Pug Puppies For Sale In Kentucky

Bringing a pug puppy home will change the entire dynamics of the house! These pugs are ever so tiny, so adorable, and full of energy. Bringing pug puppies for sale home means you’re in charge of directing that energy into something more productive than occasionally bumping into the furniture.

Pugs require consistent grooming and regular check-ups. Their predisposition to respiratory issues requires a lot of maintenance on your part.

Do pugs really suffer?

Pugs belong to the brachycephalic breed wherein the nostrils have narrow openings and the windpipes are deformed. This leads to excessive soft tissues inside the nose and the throat, which results in difficulty with breathing and worse, heart problems.

This is the reason why strenuous exercise and demanding activities are not fit for pugs, especially in the summer season. They will experience difficulty in cooling down.

Pugs for Sale Kentucky: How to Find a Good Breeder

Finding a legitimate breeder is always the first challenge in getting a pug puppy. This applies not only in Kentucky but also in other parts of the U.S with pug puppies for sale listings.

You want to avoid breeders who run puppy mills in different corners of the main cities. The puppies that come from these places suffer from poor health and genetic issues.

Ask Around

The best way to identify good breeders is by asking around. Look for dog clubs or a pug dog club, dog shows, ring shows, and pet shops. These are all good places to ask for reputable pug breeders who have pug puppies for sale.

You can also visit vet clinics and grooming clinics. These offices interact with a lot of dog owners who might know someone who raises pug puppies. In fact, breeders might connect with these establishments once puppies are available for release. This could be the quickest way to get your hands on the perfect puppy!

Lastly, you can also ask pet parents who own purebred pugs. Chances are, they got the pug from a reputable breeder. You can ask them about the breeder or better yet, you can ask them if they will consider breeding a pug and will put you on the waiting list when puppies become available.

Search Online

Pug breeders have gone online, too. Make a quick google search that’s local and you’ll have a great chance of landing on a good pug breeder. Search for something like “pugs for sale in Kentucky” or “pug puppies for sale” and take note of the first ten results.

Write down their name, contact number, and address. Reach out to them and ask questions. Listen attentively and figure out if they will provide sufficient information.

You can also check the American Kennel Club (AKC) for breeders registered to their database. Going this route assures you of getting a pug puppy with papers and proper documentation.

Another site you can check is the Pug Dog Club that lists breeders online so that prospective owners can verify the breeder details.

Once you have a list, you can ask local vet clinics, pet shops, or pet supply shops if they know the breeders with pug puppies you’ve found online.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine if You are Ready to Own a Pug

Before you make your query online for “pug puppies for sale in KY”, you need to ask yourself the following questions and answer with a positive YES. If you are not confident with any of the questions, you might want to give yourself more time to prepare.

Do I have the time for pug puppies?

Pug puppies will require a lot of your time. You need to spend time with house training or crate training, toilet training, and grooming.

Pugs are energetic which requires you to puppy proof your house. Think of corners they might bump into, wires they might chew, and furniture they can get access to.

Take care of theirs and face. The folds on the face should be cleaned regularly. If not, those folds become a breeding area for bacteria and infection to grow.

They are big shedders. Pugs have double coats that need to be brushed at least once a week. If you want more control with the shedding of a furry pug, you need to brush their coats as often as you can.

You also need to watch the food they eat. They have little control over their appetite and will eat as long as they see food. You will need to train them, especially a baby pug, with regular feeding at the right amounts so that they will not become obese.

Most importantly, pugs live for companionship. They can get easily stressed if left alone for a long period of time. If your lifestyle requires long weekends or long business trips with no one else to look out for them, the puppies will just be stressed out.

How much do pugs cost in Kentucky?

“How much money does it cost to buy a pug?” is a question always asked by prospective owners looking for the perfect puppy. The average price of a pug puppy will depend on many factors. You need to prepare the amount of $700-$1,500 for a pug puppy. If the pug has a superior pedigree, it will cost more.

This is just the initial cost of owning a pug. After that, you have to make room for them to be regularly vet checked, aside from their basic needs like food, treats, toys, beds, and many other things.

Pugs for Sale in KY: A list of Pug Breeders

Pugs for Sale in KY: A list of Pug Breeders

You can start your list with the breeders below. Make sure to ask questions and try to determine if they are the best breeders for you to get your pug pup. 

Pugs R 4 U

  • Location: Kentucky, USA
  • Phone: +1 606-205-0623
  • Email: thisluvs4u@yahoo.com

Grendox Dachshunds

  • Location: Mayfield, KY
  • Phone: 270-705-1119
  • Website: grendoxdachshunds.com

Piggytail Kennel

  • Location: Cadiz, KY
  • Phone: 270-350-5244
  • Email: piggytailknls12@gmail.com

Juliet Robertson

  • Location: Georgetown, KY
  • Phone: 502-500-1200
  • Email: JesterPugs@Hotmail.com

Wiggli Pugs

  • Location: Kentucky
  • Phone: 270-308-5625
  • Email: stockpile14@yahoo.com

Turner Pugs

  • Location: Kentucky, USA
  • Phone: +1 712-647-3245

A Quick Guide to Identifying Reputable Breeders

A Quick Guide to Identifying Reputable Breeders

While it will be easy to get a list of pug breeders with a quick search for “Teacup Pugs for Sale in KY” or “Pugs for Sale Louisville KY”, the difficult part comes in identifying whether a breeder is legit or is more likely running a puppy mill.

Here are some quick tips to identify a good breeder.

Ask Questions

A good pug breeder will not be bothered by your questions. In fact, pug breeders will be thrilled to know that you care enough to learn more about the puppy and its history as you will understand the value of each pup.

Make sure to confirm the age of the pups. The correct male age and female age of a puppy to be released to a new home are 8-12 weeks. If the puppy is released before the 8th week, it could lead to developmental problems.

You can ask questions about the pug pup’s health certificates, first shots, or AKC registration papers, if available.

Request to Visit the Pug Puppy

A reputable pug breeder will not hesitate to show you where the puppies for sale live nor will they refrain from showing you the parent pugs and the other family member of the litter. These are basic requirements that legit breeders understand the need for.

Request a Health Guarantee

If not included in their sale listings, you can ask about a health guarantee from the breeder. This guarantee assures you of getting a perfect puppy, meaning the puppy is at its optimal health and was raised following the ethical practices in dog breeding.

Some breeders issue a return puppy guarantee which binds you to bring back the puppy to them if, for some reason, you will be unable to take care of the puppy.

Request a Health Guarantee


If you are open to another option, you can always choose to adopt a pug from rescue centers and shelters. This will cost you less but you will still get a pug that will love you unconditionally.

If you choose this route, just make sure that the pug has health clearances and is not aggressive to other pets and children. Some of these rescue centers will have purebred pugs that come with proper documentation and certification. 

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.