How to Train Your Pug Puppies?

Owning a pug presents many challenges. Especially with pug puppies, it would be very challenging to teach them tricks and learn good habits.

What we need to succeed with training them is to be consistent with the teachings we impose on them. Because it is never easy and it would take some time, we also need to be patient as we wait for them to learn the tricks.

For them to easily grasp what we are trying to teach them, we have to give them rewards so they would see the positive of obedience. What is important are not the tricks they have learned but the strengthening our bond between us and our pugs.

We should not generalize all the pugs that we might meet because time is a varying factor as well as their breed and size. The environment they have lived in is also a contributing factor because they might have adapted habits that are hard to break.

Yet, we can succeed despite the challenges that we might face when we are house training them. Let us see how we can be an effective trainer.

Pug Training Tip – Find The Good timing

We must know that training, aside from the skills we teach, can be more effective when we know the right time when we will start training. Even if it might seem right to train them right after birth, it might be all in vain because puppies tend to adapt teachings when they reach 3 months or older. He would know how to hold his pee when he reaches that age and has adapted to his surroundings by then. Of course, this might be different with other dogs and how old they were when we first met them. A lot of owners might win the hearts and the obedience of their pets by giving them delicious rewards for obeying even simple tricks. It is important to give them treats to encourage them.

How Can We Start Training Pug Puppy

Training should be about teaching our pugs when they should be going out for a pee or not. Give them more freedom when they have done the right thing. This is also about giving rewards when training them. One way we can start training them is by controlling their meals. We have to follow a strict schedule of when they would eat. Next, we have to teach the puppy when he should be going peeing or pooping. We can take them every morning or after every meal. Be consistent with this activity so they would that taking him outside is about peeing or pooping.

pug training

Confining Them

Many trainers have found it easier to train dogs that are confined. But of course, we need to make sure space is not too narrow for them to move around and stand. Provide a drink so they would not be dehydrated and keep the cage clean from poop so they won’t eat it.

There are other training tricks that we can find so make sure to choose the one that’s working for our dogs. When we try hard to be consistent with training, we would see the progress after some time.

Keep yourself informed! We have gathered tons of useful pug tips , frequently asked questions and trivia for you here. Read on and get to know your pug better. Coz’ everything has a scientific explanation.