Pugs for Adoption in VA

Looking to adopt a pug in Virginia? Worry not, as we have listed some of the most popular pug adoption shelters where you can adopt your new puppy pug member as soon as possible.

Pug breed adoption counseling

It’s a lovely day to try and adopt a pug puppy and we are here to list the details of these shelters so you’ll learn more about them. We made sure they are for a good cause and not puppy mills.

Don’t hesitate to read on for more information about each shelter.

Pug Adoption Shelters in VA

1. Pug Rescue of North Carolina Inc.
2.Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, Inc.
3. The Fairfax County Animal Shelter

Pug Rescue of North Carolina

Pug Rescue of North Carolina

Pug Rescue of North Carolina is a non-profit organization dedicated and committed to the Pug Breed Of dog. In the homes of single PRONC volunteers, they rescue pugs in distress. They also lovingly nurse them back to good health. They are nursed both physically and mentally.

Each pug is nurtured as a member of the family until a permanent home can be found.

This home was inspected and accepted by the membership. Many pugs arrive at PRONC with a range of health problems ranging from moderate to severe. They make every attempt to rescue every creature that enters into the custody.

Reserving euthanasia for the most severe and rarest of circumstances when no other choice is available for these abandoned and surrendered pugs. Every pug is examined by a veterinary and spayed/neutered, worm tested, tagged, and updated regularly on all vaccines for homeless pets.

They are find a way to provide adoption counseling.

To learn more about their organization, adoption fees or to inquire how you might become more involved, contact them today!

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

deserving pug from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

This is a collection of people from many walks of life who have come together to save surrendered Pugs.

They’ve committed to offer numerous and diverse abilities. So that pugs anywhere can spend out entire lives in luxury, affection, and attention.

There are no paid workers among them; they are all volunteers.

Each person contributes in the way that best suits their lifestyle and talents. They are pleased with how they have established this company.

They’ve decided that their collective well-being, as well as the well-being of the pets, necessitates a premium priority. In the sense that they really do not govern, their leaders are only trusted servants.

There is no hierarchy of power; instead, there is a hierarchy of service. Only a willingness to aid homeless pugs and encourage knowledge about just the breed. More so, a need for household animal population management is required for membership.

They enable and greatly promote involvement in other organizations, adoption hubs, and others. They permanently place homeless pugs for new homes. Since it becomes the most effective method to boost the actions regarding the rescue of dogs. This also ensures that their slogan is followed for pug ownership.

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to meeting the immediate and long-term needs of pugs. These pugs are those who have been abandoned or surrendered.

Veterinary treatment and compassionate foster home. Including a permanent adoption into a lovely family are all provided to rescued pugs.

To be a responsible owner of an adopted pug, there is behavioral training needed.

In addition, they provide public education on the unique duties of dog ownership.

Fairfax County Animal Shelter

pugs entrusted - fairfax county animal shelter

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter is the county’s sole municipal shelter. This shelter is available to the public.

The animal shelters provide a safe haven for canines, kittens, and small animals.

These animals await for their new family. This has 4,000 to 5,000 animals and adjusted dogs passing through their gates every year.

Guests to the shelters can encounter stray cats, canines and puppies. They can also see hundreds of tiny animals at any given moment.

They are very proud of their exceptional donors. This also includes their fostering programs, caring staff, innovative sheltering rules and practices.

To top that, the beautiful animal-loving community they are a part of, with a live release record of most rescued pugs over 90%!

Final Words…

rescued pug puppies at shelters

No Pug, including rescues, is flawless.

When you adopt a Pug through the adoption process, you must make a commitment to work alongside your new Pug. This is so you can assist them to learn to trust family and fit into your family.

They won’t be able to achieve it overnight or on their own. It takes at least 6 – 8 weeks for them to adjust to their new surroundings.

Please do not submit your application if you are unwilling to work with the Pug. As there are many concerns to resolve that arise during this time.

For more concerns about pugs and it’s veterinary care, visit out homepage.