Common Pug Eye Problems – Conditions and Treatments

Pugs are known for their short-muzzled and wrinkly face, as well as for their curled tail. But another prominent feature of pugs is their large and bulging eyes. These adorable eyes are even expressive and can tell you different emotions. Unfortunately, these eyes are also prone to problems that need attention.

Does your pug frequently rub its eyes and you think something might be wrong? In this article, we will be discussing three of the most common eye problems that affect pugs, and how to properly manage these problems.

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Cherry Eye

If you notice a pinkish or reddish blob in the corner of your pug’s eye, usually next to the nose, that is called a cherry eye. What causes a cherry eye? Well, dogs have 3 eyelids – upper, lower, and the third one that has a tear gland and gives additional protection from pollutants and other foreign objects. When the connective tissues that hold the tear gland in place become weak, the gland slips out of place and bulges.

Though this condition may not be life-threatening, if left untreated, this can cause serious eye problems in the future. Therefore, prompt intervention is recommended. What should you do when your pug has this kind of condition? Detected on early stage, some have tried home remedies such as using a warm and moist cloth, and dog-safe eye drops, gently massaging the gland back into place. However, there is no guarantee for this. It is still best to see a veterinarian. An expert knows proper and effective intervention for this condition. In some cases, a veterinarian would apply local anesthesia and put back the gland in place. At times, though, surgery is needed. This involves removing the eyelid. That would also mean removing the gland that lubricates the eye. So your pug has the tendency to develop another eye problem – a dry eye. Of course, it is best to discuss with the veterinarian the pros and cons of a particular treatment to help you come up with the best intervention.

pug with cherry eye


This condition is common to breed of dogs which have short muzzles, and that includes pugs. Entropion happens when a pug’s eyelid rolls inward. This causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea and cause irritation to the eye. Does this happen to only one eyelid? This usually happens to the lower eyelid. But sometimes it also affects the upper eyelid or even both. Aside from being a hereditary condition, entropion can happen when an eye suffers trauma or infection. Because the eyelashes irritate the cornea, pugs who suffer from this are usually manifest the following symptoms: rubbing of eyes, eye inflammation and redness, excessive tearing, and cries out due to pain.

How is this condition treated? This requires a treatment of a veterinarian, and eyelid surgery is the only permanent treatment for this. After surgery, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed.

Dry Eye

This is another common congenital condition of pugs and so they are predisposed to have this issue. This happens when the tear does not produce enough fluid to lubricate the eye. Thus, causing the eyes to dry and become irritated. As a result, the cornea becomes inflamed. Symptoms include excessive blinking, redness of the eye, presence of mucus or pus in the eye, and when not detected early can lead to impaired vision.

Treatment includes topical medications such as artificial tears, and any additional lubricant. Depending on the situation, the veterinarian may prescribe topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to treat infection.

dry eyes pug

We have learned three of the most common pug eye problems and their corresponding treatments. But we glean another important lesson here – spend quality time with your pug. That is a loving way to find out if there is something wrong, and deal with the issue as early as possible to prevent serious pug health problems.

Pugs are very adorable family dogs when they are on tip-top shape. We give you guidance on how to maintain your pug health condition, eating habits and exercise routine. You need to know this stuff as a responsible pug owner.