How To Take Care Of A Pug?

Our lives would be totally different when pets started to occupy it. Of course, it would be hard to imagine what it would feel like having pets when you do not own one yet. When you started taking care of them, you would see and feel the difference. Pets come in different shapes and you can choose whatever you want to take care of. For this article, we want to dedicate this to those who have pugs puppies, those who are about to have and for those who are just planning to have one.

When you are taking care of them, it would be both a bitter and a sweet experience. Sweet because you will have something to cuddle with and bitter because life with them could be full of challenges. Even if the challenges would come as a surprise all the time, they would be worth it because they will reward you with the sweetest moments of your life. We wanted to prepare for the challenges so it is only rightful that we would gather enough information on how we can survive as a parent for these cute puppies. Let us see how we can make the best out of taking care of them.

Train Them At A Young Age

Many pet owners think that having a puppy does not require training them. What they should know that it is better to start early. Experts suggest that it is better to train them when they first arrived to our very doors. They are in a stage where it is easy for them to pick up signals and sounds. Just like taking care of a human baby, these dog babies also have an active learning system at the first six months of their lives. It is important that we teach him how they should behave so they would be good dogs when they grow up. Treats like pats on the head and dog biscuits can do much to help them learn what they should learn. There are so many things to teach them like where they should go when they should walk and where they would do their potty. That’s the next one we will discuss.

Potty Training

It could give us a lot of work to do and a lot of headaches to deal with when our dogs did not know where to urinate or go pooping. Pugs can be lazy so it is important that we should be firm and be consistent on our training by always taking him outside to poop or urinate.

Maintain Cleanliness

Shedding is a major problem with this kind of dogs. It is important that we have the right shampoo or soap for his coat to prevent from shedding too much. We have to keep them neat and clean to avoid unnecessary smell. Always ask a veterinary before we use any soap or shampoo on them.

Taking care of dogs require a lot of hard work. Yet, it will all pay off when they would be able to learn all the tricks you taught them.