Pugs for Sale West Virginia

What is the first thing about pugs and adorable pug puppies that you liked so much you had to get one? Pugs are valued and adored by many pet lovers. They are innately sensitive to the feelings of their owners and would often cheer them up.

Pugs for Sale West Virginia: Finding the Best Pug Puppies for Your Home

Finding the Best Pug Puppies for Your Home

Pug puppies will come in different colors and sizes but they will all turn into these adorable adult dogs. There are many ways for you to check available pugs for sale in WV but the key is in finding the best pug breeders.

Tips to Find Pugs for Sale in WV

Finding the right pug breeder is a crucial step in making sure you have the best pug puppy for your home. Below are several steps you can take to help you figure out legitimate pug breeders.

Tips to Find the Best Pug Breeders

List Down Local Pug Breeders

The first step you need to take is to list down pug breeders who might have a pug puppy and are closest to you. Finding the ones closest to you will save you time and money as you go and check the puppies and their homes.

The best thing to look for breeders is to ask around for recommendations. If being AKC registered is a must for you, make it known to the breeders right off the bat. You must also decide early on if you prefer a male pug over a female pug. Also, decide early on If you are open to another breed pug owners might have. All of these will help you decide which pug breeder to go for.

Ask Vet Clinics and Grooming Clinics

Pug breeders will need to check in with vets once their puppies reach a certain age. The puppies will need to be vet checked before they are released. The male age and female age for puppies to be ready for a new home are at 12 weeks. This allows them to fully develop.

Vets will probably help you find the pug breeder or owner you can talk to as their clinics are well networked with breeders and owners in the local area.

The same is true for grooming clinics. Both of them are great sources of information.

Ask Local Dog Clubs

You can also ask local dog clubs for pug puppies for sale in West Virginia. People who belong in dog clubs are passionate about raising healthy dogs. You’ll get a lot of good recommendations from a group like this.

Ask Local Dog Clubs

If there are dog shows in your area, it is best to go to one of their events. You’ll probably see a pug owner or two and connect with them.

Ask Pet Shops and Pet Supply Stores

Other places that pet lovers frequent are pet shops and pet supply stores. They are also a perfect place to ask for recommendations, especially if you want to stick with a local search.

Once you have a list of breeders, you can proceed to the next step.

Identify Legitimate Pug Breeders in WV

Now that you have a list of pug breeders, the next step to finding the best breeders with pug puppies for sale WV is to identify which breeder is the best to deal with. You need to know how to identify the best breeders who are honest and responsible.

Confirm the Breeder’s Reputation

A reputable will have other people vouch for them. Check their website and social media channels for reviews. You can even reach out to some of their clients and ask them for feedback.

Look for negative reviews like breeders giving out a male pug instead of the female pug advertised or sudden changes in pricing contrary to the posting. These are things you can watch out for and clarify during your discussion with a breeder

Narrow down your list to breeders who have reviews and recommendations that are positive.

Ask the Breeder for Information

Before setting up with a breeder, prepare a list of questions you will ask. You can ask about the details of the sale listings the breeder might have, the health guarantee they offer, or for health certificate that they possess. If not confirmed in their listing, you can ask if the puppies or the parents of the puppies are AKC registered.

Ask as many questions as you can but always be courteous in asking them. If the breeder knows the answers by heart, it is a good sign. It means that the breeder knows details about the puppies they are selling.

Take a Vet with You

Ask the breeder if you can take a vet with you when you check the puppies. Most breeders who only run puppy mills will shy away from this request.

Having the puppy vet checked is a good step for you to take to positively identify the health condition of the puppy. Although most puppies from good breeders come health guaranteed, it is always best to err at the side of caution.

puppy vet

Pug Puppies for Sale Online in West Virginia

If you want to get more options, you can always try looking for pug breeders online. Most of these companies put up websites for people to see their work online and any pug puppy that is available.

You can make a quick search for Pug Puppies for Sale in WV and narrow down the result to your liking. The rules stay the same for identifying a reputable breeder.

Since it may be impossible for you to visit the puppy or check their shelter to see if it was indeed family-raised as specified in their listing, never make any advanced payment for any transaction.

If it helps, you can cross-reference the breeder with the Pug Dog Club of America and the American Kennel Club breeders.


Pugs for Sale West Virginia Conclusion

Another option you can take, and this is only if you’re open to it, is to search for pugs that are up for adoption. These pugs end up in rescue shelters because they have either been abused and rescued or were totally abandoned by their previous owners. Sometimes a male pug may come that would need a new home or pug puppies that have been abandoned and rescued.

Some of the pugs in rescue shelters come with complete papers. They are vet checked as well. This option will save you money and you save one pug from possibly ending up in a kill shelter.

But if you want to go into the adventure of raising a pug puppy and creating meaningful memories with them as they mature, you’re in for a great adventure! and with a great companion, too!

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.