The Corgi Pug Mix

Last evening I met Bowie, half pug and half Corgi.

The dog’s got sparkling eyes and a perfectly symmetrical face. Not all hybrid dogs I have seen have facial symmetry. Though he had a straight face, I saw Bowie display his playful self in short intervals.

I recalled the Corgi I used to own and wondered how similar their body shape and energy were.

But there’s more you would want to know about Corgi Pug than just this. It is truer if you are mulling over to bring one home. Keep reading to understand more.

What’s a Corgi Pug Mix all about?

The Corgi Pug is a blend of two small dog breeds, namely the Pug and the Welsh Corgi. You can trace back the Welsh Corgi family to the Cardigan or Pembroke lineage.

Both are radically different breeds. Pugs belong to China and belong to the Mastiff family. And the Welsh Corgi is linked with the herding dog pack, regardless of its low profile look.

You may also call Pug as a companion dog. But both these small dog breeds are friendly and playful. These traits are seamlessly passed on to the Corgi Pup.

Have you been searching for an affectionate and adorable family companion?

Count on the Corgi Pug. You’ll find them sprightly, vibrant and adjustable. Their barking tendencies are low. You’ll only see them displaying restlessness and bark when there’s a danger at hand.

That aside, you’ll love your tan, black, fawn, sable, red Corgi Pug with/without the while flashing roaming playfully around your living room.

Now, let’s delve into the dog’s physical traits.


Physical features of the Corgi Pug

You’ll hear your vet call your Corgi Pug as chondrodysplastic dogs. The Pembroke Welsh corgis also get this name.

It means that this dog comes with slightly bowed limbs. Also, they might even be prone to back issues. This dog breed comes with a straight back.

Most adult corgis usually go up to 10 to 12 inches in height. They weigh anything between 23 to 28 pounds. Within a year, you’ll find them leaping into a full-size dog. Though my Corgi Pug kept growing gradually for two years!

Corgis will impress you with their waterproof coats, short and double. Black corgi pugs generally have tan and white that makes them appear tri-coloured, along with heads that range from red to black.

During their early years, these dogs look even more adorable with a fluffier, softer and longer coat than usual. Most Corgi Pugs make lovable pets. But their fur is not apt for a show ring.

Personalities: Don’t leave your Corgi Pug alone

I find dog personalities fun to discover! As days passed by, my Corgi pug grew more intelligent. They also have strong willpower and a quick response to things.

You won’t find this breed lazy. Instead, they’re animated and active dogs. On a humorous note, I often chuckled thinking that my Corgi Pug might have “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) like humans.

My little Griffin (the name of my Corgi Pug) wouldn’t love being left out even for a moment.

There’s something cute about these dogs as well. Though small breed, in their mind they have the energy of enormous dog, packed in a little body.

You need to train your Corgi Pug, with a kind and firm hand so that their talents shine out.

They also required regular dog exercise.

You’ll never want to leave a Corgi Pug alone for a long time. Neither should you subject him/her to excess exercise.

Both will make him bark excessively. You might also find your dog dig the floor pointlessly in irritation. So a kennel is not the best place for him if that isolates him from your family.

Majority of Corgi Pugs are good to go with children and other family members. They aren’t the violent or aggressive kinds.

A call to the vet

Usually, your Corgi Pug will have a stable and healthy body. But as it grows old, chances of ailments increase.

The Corgi Pug is prone to hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease and leg calve Perthes disease as well. Generic and regular medical check-ups will mostly include physical eye check-ups, blood tests and radiographs.

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Treating minor ailments is not a serious concern. The Corgi Pug occasionally are affected by minor health issues like glaucoma, patellar luxation, cataract and bladder stones. An ace vet will hand you over the recovery chart and routine to follow.

Life expectancy

It’s tough to say how long a Corgi Pug would survive. The lifespan differs from one dog to the other.

However, on an average, though you can expect a companionship of 12 to 15 years.

And like most dog owners, you need to be careful with the maintenance bit. Relax, you don’t have to lose your sleep over it.

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The Corgi Pug maintenance regime

My Corgi Pug used to shed heavily! It’s not a hypoallergenic dog. And this calls for daily hair brushing to keep the dead cells away.

Furthermore, regular brushing will prevent hair loss and will also get rid of the debris and dust that lie hidden in the dog’s coat.

You’ll also have to take a vet’s appointment for ear cleaning sessions. It will save your dog from all kinds of ear infection.

Furthermore, don’t forget to brush your dog’s teeth twice a week. It will help to keep dental issues at bay.

Daily exercise will prevent your dog from gaining extra pounds, which might make it lazy.

Some of the Corgi Pug owners I know often say how their dog gets stubborn from time to time. That might make the dog hard to train.

But I am not saying this to discourage you from getting a Corgi Pug in your life.

Don’t force your dog to do anything when it’s stubborn. Let him be and allow your dog to browse around your living. You’ll find your corgi swing back to his playfulness gradually.

A Corgi Pug makes a delightful pet. Fun, cheerful, adorable and occasionally stubborn they make an interesting mix. You’ll love to see them playfully roaming around.

Knowing all the pug mixes , can help you decide which ones to go for. Appearance is one thing, but the traits and temperaments matter too! Luckily, we have all these information for you.