Pug Dalmatian Mix

The Pug Dalmatian Mix is a mix between a Pug and a Dalmatian. These two are very different dogs, which makes for an interesting combination.

This mixed breed is considered one of the best designer dogs today, and it’s one of the most common mixes in the last 20 years.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Dog

So, if you’re planning to get this mix, we will discuss the following:

– Pug Dalmatian Mix
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Appearance
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Health
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Maintenance
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Temperament
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Exercise
– Pug Dalmatian Mix Training
– How to Raise a Pug Dalmatian Mix Well
– Why You Should Get a Dalmatian Pug Mix

Before we dive into the Dalmatian pug mix, let’s explore both breeds individually first:


Dalmatian Parent breeds

Dalmatians were dogs of war that can be traced back to Croatia in the 1600s. They help hunt and protect the villagers. Up until this day, dalmatians carry a protective nature around them with their high guarding instinct. This is also one of the reasons it’s a popular dog breed.

Aside from this, they have a strong hunting instinct that they can spot a rat a mile away. They are also good watchdogs as they were used before to protect firehouses from thieves.

Despite their guards being up most of the time, they are friendly and loyal to those they trust. Therefore, you need to take the time to really get to know your dalmatian to get in his good graces.

Popular Dalmatian Mixes:

There are different types of Dalmatian mixes that are popular today, such as an Australian Shepherd mix, a Blue Dalmatian, a Golden Dalmatian mix, an Australian Dalmatian, Rhodesian Dalmatian, and others. Dalmatians are an intelligent dog. Here are some of the most popular Dalmatian mixes today:

–      Dalmatian Siberian Husky mix (Daluskies): Also known as a Huskmatian is a large dog that has high energy levels. Therefore, they need to exercise every day. They can be a great watchdog and be very entertaining as well.

–      Dalmatian Pitbull Terrier mix (Pitmatian): If you want a playful puppy, then this one is the right mix for you. However, this breed can get extremely protective, but also loveable and sociable. They are suitable for owners without children so they can spend more time with the dog.

–      Dalmatian Poodle mix (Dalmadoodle): This type of mixed-breed likes to play and has a fun-loving personality. However, it will need a lot of space and playtime to keep their minds stimulated. It will likely have a wavy or curly coat due to the Poddle gene.

–      Dalmatian Welsh Corgi mix (Corgmatian): This is a smart breed with an elongated body on short legs. Usually, this type of breed is usually wary of strangers at first, but once they get used to being around people, they will be friendly and pleasant at all times.

–      Dalmatian Labrador Retriever mix (Dalmador): This is a popular and one of the most common Dalmatian mixes today. With this cross-breed, you can expect a good proportion that features a short coat that may come in various colors.


pug with floppy ears

Did you know that several hundred years ago, Pugs were bred to accompany Chinese royalty? Chinese Emperors love their pugs, and they are known as “royal dogs” back in the day. Pugs lived in luxury and even came with guards of their own. Their history also explains the reason behind their affectionate nature.

This type of dog breed is known to be the ideal house dog because Pugs are happy wherever they are and whoever they are. It’s safe to say that this breed does thrive in human companionship.

Pugs are popular for their deep wrinkles, a flat round face, and those big, dark eyes. Indeed, they will make you smile from a mile away—there’s just something about their appearance that is cute and humorous that will simply brighten up anyone’s day. They are one of the best designer dogs and is also medium-sized dog when mixed with Dalmatian.

Legend has it that the Chinese who bred the dog originally believed that their wrinkles are lucky because they resemble good luck symbols.

This breed is also known to be clowns at heart because of their appearance and their playfulness. Many think that Pugs laze around all day; although this is partly true, they also have a fun side and they won’t say no to games or activities with you. They enjoy being the center of attention; so, they won’t say no to being patted, caressed, etc.

Pugs don’t weigh any more than 20 pounds.  You will also notice they have moles on the cheeks, which are referred to as beauty spots.

When it comes to their personality, they are loyal, happy, charming, playful, affectionate, and mischievous. Moreover, they are known to be one of the most intelligent today, but they can be willful as well. So, you really need to be extra patient when training them.

They will get along with children and other pets when they’re trained and well-socialized.

Pugs can be stubborn, so you need to stretch your patience a bit to train them. Still, it’s all going to be worth it because they are playful and affectionate that will brighten your home.

Popular Pug mixes:

–      Australian Shepherd Pug mix: High-alert, loving, and affectionate are the most common personality traits of this breed. With that, they are the perfect cuddle buddy, especially on those cold nights.

–      French Bull Dog and Pug mix: Also known as the Frenchie Pug, this cross-breed has a big personality. They love being around other dogs and they are curious little ones.

–      Corgi and Pug mix: This mix has a lot of strength and is very energetic. With that, they need to have a lot of exercise to ensure they stay fit.

–      Beagle and Pug mix: This is a strong dog with a playful instinct. However, they do have a desire to please that they balance well with their amazing sense of humor.

–      Husky and Pug mix: You will love the Hugs! They are filled with energy and may share some similar traits with the Pug.

Indeed, there are many Pug mixes today that can be such a delight, and there will some instances when there will be a rare breed from this mix. The good news is, whatever you choose, you will definitely enjoy a Pug Dalmatian mix and other mixes with the Pug.

Pug Dalmatian Mix

Pug + Dalmatian Balanced Mix

So, what happens when a Pug and Dalmatian mate together? They get a Pugmatian and a playful personality with strong protective instincts. They may not necessarily be one of the large dogs out there, but their size are average.

A Pug Dalmatian mix is intelligent and fun-loving, which it usually gets from its Pug parent. On the other hand, it will also likely get the friendliness of the Dalmatian that will be perfect for those who have kids in their home.

The key here is to socialize this specific breed as often as you can. In fact, it’s important you make an effort to do so to make them feel more comfortable and safe in their environment.

However, keep in mind, that like most combined breeds, there are times when the Dalmatian mix will take more from one of the parent breeds. The good news? Pugs and Dalmatians are known for their great personalities, so you won’t have a problem with it a Pugmatian at all.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Appearance

When you get a Pugmatian, their size will be between small and medium. They will have wide brown eyes with a brown or black nose and a brachycephalic muzzle. You will also notice the funny expressions of the Pug in this mix, which will be a delight.

However, since there are different other Dalmatians, like an Australian Dalmatian or a Blue Dalmatian, their appearance will vary depending on the type of Dalmatian you mix a Pug with.

Most of the time, a Dalmatian mix only has a single-colored coat that can be fawn, silver, black, sable, brindle, or merle. Some Dalmatian mixes may have some spots as well. Pugmatians will usually have floppy, triangular ears.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Health

A Dalmatian mix may be prone to the following:

Dalmatian + Pug skin problems

–      Eye problems
–      Hip Dysplasia
–      Skin issues
–      Tail issues

Let’s explore some of the common health issues for this specific breed.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is a common health issue for the Dalmatian Pug mix. It affects dogs with short snouts, which can cause this mix of difficulty breathing. The good news is that even though this is a common health issue for Pugs, mixing it with a different breed may help solve this problem.

Entropion is another condition that may affect the eyes, wherein the eyelid is rolled against the eyeball. As a result, the lashes can irritate the eye.

Moreover, dermatitis in the folds of the skin may be common for this mixed breed, and you will usually notice it on the face.

Exposure Keratopathy Syndrome is a brown pigmentation that grows across the cornea. You should also take note that a lot of Dalmatians are deaf, which means that this could be a possible health issue for your Pug Dalmatian fix in the future.

These health issues are common for Pugs and Dalmatians. Therefore, it’s no surprise if your Dalmatian mix gets any of them in the future.

These health issues are common for Pugs and Dalmatians. Therefore, it’s no surprise if your Dalmatian mix gets any of them in the future.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Maintenance

Pug Dalmatian minimal grooming

A Dalmatian pug mix will likely shed a lot. This is because Pugs are heavy shedders.

With that, you need to have a brush in handy to regularly brush your dog’s coat. Do this at least once or twice a week. In the spring and fall, may need to brush their coat more often. A slicker brush is best to use for this type of breed.

Their ears must be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week and you need to clip their toenails at least once a month.

You should also give them regular baths, but make sure not to make it too frequently because it will only dry their skin.

Overall, caring for a Dalmatian mix is easy! Plus, taking them to regular vet appointments will keep their health in tip-top shape.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Temperament

Pug Dalmatian fun nature

Dalmatians are known to be bold and friendly, while Pugs are cuddly and funny. As a result, you get a sweet, funny, and loving pet.

Furthermore, they are smart, and they won’t shy away from learning new tricks. They will also enjoy spending a lot of time with you and the other people in the household.

One of the things you need to remember when caring for a Dalmatian mix is that you need to remind them that you’re the boss from time to time. Positive reinforcements will work well instead of any physical punishments.

Finally, the Dalmatian mix may have separation anxiety. You can prevent this by giving them enough physical and mental stimulation every time you are with them.

Pug Dalmatian Mix Exercise

active owner of pug dalmatian cross breed

A Pugmatian has moderate energy, and taking them for long walks will definitely be beneficial for them. Giving them at least 45 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise every day is ideal. Since they’re a small dog, you can keep them active indoors, especially when the weather isn’t that good. However, don’t push the dog too hard because they may not respond well to extremes.

Taking this intelligent dog to a dog park is an excellent idea. This is a great opportunity for them to socialize. You can also bring other human family members with you to make them feel more comfortable and familiar with everybody. Indeed, this designer dog will get along with other pets as long as you train and socialize them well.

When it comes to their food, raw food diet is a great choice for small animals like this mix.

Pugmatian Training

Dalmatian + Pug exercise indoors

Pugmatians are intelligent dogs, which means they are easy to train. On the other hand, they can also be stubborn, which is why you need to exercise patience.

Moreover, the more exercise this mixed breed gets, the easier it will be to train them.

How to Raise a Pug Dalmatian Mix Well

One of the most important things you should know when raising a Pug Dalmatian mix is to be sure about the two parent breeds. This is why you need to go to a reputable breeder. You can find a breeder that is part of the American Kennel Club to ensure you will get the best dog for you.

A reputable breeder will not only guarantee you that you have pure-bred parent breeds, but you will be at ease to know that the Pugmatian is raised in a safe environment before they are handed over to you.

Another thing is, just like with other dogs, the training of your Dalmatian Pug mix should begin on the first day you bring them home. You can always hire a professional dog trainer if you don’t have time to do it yourself. The important thing is to ensure that your dog will be trained properly.

Your Dalmatian Pug mix should be trained for their behavior, as well as potty training, and obedience training. Doing so will ensure a well-mannered dog. That way, you can have other people around them, at the same time, have fun with them.

Next, a proper and healthy diet is crucial to their health. Usually, puppies should be fed twice a day. There are different varieties of puppy foods you can get, but these days, going organic is ideal because they contain fewer preservatives that will keep your dog healthy.

Once your mixed breed reaches nine months old, they can start eating once a day. Still, your vet will be the best person to ask about their health and nutrition.

Grooming is as important as their health and nutrition, and this doesn’t only involve their coat. It is also all about the overall well being of their dog.

Since a Pugmatian is a smaller breed, you can give them a bath in small tubs or sinks. Having the right size of the tub for your dog is important and make sure you always have clean towels and a slicker brush.

Why You Should Get a Dalmatian Pug Mix

There are a lot of reasons you should get a Dalmatian Pug mix. For one, they tend to be healthier. This is because genetic mixing has a lesser chance of developing genetic defects because they are less likely to inherit a problem due to a recessive gene.

With that, mixed breeds tend to live longer because they tend to be healthier than purebreds.

Another reason you get a mixed breed is because of their moderate personalities. For example, if you’re not too keen on the big personality of the Pug, yet you still want some of their traits, then combining it with a Dalmatian is one of the best things ever.

This is because they can have multiple ancestral ties running in their blood, which means that they won’t less likely to fall into any extreme personality traits.

You should also know that mixed breeds are unique, which is something you can celebrate. In fact, many dog shows and competitions are starting to recognize these breeds.

Now, are you ready to bring home a Pug Dalmatian mix to your home? You sure are!

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