Puppy Games With Your Pugs

They say every child is special. So does every pet. And not just any ordinary pet, when you have that cute short muzzled puppy, it is like having a child too. Mind you, owning a Pug is like really having a kid, but in a less stressful way. Why may you ask? Well, both cry when they are hungry. Both need to have a mouth wiper right after being fed. And both need special attention to ensure that they grow healthy and strong. And since every child is special, caring for a Pug can be challenging yet very rewarding. So, when your pug is still a puppy, aside from feeding it accordingly, what is another important thing to ensure? Remember, Pugs are naturally indoor pets. Thus, they prefer to, relax and spend quality time with you. But, with this lifestyle, they might not help but become obese. When you feed them a lot, you have to make sure that they burn it appropriately. So, if your pug is still a cute little puppy, what are some of the best games to let them enjoy with?

Pugs Toy

Catch me if you can

This is one basic puppy game that your pup can play. You can either use a soft bite-size ball made of old cotton cloth or any material available. Just make sure it is no longer of use so no one will get mad at you. Then try to throw it next to him. Initially, he will try to get the ball, quickly take the ball before he reaches it. Do it a little farther each time. Not only that you get his attention but you made him move from his placid position. Do it little by little so as not to stress him out.

Stair-ing game

This next game, fur parents should be a little hands on. If you have stairs at your house, that is a plus point but if none, improvise is the key. Show your pup how to go up from one step to another. He may not initially get it, but you should be patient. You may try putting a snack to which step he should go to, so at least to motivate him. Then in a reverse manner, guide him on how to go down. Do it patiently since your goal is not only to teach him how to use your stairs but to exercise his cute little legs and paws.

Splash away

Well, what better game to play than to be in the water, with your baby? Yes! You can play a game with your pup in the water. Well, if your pup is still not used to take a bath every now and then, then this game will change his attitude towards water. Use a colorful rubber ball. Give it to him as a toy. Then try to get it from him and put it on the floor. When he is about to get it, turn on the water hose and direct it to the rubber ball to make it go farther from him. Then do it while splashing him some water from time to time. Bathing now becomes his new playtime. But of course, be mindful of the water.

Hoolaa pup!

Well, your forgotten hoola hoop can be used again. Show it to your pup and make him jump from it. Assist him by lifting his 2 front legs first then followed by the last two. Repeat until he eventually gets it.

Of course, every after game ensure to reward your pup with a treat. That is to give them positive reinforcement. Also, they easily get thirsty so make sure to hydrate them after every game.

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