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Have you been looking at those pugs for sale posts online and still have not decided on which pug to get? Are you looking to make a meaningful decision by getting a pug for your home? What you might be looking for is a connection with a pug for adoption.

Getting a pug puppy is not an easy decision. You need to make the right considerations before bringing a puppy home. With pugs for adoption, you are making the decision two times more difficult.

Although the cost of adopting a pug can be lower than buying a pug puppy, it takes more willpower and compassion to adopt a pug. You have to be more thorough in selecting the pug. You have to know its history and you have to be 100% sure that it has complete vaccination records, especially if you are bringing it to a home with kids.

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How to Prepare for a Pug Adoption

How to Prepare for a Pug Adoption

Pug adoption is a process. You will have to be prepared for it to minimize the unnecessary stress and inconvenience that may be faced along the way. 

Do Your Research 

The first thing you need to do is to get as much information about the rescue group you are in contact with. Look for their social media profiles if available and look for signs that are a legitimate rescue group that is dedicated to what they do.

Before joining an agreement with a rescue, research their policies and confirm their 501(c)3 status. The adoption process may take as quick as less than a week up to months before it is finalized. You have enough time to make sure that the group you are working with has the welfare of the dogs as their highest goal.

Ask them specific questions about their processes and their requirements. Common questions asked are:

  • Is there an application for an adoption fee? 
  • Can the dog for adoption be visited prior to the adoption? 
  • Does the rescue accommodate out-of-state adoption? 
  • Does the dog breed need to be identified or the application is for all breeds? 
  • How much will the adoption fee cost? 

Do Your Research

Look for a Local Rescue Shelter

As much as possible, make the local shelters your first choice. You are not only helping your local community but are also choosing the safer. Since it is local, you can visit their location and see their work first hand. You’ll be able to connect with them and with the pug you are adopting.

Visit the Pug for Adoption

The best choice you will ever do is to see the dog you are adopting in person. You can if the dog is happy and active. You can also test how the dog will respond to you.

Above all these reasons, you can bring a vet with you to help you confirm the general physical condition of the pug you are adopting. Do not show up and demand a check-up. Let them know beforehand and ask for permission if you can bring a vet with you.

These rescue centers are usually operated by volunteers who are just compassionate enough to take action and help dogs that are in distress.

Visit the Pug for Adoption


Rescued dogs are loyal and show great affection once they have adapted to your home. After all, they have been given a second chance at having a loving family. You are doing a great service not only to the local community but to the general animal welfare movement when you adopt rescued dogs. 

Do your due diligence and be prepared to ask questions every time you visit rescue shelters and inquire about dogs that are for adoption. Legitimate rescue groups will take their time in assessing whether your application for a dog adoption will be accepted. Take your time, be patient, and enjoy the journey.