Puggles for Adoption

The puggle is a high-energy, friendly tiny mixed breed that is a cross between a pug and a beagle. Despite his small stature, he is an excellent choice for busy families.

The puggle gained popularity in the 1980’s for good reason. This hybrid breed combines the pug’s small size and squishy features. Paired with the beagle’s enthusiasm and agility. They’re also apartment-sized, standing 10–15 inches tall and weighing 14–30 pounds. A quick note: puggles are not lapped dogs.

This article will help you find your own puggle for adoption within USA. Just browse our list below and choose one near you.

List of Puggle Breeders for Adoption

The puggle disposition is high-energy and fast-paced. They enjoy stretching their legs and playing. They also need a variety of energy sources to keep happy. Puggles make excellent companions for busy families and like socializing with other dogs. If you wish to adopt this pug mix breed, continue reading.

Puppy Spot

Phone – help@puppyspot.com | (888) 671-0518
Website: https://www.puppyspot.com

puggle homeless pets

PuppySpot ensures that the good health of the pets is well taken care of.

Being committed to the said cause, they are glad to be a member of the AKC. Now they can present each of their puppy parents with a unique PuppySpot AKC code. This is a registration package.

The AKC is the world’s biggest purebred dog registration. It is also the most well-known and respected in the United States. They assist and improve the lives of all canines. They also help dogs and their families via their programs, activities, and services.

PuppySpot also offers ongoing education to both breeders and new puppy parents. Ensuring that all the puppies we place are happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. Every puppy on the site comes with a health guarantee.

Pug Rescue of Austin

Address – PO Box 170428 Austin, TX 78717
Phone – info@pugrescueaustin.com
Website: https://austinpugrescue.com/about-pug-rescue

puggle adoption fee

Pug Rescue of Austin is a non-profit committed to the rescue of puggles. They also rescue and make placement of mistreated, abandoned, and unwanted pugs. They make no distinctions based on health or age.

They aim to offer a secure, loving, and humane haven for stray pugs. They do this while also ensuring suitable adoption homes. Pug Rescue of Austin supports ethical pug ownership by educating the public. They discuss the special requirements of pugs. Then they also enforce a required spay/neuter policy.

They are a volunteer-run organization with no paid employees. To support the medical costs of their rescue pugs, they rely on contributions.

Pug Rescue of Austin is different from other Texas pug organizations because they rescue mixed pug breed as well. But you may find that a pug mix is a better fit for your lifestyle or family. After all, pug mixes need rescue as well – and they’re awfully cute!

Pet Finder

Address – Alexandria, VA

Email – contactus@brewbeagles.org


puggle and other pets

Petfinder connects individuals with the ideal adoptive pets. Yet, they do not stop there. Purina and Petfinder work together to provide post-adoption assistance. Coupled with guidance to ensure that pets and humans have long, happy lives together.

They hope to see a day where every pet has a loving home. They’re making it easier than ever to find the ideal new family member. They provide goods to fulfill your pet’s dietary demands. And they’ll assist you in locating the best one.

They are concerned about the ingredients in your pet’s food. That’s why they carefully choose each ingredient they use. Whether it’s because it has the necessary nutrients or has the flavor your pugs like.

Puggle! Rescue


puggles adoption browser

They do not tolerate any negative remarks on their Facebook page. They also have over 25,000 followers on Facebook.

They stated on the page that they accept posting of puggles for rescue.

When applying to get a puggle to get rescued. Note that you need to include a photo of your puggle. You may as well add all pertinent information about it and your contact information.

Many puggles have been sent to their new homes and have now been paired with a loving companion. The posts on this page will give you a sweet snap of humanity. It will show you kindness towards finding a complete family for the puggles. The comments are also light and fun. Thereby making the page one of those easiest to navigate. So you’ll feel at ease when looking for a match for you and your puggle of choice.

Puggle & Friends Rescue and Transport

Email: puggleandfriends@gmail.com

Website: https://puggleandfriendsrescue.org/?fbclid=IwAR3oZAC5BZ8FbTLEq8UvIyKk7mX4r7rPgnseh51f7tcInNEt5R6xRLWmeyg

breeder and adoption shelter for puggle

They serve as a link between the needy dogs and their homes.

They are an all-volunteer organization that rescues, vaccinates, sponsors, accepts, and transports any animal who needs it. They have a special emphasis on the rescue of puggles.

Their founder formed Puggle & Friends Rescue and Transport as a nonprofit volunteer group. This vision started as a way to assist Puggles and other varieties with healthcare issues. They also help in sheltering, adoption, spaying/neutering, training, and transport. They don’t have a physical facility, so they rely on donors and foster homes.

Puggles taken into their care come from many walks of life. Due to tough family conditions, some dogs are abandoned by their owners. Others have been abandoned or found their way to PFRT through Animal Control. Regardless of their background, all the dogs in their custody have one commonality. They all have a promising future.

Transport Services by Volunteers!

They also have transport services within an 18-hour radius. This is made possible by the gentle heroes they call volunteers. Just browse through their website and you’ll many other adoptable dogs that need a loyal loving family.

When they accept on a puggle, they give them a thorough medical examination and make sure they’re up to date on their vaccines.

The animals’ household requirements are then determined. All applications are carefully reviewed, and home visits are conducted. They ensure that each family’s activity is compatible with the puggle’s personality. The dogs are on their journey to their new permanent home after they’ve found a good match.

Final Words…

adopting puggles with family

When you decide to adopt a puggle, you have to understand that this is a mixed breed, therefore it might exhibit a temperament that might not be akin to you. However, just like any other dog or pet for that matter, a puggle can promise a life of great companionship and this will all depend on how you treat it.

Please tell us how you decided to adopt a dog by writing a comment below. Was it because of the unwavering love? Maybe you needed someone to keep your feet toasty at night, or maybe you desired the health benefits?

If you are unsure or are having second thoughts about your adoption plan, don’t hesitate to read more articles from our pug site.