Pugs For Sale Houston

Pug Puppies are the cutest additional family members you can ever have! YES, we are certain of it.

The process of your getting hands on a pug puppy is an exciting and fulfilling process. If you are looking for a pug for sale in Houston, we have prepared a list of reputed websites you can search for available pug puppies.

Do your due diligence in searching for pugs for sale and make sure you followed all the tips we have laid out in this guide. Keep reading to know more about getting Houston pugs and meeting the right pug breeders.

Tips for Buying Pugs for Sale in Houston Texas

Before you head out or respond to ads like “Pugs Puppies for Sale in Houston”, take time to research and be prepared about things to ask the breeders, characteristics to look for in pug puppies and basic information of what the pups need.

Tips for Buying Pugs for Sale in Houston Texas

Know the Breed

Pugs are the most charming dog breeds out there. The average pug has full adorable eyes and is marked by its black masks.

Pugs are average shredders and they shred throughout the year. Although you can address this with regular grooming and through finding out the most effective shampoo for your pug, you need to be ready to deal with the shredding.

Pugs are susceptible to respiratory problems and tend to be easily overweight when not monitored. One factor that contributes to the severity of these health issues is if the pugs are mixed breeds.

Be sure that the pug puppy you are getting is pure-breed to avoid major complications in the future. In pugs for sale postings, always look for confirmation that you are getting a pure breed.

Search for Reputable Pug Breeders

Talking to reputable pug breeders will solve the majority of any possible problems that may arise from getting pug puppies.

A reputable breeder will make sure you will get the pug puppy in a healthy state. A respected pug breeder will give out health certificates, vaccination cards, and other related documents that will certify the puppy’s healthy state, regularly vet checked, and will testify that the vaccines are up to date. These are the types of breeders you would want to get pugs for sale.

A good sign of a reputable pug breeder is their interest in getting to know you and your commitment to raising healthy adult dogs. A good breeder will ask as many questions as necessary to know that you are serious in your endeavor to raise pugs.

Search for Reputable Pug Breeders

Another sign of a really good breeder is the type of breed they choose to raise. Great breeders raise only a single breed of dogs. This allows them to focus on one breed and be experts in raising healthy puppies for those who want to buy.

As much as you can, look for local breeders in the Houston area. Talking to breeders in the Houston area makes it easy for you to visit their stores or their shelters. This also allows you to physically see the pug puppy and its parents. Visiting their shops and shelters allows you to be certain that you are not getting a pug puppy from puppy mills.

Look for a Pug Dog Club

Another great step to do is to connect with a local pug dog club. Try searching for Houston pugs on the internet or social media sites. These local clubs are a good source of reputable pug breeders and they might be able to point you to any breeder who might have pugs for sale in Houston.

Choose the Best Pug Puppy

Don’t settle for a simply cute-looking pug. Their super adorable faces may scream of being the perfect puppy but you should not be hasty in making decisions.

If you can, take a vet with you when you visit your prospect pug puppy. The vet will be your guide in making sure you are getting healthy and fit pug puppies. The veterinarian can also talk to the breeder and figure out if the breeder has the puppy’s health as its utmost interest.

Choose the Best Pug Puppy

Check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body of the pug you are getting. Look for any signs of infection, injury, and even cuts.

Look for the healthiest pugs for sale and make sure you have the health records to back it up.

Final Tip

Once you have a list of the websites, Houston pugs groups, and local Houston stores you can visit or connect with, make sure you have prepared a list of questions you will ask them about the pugs for sale posts.

These questions relate to the health of the puppy, the reputation of the breeder, and other related questions that you need to know before taking the pug puppy home. We’d like to emphasize this rule: Never take a puppy home unless you have the updated vaccination card and have made sure the puppy has received all the necessary shots. This your safest health guarantee for the puppies.

Websites with Pugs for Sale

Websites with Pugs for Sale

Since the world is continuously moving into the virtual space, we have listed some of the most reputable websites you can check for puppies for sale. Some dog breeders offer other breeds that are family-raised like the Boston Terrier, some sell dogs that are strictly AKC registered, while some would only make sure the pups go to a loving home. These are websites that consistently post updates about baby pugs for sale in Houston TX.


Oodle is a website where you can search for pug puppies for sale postings on different pug breeds and reputable breeders in the Houston area. If you are looking to bug a pug, this will be a great website to start your research with.

With this website, you will have a source for multiple options on where to get pugs for sale and get a good idea of the price range of the dogs for sale in Houston.

McDonald Lucky Charm Puppies

McDonald Lucky Charm Puppies

McDonald Lucky Charm Puppies is an online pet store that is known for making the general well-being of the puppies being sold their primary concern.

This site sells healthy pugs and consistently posts about pug puppies for sale. The people behind it take the time to make sure the pets get a new home that is loving and responsible.

Lucky Charm Kennel screens every interested buyer and requires each to send an application. You can get a pug from them only if they deem you eligible. Once they have responded to your application, only then can you move forward with the process of getting the pug.


PupCity caters to pug lovers who are interested in different breeds of dogs in the Houston TX area. Their website features photos of the different pugs for sale and provides detailed information on the breeders.

If you are looking to adopt pugs, PupCity has an adoption plan for anyone who wants to open their home to pugs that are in distress.

This is an online store that is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the dogs and makes sure the pet and the buyer get the best meaningful experience every time dogs are sold or adopted. Check their website and social media pages for listings on pug puppies for sale.



Pug Hearts is a website that features puppies that were rescued. It is a group committed to giving care and shelter to pug puppies until a family shows up that is willing to bring them home.

PugHears is a non-profit charity in the Houston TX area that takes care of hundreds of adorable pups each year. The pugs released are in their optimal health condition and have received great care from professionals.

If you have a heart for taking care of rescued pugs, they are a great site to look into.

Brave Pugs

Brave Pugs

Brave Pugs have received praises for their transparency in posting the pugs they are selling. They include all the important details about the pug and include things like the habits, temperament, and behavior of each of the pugs they are selling. They are a great resource in Houston Texas.

They also post a lot of photos of the pugs for sale. Even before meeting the pug personally, you already have a good idea of how to approach the pug and how to take good care of it.


Doggies.com is another online store that provides information on local breeders by providing results that are closest to your zip code. The most amazing feature of this site is its ability to show you real-time photos of the pug shelters closest to you.

Doggies do their work and make sure the featured pups are from reputable breeders who will never release a dog that is not healthy.

The website features not only pure breed pugs but also mixed breed pugs like the pug-beagle mix. Select the closest pug breeder to your location so that you can easily get started with your search for a pug puppy.

You can also visit websites like the Pug Dog Club and the Kennel Club. These are great websites that are connected to numerous legitimate breeders.

Another good practice while checking these online stores and breeders’ websites is to check the browser and look for the social media icons. Go to their Facebook page and other social media pages and see their interaction with their local followers in Houston Texas. You will have a better idea of what kind of companies they are and how they interact with their customers.

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Now that you have gone through this guide, you are now equipped with a good base knowledge on how to get pugs for sale in Houston TX. Make sure to apply all the things you have learned in this guide.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.