(Pug Shiba) Shiba Inu Pug Mix

Shiba Inu’s are a rebel! They have very distinct likes and dislikes. And they won’t surrender to any bigger dog than them. Hence, socializing at times becomes a concern, but not always.

Let this not discourage you from planning to bring home a Shiba Inu Pug mix. This mix breed, a small dog will have a few traits of both parents, i.e., the pug and the Shiba. So you have the best of both worlds.

Wondering what it is to have a Shiba Inu pug mix around you?

Read on.

Basic facts about the Pug Shiba

The Pug Shiba is a popular hybrid breed! Shedding is frequent, as both the parents are known to shed frequently. So you can check with the vet to count on health care tactics that prevent or manage extra shedding. He will require a decent daily physical activity to stay fit! Add a variation by allowing him to play with your kids.

The Pug Shiba, unlike the Shiba Inu, loves to mix socially and play with kids and adults alike. He is the perfect family pet. Shiba Inu is one of the rare breeds of dogs, and the hybrid Pug Shiba too is scarce. Physically this dog is healthy and sturdy for his frame.

The look

Physically the Pug Shiba looks cute and adorable. The appearance is pleasant. However, the precise color depends hugely on the dominant breed of his parents. Most Pug Shiba’s are either red or tan having white marks. Some breeds might come with “saddle” pattern of fawn or brown behind his back with white stomach, chest and the legs.

A couple of hybrids might happen with the conventional Pug black marks close to the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Akin to the pug, he might have the curly pug tail! The dog comes with a deep and broad chest. At times, the Pug Shiba might be slightly chubby. But you don’t have to get worried on that. Your dog isn’t inclined towards weight gain. It’s just his plump look. The pointed Shiba Inu ears might be visible in some hybrids as well.

When it comes to the fur, then he will have it lighter than his Shiba Inu. The legs are short.

And if you’ve always loved the Pug brachycephalic, you might get it in Shiba Pug mix as well. Some of the minor health concerns are dry eye and minor allergies, which goes off with a primary dog health care.

The brushes you need to use

Since the Pug Shiba would be prone to shedding, using the correct brush and other accessories is essential. So it’s a smart call to opt in for a pin brush and nail clipper. The pin brush is perfect for his delicate body.

There are many types of pin brushes available in the market. Choose the one that has medium-firm bristles for better results. Your daily brushing frequency needs to be more. That will address and resolve the shedding concern to some extent.

Maintaining your Shiba Pug hybrid

If you want a dog that’s easy on the maintenance part, I’d suggest that the Shiba Pug is the best breed for you. You don’t have to spend hours on his grooming other than the basic needs. The only maintenance that you need to be careful about is that of brushing daily, as the dog has a frequent tendency to shed. You can use natural oils as you clean him. It will make the coat healthy and very shiny.

Also, make sure you brush his teeth for a couple of times a week. It will prevent the tartar buildup. And when you take time to brush his teeth, it will keep tooth decay at bay. Don’t over-bathe your Pug Shiba. Bathe him whenever it’s necessary. Trim the mails every three weeks or monthly as required. Both breaks and tears might be painful. It’s a smart call to avoid it as far as possible entirely.

Usually, your Shiba hybrid will be healthy and free from most diseases barring the occasional allergies and weaknesses. However, as a dog owner, you need to be aware of the diseases that are prevalent within this breed. I will name the common ailments to include:

Understand the Pug Shiba temperament

You have a delightful dog here! The Pug Shiba is playful, alert, very lively and loyal to the owner family. Initially, he might be slightly aloof with people he’s don’t see around most of the time. The moment he sees a stranger around him for an extended span of time and is sure about his motives, this small hybrid dog will become playful around anyone other than family as well.

The Pug Shiba is both adorable and charming. He’s highly intelligent as well. So do some research and buy him dog toys that stimulate his brain. Given the fact that the Shiba Inu is a rebellious one, the small hybrid dog isn’t very destructive.

But it’s not advisable to leave him alone for a considerable span of time. It would build up separation anxiety in him. The Pug Shiba is a very loving and loves to be around the owner family. However, when there’s anything that is questionable around, he will alert you with his restless behavior.

You can take out the Pug Shiba for a brisk morning and evening walk as well. Socializing might come slightly late for them. But if you start early, then they might cope-up better and learn to mix with other people and dogs around him. Never over-exert your Pug Shiba.

It will result in a short breath. And when the exertion goes extreme, the dog might have a cardiac arrest. Keep a small bottle of water whenever your Shiba Pug is out walking or exercising.

With minimal care tips, you can keep your Pug Shiba at home in a healthy way. You’ll have fun and be happy when this adorable dog is around you. Get one for yourself and derive the pleasure of knowing your dog gradually.