The Husky Pug Mix

If you’ve never heard of the pug husky mix dog, of course most dog lovers does, then you should know that it is a dog that is part siberian husky and part pug. When these two breeds are crossed, the resulting dog is a wonderful mix of these two breeds. It can either have the fine coat that pugs typically have or it can have the thick coat that Siberian Huskies have. If the dog has taken more after the pug breed, then it will be shorter and smaller, whereas a dog that has taken after the husky side would be bigger. The appearance of these dogs may be unpredictable and they can have a squashed looking face that is similar to a pug’s or they can have a face with a dark mask and flat hanging or curly ears. In most cases, dogs that are a mix of husky and pug are typically used for search and rescue as well as protection services.

Ways To Take Care Of A Husky Pug Hug Puppy

When it comes to taking care of these hugs (husky and pug) dogs, they require a lot of exercises since they have a great deal of energy. They can be classified as a working dog and as a result, they need a great deal of physical exertion on a daily basis. Therefore, you should take your dog out for a walk every day, for at least an hour. A great idea would be to go jogging with your dog so that you both get exercise at the same time. If you have a closed yard, then you should allow the dog to play in it as well as play games with them such as fetch.

Ways To Train Your Hug Puppy

Next, you need to train your dog and you need to make sure it is obedient as a puppy. You should teach it to stay in one spot by putting it to sit and placing your hand near its nuzzle and saying, “stay.” Then, you should move from in front of your dog and away from it, repeating the command to stay. In the event that the dog doesn’t obey your command, then you should not give it any treats as a reward. You should only reward your dog when it obeys your commands. You should also teach your dog to come when you call it as well as to fetch. Many people wait till the dog is older before training it, however, it is best to start when it is young.

You should also take care to properly socialize your dog when its young to prevent any violent and aggressive behavior. You should ensure that it meets other dogs as well as other people, friends and family members on a regular basis. In addition to socializing your pet, you should also feed it a nutritious diet and ensure that you take it to the vet on a regular basis.

In closing, we have just looked at the husky pug mix breed dog and how to take care of it. Once you follow these guidelines, I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your new pet.