concern, so they are offering AKC quality pug puppies for sale in Seattle. They are a member of three reputable dog clubs in the US:

  • Pug Dog Club of America (PDCA)
  • Gig Harbor Kennel Club
  • Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

They provide health guarantee for pugs under their breeding program. All pups are vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated. Their adoption coordinator ensures the puppy you will get has the best health. You will also have all documents needed for the AKC registration of your pet in Seattle, Washington.

WindWalker Pugs also support other breeders and pug rescue groups in Washington state. They teach them about the essentials for breeding pugs. They have a local vet that helps them do these education programs for breeders. They also offer affordable vet services that are needed for your pets.

Regardless of your pug bred, treating your pups as a family is great. It’s one of the key factors for having a healthy dog. Many responsible breeders know this secret especially for pugs. These toy breeds are companion dogs, so they are emotional. Unlike other dogs, they are quite stubborn but loyal to their owner.

Keeping your pet socialized is important, so they are friendly to everyone. Having a homey shelter for your pups is a must to promote good temperament. If you’re still looking for a pup for sale in Washington, you can inquire to them. Visit their web page and Facebook page to learn more about them.

Puppyland Renton

54 Rainier Ave S Unit B, Renton, WA 98057



(425) 738-0714

Puppyland Renton Breeder

Puppyland Renton is breeder at the same time connects with other licensed breeders in the US. They reach out with other reputable breeders to get quality pups for sale in Seattle and the Washington state. Some of their common dog breeds are Boston Terriers, Boxers, pugs, doodles, and Cavachon.

Their main priority is the health of pets. They annually vet checked all their pups to see any diseases. All their dogs are treated as family. Ensuring the purity and health of the pup is their concern, so you can register them to AKC.

You can call them or visit their website to ask about their adoption process. Unlike other groups, they don’t allow you to return your pup since it can pose health risk for their other pets. What they do is help you find the perfect home for your newly adopted pet.

Puppyland Renton and Puyallup also provides health guarantee for all their pets for sale in Washington. Because of that, all their pet undergoes vet check up, shots, and heartworm checks. They do that to ensure the health of your pup before taking them home.

If you like to know more about their programs, visit their website today.

Hoskins Pugs

Olympia, Washington


(360) 451-2758


Hoskins Pugs Puppy

Hoskins Pugs is a small family owned pug breeder in Washington. They have started raising this toy breed in the 60s. They have extensive experience and care for this toy breed. A pug breed is a small, loyal, and energetic dog. These are the traits loved by the founder of this organization.

They have pug puppies that are ready for AKC registration. If you want a quality pug puppy from them, you can count on that hundred percent. All of their pups are family raised and undergone crate and litter training. That means you are confident that their temperament is good.

Hoskins pugs is one of the reliable breeders for you to buy pug puppy for sale Seattle, WA. They are licensed in the US, and abides with the standards of any pug dog club. If you buy from them, they conduct health check three times for a puppy. This is a good practice that all breeder can do to gain trust from customers.

Some of their common pug breeds available are apricot fawn, fawn, black, and brindle pugs. They also ensure the purity of the pet so that you can register them to AKC. They do this for all their puppies for sale. Many breeder say they are breeding purebred pugs, but you must see the papers.

Hoskins Pugs understands what pugs bring to a family, and that’s genuine happiness. They are great companion dogs that can take away stress. Despite their sensitive physique, pugs have an average life of 10 to 15 years. When you properly take care of them, you can even extend their lifeline.

To know more about them, you can visit their website. You can also call their phone line or send them an email to schedule a visit.


pug breeders and pug puppies

It’s not easy to breed pugs, and so finding the right pug breeder is critical. They must have the passion and knowledge of doing it, otherwise, their puppies will be unhealthy. All pugs must be treated like a family where they receive love and care. A family raised pug has good behavior towards other dogs and people.

If you’re still looking for pug puppies, you can choose from any of those pug breeders in Seattle. All of them have the license and love for pug puppies. You can inquire them about their pups, and hopefully, you find the perfect puppy for your family.

For more knowledge about taking care of pugs, visit our pug tips category!