Golden Retriever Pug Mix

What happens when you cross two of the cutest dog breeds in the world? Aside from melting from all the cuteness and joy, you possibly get a “golden pug.” Yes! We are talking about a cross between pugs and golden retrievers. Individually, these two breeds are obedient, even-tempered, high spirited and well adjusting. There is no need to believe that the crossbred pups will be any different.

Due to the size difference between the parental breeds, a cross between pugs and Goldies is not as common as we would like them to be. These rare pups are the finest proof that happiness comes in small packages. However, “natural” cross between pugs and golden retrievers is almost impossible due to the size difference and physiological variations.

Therefore, you are most likely to find them with exclusive breeders, who spend sufficient energy and significant money in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) processes. Through this procedure, the doctor inseminates the golden retriever female and would-be mother with sperms from a male pug. It is a costly procedure, and the post-IVF care for the female is significantly expensive too.

Where can you find a pug-golden retriever mix?

golden retrievers and pugs

Finding natural golden retriever pug mix puppies is uncommon. If there is a breeder, who is offering such cross-bred pups online for sale or adoption, you should always check their credentials, certifications, and reviews before committing.

In all probability, you will not find AKC (American Kennel Club) certified breeders offering their services in situations like these. The professionals, who offer such unconventional cross breeds, are either new or experimental breeders without relevant documentation.

You are more likely to find accidental cross breeds between a miniature dog and a large dog at the shelters. That can happen when people own two dogs of opposite sex belonging to different breeds at home. It can also happen when a male pug impregnates a female golden retriever in heat at the dog park or a day-care kennel.

Such instances are not rare and unprepared dog parents often have to resort to giving the new puppies up at shelters. In most cases, people do not risk adopting such uncommon cross bred pups since little is known about their genetic afflictions, general health, and temper.

Why are golden retrievers such popular pets?

golden retrievers swimming

A golden retriever is a docile, playful, intelligent, sensitive and adjusting breed. They are amazing for big homes that have other pets, children, and older people. They are even kind to strangers, although they are protective and loving to their family. Golden retrievers are in no way one-master dogs.

They are very obedient and easy to train. Although they require high activity levels throughout life, you will often find them lazing on their beds (and on your bed, when they get the chance) multiple times a day. Their love for the humans rarely trumps their love for food. They love to be pampered, and they have a penchant for staying close to their humans.

How are pugs as pets?

Pugs are miniature energy bombs. It is surprising how someone so small never runs out of energy. They are always running about and making mischief when they are not lying on their back snoring away to glory. Owners often refer to their pugs as “shadows” since they do not like to leave the human’s side. They are stout, but they are never aggressive. They are super fun loving.

It is a little difficult to train them since they are highly intelligent and it does not take them too much effort to fool a human. They get along great with children, other small dogs, larger breeds and other pets. They are grossly funny, and you will always find a pug busy in some antic or another throughout the day unless they have to turn their attention to food.

cute pug

What can be the pros of having a pug-golden retriever mix?

When golden retrievers cross with pugs, you do not get golden pugs! Well, it is possible for you to get your hands on a small sized pup that looks almost like a pug and has the golden sheen of a retriever, but the physical features will be a generous mix of both breeds.

Therefore, it would be wrong to call it a golden pug. You can expect the new crossbred pup to have a longer snout that is not as snubbed as that of a purebred Pug. This will eliminate the breathing problems; palate issues and regular loud snoring pugs suffer from.

On the other hand, pugs shed lesser than goldies. Thus, you can expect the new pooches with short golden fur to shed lesser than their golden parent. The pup should have the happy-go-lucky attitude that its parents have along with genuine love towards the human species. Additionally, they should be incredibly intelligent and easy to train.

What are the potential risks of a pug-golden retriever cross?

These are the positive trait possibilities we can expect from the pug golden retriever mixes. When breeders first try out crossing two separate breeds, there is no guarantee that the resulting puppies will be the best of both parents. There have been breeding disasters in the past. Cross breeding two distinct dog breeds results in unpredictable combinations of genes that can give rise to serious health problems.

For example – the new pug-golden retriever mix can inherit the palate problem of pugs and the joint problems of golden retrievers. Further inheriting the love for food and the tendency to gain weight from both breeds can exacerbate these problems significantly.

Why should you look forward to adopting?

The threat of potential health problems has led several pet lovers and breeders to be apprehensive about new breeds coming in the market. Unless you know about previous litters from the same parents, who have been doing well for quite a few years and you can get a veterinarian to certify the puppies as healthy, you should always be a skeptic. Know for sure that they will not receive AKC certifications, and they will not be able to participate in the first-tier dog shows.

If you are only thinking about adopting cross bred pups from the shelter and giving them a home, then it should not be a problem. In most cases, people do not desire or adopt such uncommon mixes and giving them a safe and loving home will be the best thing in their life.

Knowing all the pug mixes , can help you decide which ones to go for. Appearance is one thing, but the traits and temperaments matter too! Luckily, we have all these information for you.