Pugs For Sale In Florida

Pugs are still the most in-demand and well-requested dog breed for new pet owners and dog breeders in the United States. Their small to medium-sized bodies along with their signature wrinkled black masks have captured the heart of many pet lovers and pet parents.

These pugs usually have more outgoing personalities than other dogs. They are easy to manage plus their calm and friendly personality suits the home well. They are a great addition to the family and their humor is a constant source of joy.

Pug Puppies for Sale in Florida

If you are looking for beautiful AKC registered pug puppies in the Florida area, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the best pug breeders and pet stores that breed healthy puppies.

To get the most out of your experience in talking to pug breeders you need to know how to classify quality dogs that are being sold by the best breeder. Do your research and list down the things you have learned about the breed and the breeders.

Pug Puppies for Sale in Florida

You need to have a set of conditions or a checklist of what you are looking for in a pug and in a breeder. You need to be clear on what to expect from pug breeders before you start talking to local stores, online shops, or looking for referrals from other pet parents.

Here are some of the Breeders and Pet Shops you can check in the Florida Area:

Pugs for Sale in Central Florida: Sunshine Pugs

Sunshine Pugs

Sunshine pugs focus on family-raised pugs around the Orlando FL. In fact, they are located in Central Florida along the Daytona Beach/Orlando area.

You can check their site at the address below and visit their website to know more about them, about a pug puppy listing, and the amazing things they do.

Address: New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169

Website: Sunshine-Pugs.business.site

Pug puppies for Sale in South Florida: Gulf Coast Pugs

If you are near South Florida, Gulf Coast Pugs are a great option for you. They are reputed in the Florida area and their owners have been doing great things to make sure that the pugs being released are at their optimal health, friendly, and ready to socialize with people. Confirm with them if they are a pug breeder that is AKC registered.

Address: Gulf Coast, South Florida

Website:  GulfCoastPugs.com

Pug for Sale in Florida: Florida Pups

Pug for Sale in Florida: Florida Pups

If you are near South Florida, Gulf Coast Pugs are a great option for you. They are reputed in the Florida area and their owners have been doing great things to make sure that the pugs being released are at their optimal health, friendly, and ready to socialize with people. Confirm with them if they are a pug breeder that is AKC registered.

Address: Florida Pups, 1668 Tropicaire Blvd, North Port, FL 34286

Website:  FloridaPups.com

Online Lists

For online lists, you can check websites like The Pug Dog Club and the Kennel Club. These companies are respected and recognized by dog clubs and dog communities. Search for a pug breeder in Orlando FL or nearby areas.

They have a list of pug puppies for sale and are connected with reputable breeders. These websites vet their members and are approved by the local dog clubs. They have a list of questions to ask breeders when you make a purchase.

Tips for Selecting the Best Pug Puppies

Here are some tips you can apply in searching for the best pugs for sale in Florida.

Ask Around

Ask around for referrals from your friends or if there are any local dog clubs for the breeders they know or a pet store with connections to a pug breeder they know about. Having someone you know personally vouch for a breeder is a great step ahead in your journey. Try to determine which one is closest to you.

If you are based in Orland FL, it may not be a good idea to take the time and drive in the opposite direction if you have pug breeders lined up and close to each other.

A good breeder is your best chance of getting the perfect pug puppy for your home. Reputable and ethical breeders will take the time to know you and will ask you questions related to your interest in getting pug puppies.

Tips for Selecting the Best Pug Puppies

Perfect puppy breeders will ensure their pug puppies for sale will be raised in a good and loving home. They will try their best to know if the buyers have the well-being of the puppies as their greatest interest.

If a pug breeder is no longer an option, you can also go to pet shops, rescue centers, and animal shelters and ask if they have pugs available for adoption. These places are also good sources of information for reputable breeders in the area.

Screen Pug Breeders

This is the most important step to get right. If you have an honest and responsible breeder, you have already overcome more than 70% of the process.

A legitimate breeder will provide a perfect puppy that has a complete health record or a health certificate. If the dog is a registered AKC breed, documentations will be given like AKC papers and other proof. A true dog breeder will not hesitate to provide a health guarantee for every pug puppy to be released.

Search for local breeders and take note of their contact details, office addresses, and office hours. Call ahead of time and schedule an appointment.

Once you are in their shelter, look for signs or red flags. If you already have a prospective puppy, try to interact with it to see how it engages with you. Remember that legitimate breeders will keep their puppies happy and energetic.

Create a List of Questions to Ask

Create a List of Questions to Ask

Prepare a list of questions to ask about the pugs for sale and about the local breeder ahead of your visit. Ask questions about the general health condition of the puppy, its parents, and health records. You can also request to see the parents of the pug puppy and get a good look at their current health condition and ask if the pug puppies for sale or the parents are AKC registered. Pugs that are mixed breeds tend to develop respiratory conditions and problems with weight.

Other questions you can ask are if the breeder provides the health guarantees or if the pups will be crate trained upon release and many other questions along those lines.

Check the Pug Puppies that are for Sale

Confirm if the available pug puppies for sale are in their optimal health conditions. If you can, make it a point to take a vet with you when you visit pug breeders to check on the pug puppies. If the puppies are already vet checked, ask for the contact details of the vet who checked the puppies.

Avoid puppy mills at all costs. They do not practice ethical standards on raising pug puppies. A puppy mill will release unhealthy puppies and will not consider the overall health of both the parents and the fawns. They also supply mixed breeds and never purebred pugs.

Check the Pug Puppies that are for Sale

Take a look at the puppy’s nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and skin for any infection, discoloration, and other signs that it may have underlying health conditions. Check if they have the updated vaccines and if they have been de-wormed.

Female pugs are heavy shedders especially if they have become mothers to 8-10 week old pug puppies. Pugs shed hair all year round, so be ready for that. Puppies shed more in their early stages.

Make note of how fast and spontaneous the breeder answers your question about the health of the pug puppies. A reputable breeder will have no trouble answering these types of questions.

Know What to Look for

Look for energetic and cheerful pug puppies. Healthy and friendly pugs are excited to see new people. Look for pug puppies for sale that have a nice, positive temperament.

Also, look for vaccination cards, AKC papers, registration papers, and the health certificate of the pug puppies for sale. You should be given orientation on the pug’s daily routine and habits.

white pug on garden

Be wary of mixed breeds listed as purebred pug puppies for sale. If the pug for sale is under the color unrecognized category, chances are, the breeder is selling you a mixed-breed puppy.

Compare prices among legit pug and dog breeders. If the prices are too low or become too high, you may not be getting what you are paying for. The common price range for a puppy between breeders is $900-$1500 in the local area.


eating pug

Getting a pug for your home is a decision you will never regret. They are among the best things you can have in the world. Pugs are reliable and provide the best companions. They are sensitive to your emotions and are dedicated to providing the comic relief you needed after a stressful day.

We’ve made it easier for you to get started on your journey as a pug owner. Here are some of the other topics we have created to help you search pugs for sale by location.