Adjusting Your Pug To Living With A Cat: Tips To Get Started

Pugs are very small, but depending on their mix, the sizes may vary. When it comes to blending them with other animals, pugs are renowned for being easy-going and nice animals. But, do they get along with cats? How can you help your pug adjust to living with cats?

Well, pugs may get along well with cats. There are some factors that make it possible like their loving and calm temperament as well as their small size. To ensure that your pug will adjust well living with a cat, you can make the transition much easier through getting helpful advice from sites like Petsumer or consider the following tips to get started:
pug living with cat

Plan the First Meeting of Your Pug and Cat Carefully

Just like human beings, pugs and cats have a single chance to make a good first impression. Fortunately, both love everything about food, which can help them love one another.

So, consider scheduling the first meeting of your pug and cat during mealtime. However, you must keep your pug on a leash first and they should be both on the opposite sides of your closed door. With this, they will not be able to see each other, but they’ll smell one another while enjoying their respective foods. Then, they will start associating the smell with food, making it a great thing. You may do this every mealtime for a few weeks before introducing them formally.

Tire Out Your Pug

By taking your pug on walks and playing with him constantly, you will be able to tire him out, which can be helpful when introducing your pug to a cat. This may also help when training your pug in social situations.

Try taking your pug to a dog park or places with lots of people. Introducing him to several situations will help him get used to new things. It will also get all his energy out before bothering the cat when he gets home.

Have a Safe Space for Your Cat

One of the things you should not forget is to make a safe space for your cat. It means providing your pug a limited space to run around, particularly if your cat currently owns the entire house. Keep your little pug in a place with a gate. Crate train your pug during night time. Crating can help you reinforce good pug behavior.

Introduce Your Pug to Your Cat Slowly

Pet owners usually throw everyone together and hope that they will get along well. But, you have to take note that it takes time for a pug and a cat to get along, but it will surely be worth it in the end. Help your pug and cat get along through taking everything slowly. Spend several weeks swapping out the scented items so your cat will get used to the scent of your pug.

Give Cats Lots of Attention

It is given that your excitement with your pug is at peak level, but you should never neglect the presence of your cat. You have to give your cat lots of attention and let them know they are still your baby. If your cat typically sleeps on your lap, let them do it. Everything can be fun and new for your pug, but for resident cats, this may be a bit traumatic. Offer one-on-one play and reassurance. You must also pay attention to your cat’s grooming and feeding time.

If your cat seems to be stressed, don’t hesitate to take them to the veterinarian. There’s a calming medication that may help your cat adjust to the lifestyle of having a new dog. The medication will make cats more open to changes and make them calmer.

Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Assistance from the Vet

Cats may reach silently to stress, but you should know that it may take a toll on their overall health condition. Check-in with the vet before bringing home your pug. Ask the vet regarding the food and some options you may try to help your cat adapt to the household changes.

Once your pug arrives at your home, observe your cat closely for some changes in habits, drinking, and eating. Your vet may help you solve any problem and can make your cat feel much better.

Feed Your Pug and Cat in Separate Places

Even if your cat gets used to having your pug around, there might be times for conflict to arise during feeding time. It’s more convenient to feed both of them simultaneously, but you must do this in separate places.

Keep the food of your pug on the ground and have a high place where you can feed your cat. It makes them happy as they enjoy eating. Even if pugs don’t have hunting instincts, they are a bit protective of their food. Basically, it’s a common trait among other animals. If you want to make your pug enjoy feeding time always, you should know some pug puppy feeding tips.

Teach Your Pug a Clear Stop Command

Although obedience training is optional for some dog owners, it may come in handy especially if you will introduce your pug to your cat. See to it that your pug knows how to follow your stop command whenever they chase your cat.

Keep Your Cat Above the Dominance Hierarchy

Cats often keep to themselves and lots of problems may be avoided if they’re higher on the dominance hierarchy. Since a cat poses more danger to pugs, it is better that they are the ones above the hierarchy. A good way to reinforce this is by feeding your cat first.

Keep the Toys and Food of Your Pug and Cat Separate

After you have ingratiated your pug and cat successfully, you must know the importance of keeping their things separate. Your cat may walk up to the dog bowl and might try to eat your pug’s food. Your pug may react to this action aggressively. To prevent this, make sure to separate everything. You have to pay attention to their toys as well because they may fight over the toys.

Make a Calm Environment for Cats

Use some devices that will help soothe your cat. You may also add some drops of calming medication to your cat’s water dish. If your pug is very active, you might like to consider something that will make them calm.

You should also avoid loud noises and some disruptions for cats. If possible, have some changes with your routine and rearrange your furniture. Keeping your home calm and quiet will surely benefit your cat.

Keeping Good Relationship Between Your Pug and Cat

As everything goes well, you may let your pug and cat interact freely. However, you should only do this if you are sure that they are the best of friends. Consider keeping your pug on a houseline to avoid chasing. It’s a lightweight lead without handles, which are made to trail behind your pug to take control of him whenever you need to.

Your pug might love chasing your cat and must be kept under control until they’ve learned that the cat should not be chased. Always take extra care with energetic dogs that get excited easily. You might have to work hard to keep everything calm and you should be aware that sudden dash from the cat could trigger chasing.

If you are sure that your pug and cat are comfortable with one another, you may consider getting rid of the houseline. But, see to it that you’re there to manage the situation properly and make sure that there are some high places that your cat may use to be safer. Don’t leave your pug and cat together unattended until you’re happy that they’re safe when left together.

Warning Signs to Take Note

  • If your pug snaps, growls or shows aggression toward your cat, they might not get along well. It is also the case if your cat attacks your pug. If you want to make the relationship of your cat and pug work, you’ll have to hire a professional.
  • If your pug remains focused and doesn’t take his eyes off your cat or lunges as soon as your cat moves, it’s a dangerous match. If possible, seek professional assistance and get helpful answers from a dog expert.
  • If your cat stops drinking and eating, it is a sign that your cat is stressed and not happy. If it happens, contact your vet.
  • If you have done everything to help your pug and cat get along with one another, but you see no results, it might be time to ask for more tricks from experts to avoid any possible problems in the long run though training a dog with treats may work sometimes.

Key Takeaway

Remember that every pug and cat is different and you need to work at the pace that both are comfortable with one another. There are introductions that work well, but there are also times that it may take for a few months.

As you introduce your pug to your cat, never rush anything. Always take things carefully and slowly so your cat and pug will live together peacefully. You should not also use punishments. It might just make things worse and if possible, seek professional help if it does not go well.

Dogs, regardless of the breed is one of the greatest human stress relievers of all time. You deserve to know the most important dog facts so you can handle your pooch better and avoid major accidents too! You’ll never know when they are useful.