Pug Puppies For Sale In Seattle

Seeing those cute, begging eyes set on its friendly face on different ads gets you thinking about getting a pug. You begin imagining your morning walks and lazy coffee afternoons with your best buddy. The more you think of it, the stronger it gets in your head. Finally, you decide to act and get a pug.

If you are serious in your decision to get a pug puppy for your home, you should not jump right away at any pugs for sale posting you see.

The dynamics in the house change as soon as a pet, this time a pug, is introduced. Having a pet around the house affects everything you do. Since you are basically thinking of becoming a “pawrent”, you have to take into consideration everything that comes with getting a pet.

Pug puppies are hyperactive and would want to play a lot. You need to make sure they have enough time to play, otherwise, they will look for different avenues to use their energy (read: your furniture).

Quick Actionable Tips for Buying a Seattle Pug

There are a couple of steps you need to take before buying a pug puppy. Do not let the excitement get the best out of you and skip on your research, especially with checking pug breeders near you.

Pug Puppies For Sale In Seattle

Make Lists

If this is the first time you will get a puppy, you have to read about the specific breed you are getting, in this case, a pug. Pugs bring tons of joy but they come with a set of responsibilities.

Do your due diligence and research about the different aspects involved in raising pug puppies. Read on their specific needs, temperament, behavior, and even their genetic history. Every time a question pops out of your head, list it down.

You can also list the things that you would expect the dog to do, other than casually charming its way to your heart. You might want a companion for your early morning jog or weekend hikes in trails and parks. This way, you will know right away if a pug is what you really want as a pet or you need to look at other dogs.

Once you have these lists, evaluate if you can meet the pug puppy’s needs and if the pup you are getting fits your lifestyle. This is an important step because it allows you to see how the pug affects your life in the long run.

Make Background Checks

Once you’ve confirmed that a pug suits your lifestyle, the next step is to look for reputable pug breeders. Get at least three options, if the situation permits. Do not rush into buying for the sake of buying.

Remember that this pug will be your lifelong companion. You want to select the healthiest pup in the market. Do not jump the gun and buy from the first one you’ve seen or met. Do a quick google search for “pug puppies for sale Seattle”. List down the top five or ten results and take note of their contact details.

Visit Pug Breeders’ Site and Online Channels

Make a quick visit to their website or social media pages. Go to the reviews section and check the feedback their previous customers have given them. If you can, reach out to some of the people who have already purchased pug puppies from the breeders and ask them about their experience.

Make local pug breeders your priority. You can easily visit their site before and after the transaction. You also want to check if the breeders are specific to raising just one breed, in your case, pug puppies.

Pug breeders who specialize in raising pug puppies should have in-depth knowledge of pugs. They will know how to orient you in buying and raising a pug puppy. A good pug breeder will release healthy puppies that are grown in ideal conditions, usually family-raised. Purebred pugs have lesser tendencies to inherit genetic diseases, too.

Bring a Vet

Another great option if you are dealing with a local breeder is to bring a vet with you when you visit a shelter or a pet store to check the pug puppies for sale. The vet can help to confirm the puppy’s general health. The vet will surely ask the right questions to make sure the puppies for sale are raised well, complete with basic health requirements like deworming and initial shots.

What to Check in a Pug Puppy

If you can’t bring a vet with you, check the dog’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and body. Look for infections, tick bites, and other physical conditions that are not good signs of a healthy puppy.

Pug Puppies for Sale Washington State

Get started with your research of the best shelters and pet stores that have pugs for sale in Seattle. Be sure to check them out and know everything you need to know to get the best Seattle pug for your home.

Mud Bay, Belltown

Address: The pet store is located at 2119 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121. Mud Bay, Belltown.

They do not only sell well-bred pug puppies but they also do great work in helping the community and sell shelter pugs and pugs that are rescued. These puppies are raised well and take great care of.

They are known locally as good sellers of healthy pug puppies. This is a great place to begin your search for an adorable pug puppy.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings.

Pioneer Pet Feed and Supply

Address: Pioneer Pet Feed and Supply is located at 87 12 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104, Pioneer Square.

They are one of the best pet food and supply shop in Washington. You have great options for the products they sell. You can also reach out to them if you are looking for pug puppies in the area.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings.

Wally Pets

Address: Located at 4411 Wallington Avenue, N Ste C, Seattle WA 98103, b/t 44th St, and 45th St Wallington.

Wally Pets is one of the reputable pet stores in Seattle. They have well-bred pugs that are for sale. They have raised different breeds as well. They offer reasonable prices both for their pure breed and mixed breed pug puppies.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings.

Petapoluza Pet Supply and Grooming

Address: This store is located at Fremont, 114 N, 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103.

As one of the most respected and trusted supplies and grooming businesses in the area, Petapoluza Pet Supply and Grooming Store has a network of respectable groomers in the locality.

If you are looking for a pug or a baby pug, this is also a place to start your search. If you are an existing pug owner or at least own a dog or two, they are also a great place to keep your pets well-groomed.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings.

All the Best Pet Care, Ballard

Address: It is located at 1909 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107.

Known as one of the best-organized pet care locations in Washington, All The Best Pet Care, Ballard gives the best treatments and health checkups for your pugs and other pets. They have affordable prices for the treatments they provide and other health services for puppies and adult dogs.

Many breeders prefer their facilities for checkups on the puppies they raise so they are a good source of information for pug breeders in the area.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to encounter a pug sale on their pages.

baby pug blank stare

Mud Bay, Lower Queen Anne

Address: 522, Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.

If you are looking for pet products and other pet services, a visit to this location will be a treat. Bask in the quality of their pet products and supplies. They are also well connected to the locals and will increase your chances of finding an awesome pug breeder. They are a great source for breeders who are experts in what they do.

Check out their store or visit their website and social media pages for a quick look that their pugs for sale listings.

Dog Clubs and Kennel Clubs

Dog clubs and social media groups are great resources for information, tips, and leads. Use the power of the online community to double-check the background of a supplier or a breeder. These clubs are a great way for you to connect to your local community as well.

Better yet, ask specifically for a pug dog club in the area. This is your best chance at getting connected with a local pug breeder who is focused on breeding pugs alone and probably an AKC registered pug puppy.

Members of these groups are super helpful in giving tips on raising your pug puppy, providing information on the best vets in the area, and other things related to your raising of a pug. Ask around for pugs for sale from members, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Local Newspapers and Social Media Postings

Classified Ads from the newspapers and ads online are things you need to constantly check if you are looking for pug puppies for sale. Local breeders advertise the puppies and sometimes adult dogs that are ready for release. Connect with a pug breeder with ad postings. Give them a call or visit their shelters or stores.


Now that you have great options to start your search with, you can proceed on getting the best deals for pug puppies for sale, Washington state.

Connect with the pet stores, other pet lovers, and pet breeders. Show them that you are committed to raising the healthiest pug breed and loving them like the family they are.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.