Pug Breeders Texas

There are many Pug breeders in Texas, but where do you start your search? You surely don’t want to end up getting one from puppy mills. One of the most important things is to ensure that the breeder adheres to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards.

Are you ready to start your search and get the best Pug puppies? In this post, we listed some of the best Pug breeders in Texas.

Too Cute Pugs Texas

123 Paws Street, Live Oak, TX

(210) 315-2815



Too Cute Pugs Texas

Whether you’re looking for standard or rare-colored Pug puppies, Too Cute Pugs has it for you. They are an established breeder since 2009 with the goal to have healthy Pug puppies find their forever homes.

All of their Pug puppies are raised indoors with their family members. The Pugs are well-taken care of, well-loved, and socialized. Moreover, all of their Pug puppies are registered with the AKC.

Before the Pug puppies are released to the owners, they make sure that the puppies are protected with two shots of vaccines and are already dewormed.

They only breed healthy Pugs and make sure they get to be with the best pet owners that will take care of them. Don’t be surprised if they call you randomly because this breeder stays in touch with their clients to ensure that the Pug puppy is doing well.

Pug Haven Texas

Mt Enterprise, Texas

(936) 221-2007


Pug Haven Texas

Pug Haven Texas is another reputable Pug breeder located in Mount Enterprise. One of the best things about this breeder is its customer service.

The breeder communicates well with customers not only before they hand over the Pug puppies, but after the process to ensure that the Pug puppy is in a safe and loving environment where they can thrive.

All of their Pug puppies have vaccinations shots and deworming that keeps them healthy and protected during the first few months of their lives.

Mel’s Pugs

220 Taylor’s Drive, Temple, Texas

(254) 760 7280



Mel’s Pugs

Mel’s Pugs is one of the small in-home Pug breeders that care for Black, Silver, Fawn, and White Pigs. They are established in 2000 and they continue to deliver healthy Pug puppies across Texas.

Rest assured, their Pug puppies are not caged and well-taken care of to live with other family members.

Lucky Charm Kennel, TX

Houston, Texas

(281) 384 6988



Lucky Charm Kennel

With over 30 years of experience, Lucky Charm Kennel is, indeed, one of the trusted Pug breeders in Houston, Tx. The McDonald family has been raising Pug puppies and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and all of the moms and pops are regular members of their family.

Carefully hand-selected, their Pug puppies meet the breed standards in the US and ensure that they care for the health and nutritional needs of all the dogs that they take care of. On that note, all of their Pugs are up-to-date on all of their vaccination shots and deworming treatment.

If you plan to get happy Pug puppies from them, you also have the option to have your puppy implanted with a microchip. They are also licensed by the AKC to breed Texas Pug puppies.

Hill Country Pugs

Llano, TX

(325) 247 5668



Hill Country Pugs

Hill Country Pugs is an award-winning breeder in Texas that is a member of The Pug Dog Club and AKC Breeders of Merit. Their love for the Pug breed started in 2005, and from there, they let their passion drive them, which enabled them to win so many awards over the years.

With Hill Country Pugs, you are guaranteed the best Pug puppy ever. Who knows? You could even get them into contests and dog shows!

Petland Vineyard Texas

1309 N Loop 1604 E #101, San Antonio, Texas

(210) 592 1234



Petland Vineyard Texas

Petland Vineyard Texas holds an excellent reputation as a dog breeder for decades now. They have been helping a lot of families adopt new dogs since 1967. All the puppies they sell, including a Pug puppy, go through a process to ensure they meet their standards.

Aside from Pugs, they offer different breeds. Since they have been doing it for many years, you can guarantee that all the Pugs here and other dog breeds are well-taken care of.

The breeder only uses high-quality food and all puppies are weighed daily and groomed. They also go through daily exercise activities.

Additionally, they have Pet Counselors that are trained to educate their customers about pets. With the information they provide, they help customers make informed choices that improve the quality of their lives and the lives of the pets as well.

Petland Vineyard Texas has two pet stores in San Antonio—one in Shavano Park, and the other one is in Leon Valley. Indeed, they are one of the best Pug breeders today.

Fairtytail Puppies Texas

4 7/8 La Homa Rd, Mission, TX

(956) 607-8688



Fairtytail Puppies Texas

Another one of the best Pug breeders in Texas is Fairytail Puppies located in Hidalgo County. They have exquisite Pugs that are in-home raised around children.

Therefore, you won’t have any problems with your Pug from this breeder because they will fit right at home with you. They are well-socialized as well, which means you will have an easy adjustment period.

The Pugs are released to owners after eight weeks. If you’re interested, you can visit their website or call them for a quote. They require a deposit to have you on the waiting list. Finally, they have a financing plan to help their Pugs have new families that they deserve.

Harmony Pugs

Texas Hill Country

Llano, TX

(325) 247 5668



Harmony Pugs

Harmony Pugs is a preservation breeder that aims to improve the breed and breed to the AKC standard. They plan each breed carefully and raised as part of a family.

All of their Pugs are tested for PDE markers and are matched to avoid S/S marked puppies.

Pet City Houston Texas

230 Bammel Westfield Rd, Houston, TX

(281) 587 2336



Pet City Houston Texas

Pet City Houston is a top-rated pet store with over 30 years in the industry. They have Pugs, along with other breeds and other pets. They are known for their exceptional care for their pets as well as their knowledge and professionalism, which is why they are one of the most popular local breeders in the area.

One of the best things about this reputable breeder is that they have an area for playtime with your new pet. You can have some fun time with your pet before you get to take them home!

Questions to Your Chosen Pug Breeder.

When you find a breeder, you need to ask the right questions.

First you should ask if you can meet the parents. It’s crucial that the breeder can provide information and photos of the parents. Furthermore, it’s likely that the parents are with them. Hence, they should let you meet them. Seeing the parents will give you an idea of what the pup will be like.

Speaking of parents, you should also ask them if health tests have been performed on the parents to ensure both are healthy and free of any genetic disease that is common to Pugs.

Another important question you should ask is their experience with the breed and how long have they been doing it for. It’s crucial that you go with a breeder who has been breeding Pugs for years as this is your guarantee that they understand and know exactly what they’re doing to raise healthy pups.

You should also ask how they socialize their puppies. Pugs, and other breeds, should be well-socialized in a home environment. That way, they can adjust easily in your home when you take them home.

The breeder should also provide you with a health guarantee and contract. This includes updated vaccinations and a health guarantee and contracts for you to sign.

Final Words…

By following these tips, you can avoid getting a Pug from puppy mills where the dogs are not taken care of properly. Although you can find good puppy mills out there, it’s still best to avoid getting a Pug, or other breeds, from. a puppy mill. Only trust a reliable breeder to ensure that the Pug you will get has excellent Pug parents as well.

Finding reputable breeders in the area isn’t that challenging, as long as you know where to find them and you’re sure that they’re not a backyard breeder.

Are you ready to have a Pug as part of your family? Use this information to guide you in finding the best one for you!

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