Pug Puppies For Sale In Indiana

Pugs are awesome home companions. They have the best temperament to live in peace with other pets and are great at playing with the children at home. They have outgoing personalities with a strong sense of humor! Be ready because a pug will crack you up! 

However, just like any family, pugs come with added responsibilities on the parents’ part. Pugs are predisposed to breathing problems and obesity. Pug puppies will need a lot of help in their personal care and house training.

Pug Puppies for Sale Indiana: How to Find a Good Pug Breeder

It takes patience and a lot of research to reach the best breeder in any location. You have to be familiar with the whole process of buying and selling pugs to be able to identify the good ones.

Avoid getting pug puppies from random listings of Pug Puppies Indiana you find online. You have to exert time and effort to filter out sellers with questionable websites and manner of transacting.

Look for Reputed Clubs and Organizations

A good resource will be websites like the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Pug Dog Club. They list breeders whose contact details are verified and buyers can easily access them

Look for Reputed Clubs and Organizations

Another good source of information is dog shows. Interact with the trainers and the people around the show. Ask around for dog breeders who might have a pug for sale in Indiana. Pugs that are part of these shows commonly have approved pedigree charts.

Reach out to dog rescue centers and shelters that are local to you. If you are open to adoption, instead of getting pug puppies for sale, they can connect with you when a rescued pug is up for adoption.

Traits of a Reliable Pug Breeder

Indiana has been the subject of headlines about puppy mills in the past. These puppy mills do not practice the ethical standards of making sure that the parent dogs are treated poorly unless they produce a puppy.

Traits of a Reliable Pug Breeder

Stay away from puppy mills at all costs. The puppies produced in these environments have poor health and lack social skills. The puppies are not vet checked and definitely not screened for genetic disorders.

The pugs raised in puppy mills suffer from respiratory issues, allergies, and digestive problems.

When talking to a breeder, look for the traits we have listed below for the common traits found among reputable pug breeders.

1. Volunteers Information Upfront

A reputable pug breeder will not hesitate to share pertinent information about the puppy and the parents of the puppy being sold. These breeders understand the importance of knowing whether the pug puppies are vet checked, family raised, has received first shots, or if they are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered.

Volunteers Information Upfront

An honest breeder will make sure that the sale listings they post are true. They will not be bothered by questions confirming the details on their listings. In fact, if the buyer will not request it, they will insist on taking the buyer to the parents of the litters.

An honest breeder will declare the total cost and will not charge you hidden fees. They will lay out the policies clearly before closing the transaction.

If you sense that the breeder you are talking to is withholding information or is not totally open, the best option is not to go through with the transaction.

2. Offers Health Guarantee

To help committed prospective owners make their decision, a good breeder will offer a health guarantee for the puppies. This means that they are confident that the pups they will release do not have health issues.

The breeder should be able to discuss the option of spaying or neutering the puppies bought from them. If spaying or neutering is not an option, they will be interested to partner with you for breeding programs in the future.

3. Compete Papers on the Day of the Transaction

A legitimate breeder will have no problems producing registration papers and pedigree certificates of the parents of the puppy. This enables them to dispel any doubts from the buyer regarding the breed of the puppies.

Remember that good pug breeder provide a loving home to their dogs. They treat them as part of their families and will take responsibility for the puppies even after releasing them to you.

How much can a pug puppy for sale cost?

Once you’ve found a good listing of a pug puppy for sale Indiana, expect that a healthy pup with complete papers can easily cost you between $800-$1200. The pugs’ distinct physical traits allow them to be easily registered at the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Take note that this is just the initial cost of acquiring a pug puppy. You will invest in the things the puppy needs to live a comfortable and healthy life.

Take into account the dog food, vitamins, treats, toys, and health care costs. The puppy needs a regular vet check as well as grooming requirements.

How to get health insurance for a pug puppy?

Newly registered pugs with the AKC get 30 days of health insurance coverage. This is also applicable to newly transferred ownership of dogs.

Connect with AKC as soon as you get the puppy for you to avail yourself of the free coverage.

Another great option is to look for health insurance companies online. Make it a point to check all the options and see which fits best to your budget and your needs. Double-check to make sure if the pug life span is a factor considered in the policy.

Since pugs and pug puppies are susceptible to a number of genetic diseases, it might be a good investment on your part to get a health insurance policy for your fur baby.

Pugs for Sale in Indiana: List of Breeders

Here are some of the breeders you can start reaching out to. Don’t take a shortcut and simply choose cheap pugs for sale postings. Add our list to your search results for Pugs for Sale Indianapolis. Remember to apply all the information you’ve learned about knowing the best breeders.

Some of these sellers and breeders have other breeds like Boston terrier, fox terrier, cavalier king Charles, and other adult dogs that are available according to their listings.

Applewood Pugs

  • Location: Logansport, IN
  • Contact Number: (765) 432-3718
  • Email Address: MyApplewoodPugs@Gmail.com

Chambers Pugs

  • Location: Patriot, IN
  • Contact Number: (317) 752-6137
  • Email Address: bethachambers@gmail.com

Butterbean Pugs              

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Contact Number: (217) 474-4827

Chambers Pugs                 

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Contact Number: (317) 752-6137

Applewood Pugs & Tibetan Spaniels              

  • Location: Logansport, IN
  • Contact Number: (765) 432-3718

Chambers Pugs                 

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Contact Number: (317) 752-6137

Puppies For Pleasure     

  • Location: Medaryville, IN
  • Contact Number: (219) 843-2018

Reach out to these breeders and ask if they have pug puppies for sale. They could be your best chance in getting an Indiana pug.


Pug Puppies For Sale In Indiana Conclusion

Since pugs are bred for companionship, they will need lots of your time and attention to prevent them from becoming stressed and depressed, especially if it is a pug puppy.

Make sure that when you decide you are ready to take care of a pug, you have saved enough money to have a great setup for the pug at your home and their expenses can be shouldered by your current cash flow.

If you want to save money on the acquisition cost of pug puppies, you can connect with rescue centers and adopt a rescue pug or other dogs. Make sure it is fully registered, spayed or neutered, and has complete health records.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.