Few Ways To Increase Your Pugs Life Expectancy

Taking care of dogs and other pets are never easy as it may be portrayed on television and other media. When it comes to taking care of our own pet, we have to make sure that we know what we should do. In this article, we will focus on how we can make our pug pets healthy and how we can maximise their life span.

To make sure that they will stay there for a long time, it would be nice to find out ways on how we can improve their lives. It is important that we do all our best to make sure we identify how long do pug live and how long do pug live on average. Well, we should not only settle for knowing the number of years they would live in dog’s time, it would be more helpful if we can convert the time to how long do pugs live in human years.

There are so many things that we can do to be sure that they would be with us for a long time. We might have heard about the 29-year old longest living dog but we cannot always make sure that they would live longer than expected. Our aim should be focused on how we can make sure that they enjoy their lives. There are things that we can do and it would be good to learn more about them.

Groom Your Pug Right

Pugs have wrinkles and skin folds that make them as adorable as they are. However, these features make them high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Normally, the pug’s coat sheds a lot, holds odours, hides fleas, and builds up moisture that might lead to yeast infections.

Therefore, to keep your pug healthy, proper grooming is essential.

Start by carefully wiping each fold with a grooming wipe. If you have enough time, consider doing this three times a day or at least once a day. Be attentive when cleaning all their wrinkles to remove all gunk. Then, use an appropriate brush to remove shedding. Finally, trim their nails.

Help Your Pug Eat Right

It would be logical to think that those dogs that eat the right diet would be able to enjoy life better. When they are served with the right food in the right amount, they would be more healthy and make themselves not prone to diseases associated with overeating and other joint diseases. It does not mean that we have to starve them but it alarms us to make sure that we choose wisely what we allow them to eat. We do not want to make a mistake by presuming that any human food would do for them. We might consult a physician before we make any changes in their diets if needed.

Help Your Pug Eat Right

Help Your Pug Stay Active

Just like humans, they also deserve to get in shape so they need exercise. There is a common benefit that exercise can bring to both humans and animals. We would eventually see how we can maximise our hormones and get them to work. Their energy would be better used up and stress would even be lower. Do not forget to include letting them play with other dogs to make sure that they would enjoy socialisation as well.

Help Your Pug Stay Active

Ask Help From A Pet Doctor

When there is something odd about our dog, we have to make sure that we just do not do anything on our own. We cannot conclude that any medicine would do so it is better than a physician would have him checked. They are in a better position to give medicine.

To help them live longer, the little things we do each day would matter and would accumulate to contribute to the good condition of themselves. We have to make sure that we exert the right effort.

Pugs are very adorable family dogs when they are on tip-top shape. We give you guidance on how to maintain your pug health condition, eating habits and exercise routine. You need to know this stuff as a responsible pug owner.