Pug Puppies For Sale In Texas

Pugs are an ancient breed in the dog world. Its history can be traced back to 400 BCE to the Buddhist temples in China. This breed has enjoyed the luxuries that come with royalty as it is favored by the Emperors and Kings throughout history.

These gloss-coated, muzzled-faced balls of joy we call pugs are bred to be companions. Their temperament allows them to be ready for anything you throw at them. They’ll happily sit beside you if you need a laid-back day and not do anything. They can be your adventurous and be fun outdoors buddy when you need them to be. They are just happy to be with you.

For these reasons, pugs are the most popular pets chosen to be companions and members of a loving family. They are great playmates for children as the children love their outgoing personalities.

Are you ready to own happy pug puppies?

Because there is a great demand for pugs, you will not have a shortage of sources where you can buy one. In fact, there may be enough pug breeders to choose from in your area. The most important question we need answers for is this: Are you ready to own a pug?

We’ve compiled a list of things you need to know and to be prepared for before taking a pug puppy home. Once you know you’re ready, you can begin your search for Pugs for Sale Texas.

You have the Time

We’ve mentioned earlier that pugs are bred to be companions. They will need much of your time and attention. With pug puppies, you need twice the focus and the attention since you will feed them, train them, and their inherent need for attention.

Pug Puppies will require time for visits to the vet for additional shots, to be dewormed, and other checkups to ensure they grow strong and healthy.

If you are settling on a job or a project that will require much of your time, you might need to delay your plans of owning a pug until you have a more relaxed schedule.

You have the Time

You are Always Present

Pugs have greater tendencies to suffer from separation anxiety, especially a pug puppy. Happy pug puppies receive affection and attention. If your current lifestyle dictates your being constantly on the move, it would be best to wait until your routine is more predictable.

A pug is bred for a companion. They are playful, energetic, and would be perfect around kids. Provided them with toys, a comfortable blanket, and your presence, they will be as happy as they will ever be.

You are Patient

Pugs and pug puppies are average shredders. They shed all year long so you have to be prepared for a great deal of non-stop shedding. It will be up to you to discover which dog shampoo helps lessen the shedding.

Another action you need to do is regular grooming. You must have the patience to either do it yourself or take your pug puppy to the groomer. Pugs have folds on their head that need attention and consistent cleaning. Doing this will prevent infection and other diseases that may arise from unkempt fur babies.

If you are getting a pug puppy, you will need to have extra patience to deal with the training it needs until it becomes fully able to live with you in your home.

Buying Guide: Pugs for Sale in Texas

Buying Guide: Pugs for Sale in Texas

If you are ready to bring home pug puppies, you can try different ways to get access to the best pug puppies for sale in Texas. The best option for you is to get puppies from local breeders and not from puppy mills nor from an inexperienced backyard breeder. Here’s a quick buying guide we have put together for you.

Ask Around for Pug Breeders

The best route to take is to look for local breeders with Pug Puppies Texas listings or those who would have an annual pug sale. You have to look for breeders that are recognized and respected in the local community.

Dog Clubs, Pet Stores, and Pet Supplies

To do this, you can start by asking around existing dog clubs or even dog shows in your area. These people will be able to point you in the right direction of breeders who might have a Pug for Sale Texas Area ad running.

Another source you can ask is the local pet stores and pet supplies. They are connected to networks of breeders locally. If you are getting a puppy from them, just make sure that the pug puppy you are getting is healthy and does not show signs of malnutrition and other health conditions. You want to be positive that the puppies are not from puppy mills.

Beware of Puppy Mills

A dog from a puppy mill tends to show aggression and is prone to different health problems. These puppy mills do not practice ethical treatment of dogs and would choose profit over the general welfare of the dots

Pug breeders who are concerned about the welfare of the pug puppies will maintain a safe, ample space for the dogs to thrive. They will show you the parents of the puppy and will even show you American Kennel Club (AKC) certificates if available.

Good breeders are knowledgeable on their choice of breed and most often than not, they will focus on a single breed until they know enough to consider taking other breeds.

Beware of Puppy Mills

Search Online

The online space is a real-time yellow page. Make a quick search for Pug Puppies for Sale Texas and you will get results from pug breeders’ websites.

Pug puppies are consistently being posted online. Make a list of the search results and visit each site. Take note of their contact details and their addresses. Find the breeders that are closest to you. This will make it convenient for you to check out their place and the puppy. Doing a physical checkup is your perfect puppy health guarantee.

Some of the best websites will include relevant information like age, gender, and health records. They will include pictures of the puppies that showcases their living condition and their overall physical health.

Sometimes, the closest to your location may have no available puppies at the present or the puppies had just been born. You will need to be extra patient and wait for the perfect time to visit their shelters.

Social Media

Another avenue you can explore pug puppies for sale is the social media pages. If you want to see how these websites work or how they engage with their community, visit their social media pages. Connect with them and possibly, interact with them through their social channels.

Visit their Facebook page, and look for signs of a healthy community around their social media. These social media pages provide a good source of feedback to the sellers and prospective buyers.

Adopt a Pug

Another great option if you are interested, is to visit rescue clubs and adoption centers. These organizations value the lives of the many animals they rescue, pugs included. They employ pet counselors and experienced vets to make sure the rescued pets will be nourished back to health and will be ready to interact with humans, especially kids.

Rescued dogs become really loyal to people who adopt them to their new family. Pups or litters are rescued as well as adult dogs. These dogs are put under the care of a vet who tries to raise them back to their optimal health. It is ensured that these puppies are given the first shots needed to keep them safe and any family member who would interact with them.

Some of these organizations are linked below:

  • http://www.pughearts.com/
  • http://www.dfwpugs.com/

Adopt a Pug

A List of Pug Breeders with Texas Pug Puppies for Sale Listings

The best pug breeders are those you have connected with and those you have interviewed. Make sure to follow our tips for dealing with a pug breeder.

Lucky Charm Kennel

Harmony Pugs

Hill Country Pugs

Bre-z Manor Pugs

Houston Pugs

Profitt’s Pugs

  • Address: Killeen, TX
  • Phone: +1 512-913-6928

Country Cuddle Pups

  • Address: Louise, TX
  • Phone: 979-578-3523

Bueno’s Pugs Houston

  • Address: Houston, TX

Nanas Pugs

  • Address: Hilltop Lakes, TX
  • Phone: 936-348-4430

Playful Pudgy Pugs

  • Address: Schulenburg, TX
  • Phone: +1 979-212-1417


Today, it is not difficult to search for Pug Puppies available to be sold. Wherever you are in Texas, whether in San Antonio, Forth Worth, or other places, we have provided you with different ways you can connect with a breeder.

Some health guarantee steps you can make is to ask if the pug is AKC or CKC registered. These certifications require a process and once certified, you are certain that the puppy you have will not develop any hereditary condition that comes from mixing breeds.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.