Pug Puppies for Sale in Montana

Are you looking for quality pug puppies in Montana? There are a few pug breeders in Montana but finding the right one is challenging. We want to help you find the right one. That’s why we made this list of pug breeders in Montana.

Here, you will find quality pug puppies for sale. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a pug?

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A pug is a toy breed that is known for being mischievous and loving. Their charming personality and wrinkled face make them adorable. They have a good temper and very playful with their owner.

A good pug breeder knows the ins and outs of this toy breed. Do you want to be a reputable breeder? You can join a pug dog club to get some tips. Otherwise, read online and ask advice from your local veterinarian.

The below are some of the notable traits of pug puppies:

  • Affectionate
  • Stubborn
  • Sociable and playful
  • Loving and loyal
  • Clever

Best Pug Breeders in Montana

Pug puppies for sale

If you want quality AKC pugs in Montana, you have to get these wonderful pugs from the best pug breeders. Choosing those that are members of the American Kennel Club is a good choice. Let’s go over them one by one and see which of them fits your choice.

JNJ Pug Ranch

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Address: Miles City, Montana, USA

Phone: (406) 232-1344

Website: http://jnjpugranch.com

Email: jnj@midrivers.com

Breeding pugs is the expertise of JNJ Pug Ranch. They are one of the top pug breeders in Montana where you can buy quality AKC pugs. This is located in Miles City on the eastern prairie of Montana.

In their pug ranch, you will also see some other animals like horses and cows. They have the family raised approach to breeding pugs to prepare them for their forever home. As a good breeder, this is essential since it helps shape the temperament of their pug dogs.

Ranch is a member of the Pug Dog Club of America. That also means they prepare the AKC paperwork, health guarantee records, Animalia dog insurance and a puppy pack. Starting as a small hobby breeder, Ranch has developed a great program for breeding healthy pug puppies for sale in Montana.

If you’re interested to get a pug puppy from Ranch, you can visit their website or call their office. Visit their site gallery to view wonderful photos of their pugs. They have pure pug puppies and mixed breeds as well.

Laughing Willow Pugs

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Address: TROUT CREEK, MT 59874, US

Phone: (406) 827-0051

Email: zette@writeme.com

Website: https://laughingwillowfarm.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LHWpugs/

If JNJ Pug Ranch is on the east side, we have the Laughing Willow Pugs on the west side. Besides pups, they raise other animals like goats and Percheron horses. They have a spacious hay fields to accommodate all their animals. You can do long nature walks in their area since it’s spacious.

As a pug breeder in Montana, their breed standard conforms with AKC. Their goal is to breed healthy pups that have good temperaments and great conformation to AKC quality.

All their litter are vet checked, got the first shot, and dewormed. You can see it on their health records. Willow offers a health guarantee for all their pups. You can rely that there are no genetic defects on their pug puppies for sale.

Their staff provide care to all pug breeds like brindle, black, and fawn pugs. This is the reason why Willow is considered one of the reputable pug breeders in Montana.

Raize Pugs

great hay pugs

Address: Montana, USA

Phone: (406) 360-7787

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Raize-Pugs/

Raize Pugs is a small hobby breeder of pug pups. They have black and fawn pups for sale. They have a friendly family oriented breeding program for their loving pups. Most of their pups have great personalities since each receive love and care.

Raize Pugs ensure the puppy’s physical condition is good. It’s part of their small breeding program to provide health guarantee for all pups. They screen them for genetic defects and only breed those quality pups.

All pups receive their first shots, dewormed, and groomed. They are prepared for adoption to their forever home. Whether you are on the east or west side of Montana, Raize Pugs is one of your best options for buying healthy pug puppies.

You can find pug puppies for sale from Raize through their Facebook Page. See their customer reviews and the photos of their lovely pups.

They also offer a lifetime support for all their small breed pugs for sale. When you buy one from them, they will also give you the pup’s health record and other goodies for the dog.

Average Price of Purebred Pug Puppy in Montana

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Going for a purebred pug is pricey. If you buy it from an AKC registered breeder, expect a high price but for quality pug puppies. So far, the average price of a purebred pug puppy is around $5,000 to $6,000. This is similar price for those puppies groomed for dog shows.

All puppies you buy from a trusted breeder are in good health and temperament. These puppies can socialized with other dogs and animals.

Are Pug Puppies Expensive in Montana?

The price of a purebred pug puppy differs from state to state. But you can expect to pay a higher price for AKC quality puppies for sale in Montana. There are various reasons why they are costly, not just in Montana but to all states. The below are the reasons:

  • Pedigree breed of dogs
  • Most puppies were delivered through C-section
  • There is a high demand for them
  • Most moms of these quality puppies require extensive care
  • Veterinary services needed to maintain their health is costly

Despite these things, a lot of people still like to have this AKC quality pug puppies.

How to choose the best pug puppy in Montana?

This toy breed is clever and loyal making them adorable to have. But you need to know the essential factors to choosing the right puppy in Montana. To guide you on that, the below are some things you need to do:

  • You can contact a local pug dog club in Montana to get a referral or a list of reputable breeders. You can also go to the Pug Dog Club of America to get advice.
  • Try to see the parents of the pug puppy. Ask the breeder if they can show the parents to you.
  • Observe the conditions of the place where the pugs are staying.
  • See their health record and observe the physical conditions of the pug puppy.
  • Observe if the puppy is breathing normally
  • Check the coat and see if it’s silky and shiny. If it is, that means the pug puppy is healthy and well groomed.
  • Try to socialize with their puppies and see if they react in a friendly manner
  • See if the pug puppy’s eyes are bright and clear. It also tells the health condition of the pug puppy.

How to choose a reliable Pug Breeder in Montana?

Most pug breeders have a passion to care for their pups. They don’t just breed them for money since it’s their passion to grow these puppies and find them a forever home. If you haven’t found one yet, better see these tips for you to get a reliable dog breeder to buy your pug puppies in Montana.

Offers a health guarantee

An honest dog breeder has nothing to hide from you. They can confidently issue a health guarantee proving that their pug puppies for sale are in the best of health without genetic defects.

They can give you the medical record of the pup along with a puppy pack. If your prospective breeder offers this, that’s a good sign already.

Issuance of a bill of sale

A trustworthy buyer will issue a bill of sale to you once you buy a pup from them. This is like a contract stating all the responsibilities of both sides for the transaction done. This is one good practice for most breeders since it tells you they are willing to take accountability on their end.

Pups get updated shots and deworming

In the pup’s record, you need to see if they get updated shots from the local vet. Deworming is also important and must be part of preparing the pug puppy for sale.

Pug Parents must be healthy

To ensure the litters are healthy, the breeder must provide a health clearance for the pug parents they have. If they can show you this, then you can trust them. This is a good way for you to also know if the pug is purebred or a mixed breed.

Allows physical viewing

A reliable pug breeder is also confident in letting you see physically their pug puppies. They must have a physical shelter or barn for breeding their pups. You can better judge the personality and health of a pup if you see them on site. Also, you’d know if their place is clean and conducive for dog breeding.

Follows the right age for selling a litter

The right age for a litter to be separated from their mom is when they are 8 weeks old. If the buyer sells them at a younger age, that means they are not following the best practices.

A litter must have enough time to mingle with their mom and other pups for socialization. They also still need the breast milk of their pug parent at a younger age, so that must be observed.

They can answer all your inquiries

Most of all, a reputable pug breeder in Montana is confident in answering all your inquiries about pugs. That is essentially all related questions to caring for and breeding pugs. Knowing that they are in the industry for quite some time, that gives you the idea that they know the best practices.


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We hope you enjoyed reading the article and that it helped you find the best pug puppies for sale in Montana. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to anyone above. They are more than willing to help you get the best AKC quality pug puppies in Montana.