Pugs for Sale San Antonio

Would you have thought that pugs were royalty in England, the Netherlands, and China just by looking at them? Their bulging eyes set on their black masks and short snout screams of charm and a striking personality.

It would be difficult to crack a smile every time those eyes look at you. They are just adorable balls of fur you can’t resist!

Their temperament and personality have sure won their owners’ hearts. Inside the bulky muscles and a striking face is a pug puppy with heart of gold. Since they are used to basking in the spotlight since their early days, these pugs would do anything just to get your attention.

Oftentimes, their effort becomes trying too hard and the result is uncontrollable laughter. Pugs are as fun as you can get them! If you are looking for pugs for sale in San Antonio, keep reading!

Basic Things to Know about Raising a Pug

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It is important for you to understand the basic things about pugs to raise them well. Take a quick look at the things mentioned below and judge if a pug is a good fit for you.


Pugs have one of the best temperaments among dog breeds. They are peace-loving and neutral. They can blend well with other pets and kids. 

Pugs are people-pleasers and attention-seekers, even as adult dogs. They are loyal to a fault but would never resort to aggressiveness. It recommended that a pug puppy be well-socialized to humans and other dogs or pets for them to be well adjusted to different situations. 


Pugs do well indoors. They love companionship and would stay as close to their families as they can. They are easily stressed when left alone for long periods of time, especially in a new home. They can sit beside you as you spend the day reading on your patio and they can walk with you if you want a breath of fresh air.

However, make sure that when you do take them outside, you do it in the cooler part of the day. Pugs are genetically predisposed to respiratory problems.

They will have trouble cooling down after strenuous activity or during a very hot day.


If there is one thing you need to pay attention to most about your pugs, it is their grooming. Let’s begin with the most obvious: Shedding even at the adorable pug puppy stage.

Pugs are big shedders. While the amount is average compared to other adult dogs, they will shed all year long! This is the reason why pug owners need to brush their coats at least once a week. If the shedding is more average than normal, go for two brushes a week.

You also need to pay close attention to the folds on their faces. If left uncleaned, they become a good breeding spot for bacteria to flourish. Make sure the folds are cleaned at least once a week.

Places You Can Ask for Pugs for Sale San Antonio

Two adorable pugs for sale black and brown

One of the easiest ways you start looking for adorable pug puppies for sale in San Antonio is to ask places and establishments that regularly connect with pug puppy breeders. You can begin reaching out to the places in San Antonio Texas listed below and inquire if there are pug puppies that are for sale. 

PAWSitively Sweet Bakery

Address: 5501 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States

Phone: +1 210-446-7466

Petland Vineyard

1309 N Loop 1604 E #101, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States

Phone: +1 210-592-1234

Petland Leon Valley

Address: 7030 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States

Phone: +1 210-688-7387

Royal Pet Palace of San Antonio

Address: 1327 Fair Ave, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States

Phone: +1 210-928-9105


25 NE Interstate 410 Loop Suite 130, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States

Phone: +1 210-686-0062

Forever Pets Inc

Address: 1030 Basse Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78212, United States

Phone: +1 210-733-6243


Address: 6055 La Cima, San Antonio, Texas 78229, United States

Phone: +1 210-523-7995

Petco Foundation Adoption Center

Address: 6001 Northwest Loop 410 #103, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States

Phone: +1 210-370-7612

How to Find a Legitimate Pug Breeder?

San Antonio Pug breeder and her pug

If you are in search of pug puppies for sale San Antonio Texas, you need to know how to spot a legit breeder. You don’t want to deal with puppy mills whose only goal is profit at the expense of the health of the pug puppies and their parents.

Make a List of Prospect Breeders

Begin with a list of breeders who have pug puppies for sale. Write down their addresses and contact information. During your call, mention that you’d want to see the pug puppy, the parents, and the rest of the litter if possible.

This is a good test to see if you are dealing with an honest breeder and not a puppy mill. Breeders who do not follow ethical practices in raising pugs will hesitate to show you the puppy, much more, the parents.

You can try by searching online for pugs for sale San Antonio TX, and writing down the top results.

Signs of a Good Pug Puppy Breeder

There are a couple of things you need to check before finalizing a transaction with a breeder regarding pug puppies. Look out for these signs to check if the breeder you are talking to is legit.

Answers Questions

If a breeder evades questions about a health guarantee, pedigree, vet certified documents, and the likes, it’s better not to proceed with the transaction.

A legitimate breeder will actually volunteer any information that would help the buyer become more confident about taking home the pug puppies. Pug breeders actually love answering questions about the dogs as it is a good sign that the prospective owner is doing his due diligence before committing to taking home a pug puppy.

Ask the breeders for health clearances, confirm if the puppies are vet-checked and if the animal shelter can be visited. These are tough questions for someone running a puppy mill.

Provides Proof

Look for proof that the puppies have received their first shots, have been dewormed, and have been raised in a good environment. It has been proven that family-raised puppies are the healthiest and the most sociable with other pets and people.

Provides Guarantees

Legitimate breeders with pug puppies understand the complexity of making a decision to take home a pet. They also know that it is an investment on the buyer’s part.

To make it easier for pet parents-to-be, breeders provide a health guarantee for any puppy that will be released from their homes. This is to free the buyer from any responsibility if the puppy would suffer from health issues that may be genetic in nature or that may have developed in the litter.

Some breeders make it a point to require the buyers to agree to send back the puppies to them in case their situations change and raising a pug becomes too much of a burden. Doing this prevents the puppies and the adult dogs from ending up in a rescue shelter.


Pugs for Sale San Antonio Conclusion

Bringing home a pug is an adventure you will take with you for the rest of your life! Pugs are the happiest creatures you will ever take home. They are energetic and loves attention, especially pug puppies. They will adore you and will go out of their way just to please you. 

Keep searching for the best breeder and never rush the process. Always look for traits that tell you are dealing with a reputable breeder.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.