(Puggle) Beagle Pug Mix

A Pug cross Beagle is a mixed breed between a Pug and a Beagle. This is why it is also known as a Puggle. Since the two breeds are so adorable, they give birth to an even cuter Puggle puppy. A Puggle is such a craze among pet lovers across the globe because of its adorable appearance and its fun-loving and affectionate nature that makes it the ideal family pet. Out of the mixed breeds, the Puggle is the calmest of the lot and gets along really well with other dog breeds, animals and kids really well.

What mommy and daddy gave it!

The distinct appearance of this one of a kind dog is the unique blend of its parents. It has the best of both worlds. It has the adorable wrinkles of the Pug and gets its long muzzle, tail and ears from the Beagle in most cases. The unusual look that resembles a Mastiff gave rise to its popularity in the early 90s during the initial stages of breeding. It has a double coat that is very smooth.

The undercoat is quite dense and short, whereas the topcoat is relatively longer. Depending on the color of its parents, the Puggle can adopt its color and they come in a variety of colors like red, fawn, black, tan and even lemon among a few others. It is also quite common to come across a Puggle with a black face and a different colored body.

pug with fur hat

Size and health issues of Pug Cross Beagle

The average size of a pug and beagle mix dog measures up to 13-15 inches in height, and its weight ranges from 18-30 pounds. There is also a smaller variation of the dog known as the toy variation that measures around 13 inches or less in height and it weighs between 8 and 17 pounds. Unlike the larger dog breeds, a Puggle is not very active and likes to stay mellow most of the time, sitting at its favorite spot in the house.

Since a Puggle is a mixed breed, it is known to face lesser health problems, but it is vulnerable to genetic health problems if passed on through parents. Since a Pug X Beagle inherits a long nose from its Beagle parent, it does not suffer from any respiratory problems like Pugs. On the flipside, a Puggle is vulnerable to hip dysplasia which is an issue that causes discomfort for the dog’s rear legs. If you your find dog’s movement unnatural or if you notice him limping, you should immediately have it checked by the vet. Moreover, since a Puggle is prone to hypothyroidism, it has a good chance of becoming obese, infertile or even lazy if not treated early on. Although hypothyroidism cannot be cured, it can be effectively treated with continued medicine.

It is advised to buy your dog from a reputable breeder who does not let dogs breed early on and only after maturity.

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Temperament of the Pug Beagle

The Puggle is quite an affectionate and sweet dog that easily adapts into regular family life routine. It is very easy going with children and likes to play with family members and known ones. You better be willing to give it attention since it is quite the attention seeker and begins to indulge into mischief if it does not get sufficient attention and love. If your Puggle begins to get bored, it will start barking, whimpering, howling, wandering or even digging. So, give it enough tender love and care if you don’t want the little guy to start misbehaving.

How to take care of your Puggle

Taking your Puggle out for regular walks in the open will prevent it from getting unruly. Take your Puggle out for a walk at least twice a day for around 20 minutes or so. Make it a point to play with them for at least 20 minutes so that this can serve as one exercise session. Just make sure that you do not let it wander close to another dog since it will not obey your commands and run towards it to get friendly with it. Just like the parent Beagle, it does not obey its master’s command when it gets the scent of another dog or something as interesting.

Since a Pug and a Beagle both shed fur, it is necessary for you to brush your dog’s coat often to remove shed fur. Do give your dog regular baths but not too often. Just like a Pug, even a Puggle often has folds in its skin, so make sure you clean the folds regularly to remove dirt and moisture so as to avoid infection and any kind of unpleasant smell. Also, regularly check the eyes of your Puggle and keep them clean from dirt, irritation or any discharge.

Since Puggles have a tendency to get naughty and stubborn, it is advised to train them early on from the puppy stage so that they adopt good habits. Do touch their paws often so that they get used to it since dogs and Puggles especially have very sensitive paws.

This should make it easier for the vet to deal with the dog during check-ups. It helps to offer them dog treats as a reward when they follow instructions. This will lead them to obedience and make your job easier.

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Suitability and living conditions for your Puggle

Since a Puggle is a friendly dog, it is not advised to keep them outdoors. It helps to keep them indoors with family. This way they shall adapt well to family lifestyle and should be able to adapt to any sort of living environment including small apartments.

Puggles are beautiful dogs with a cool temperament. Any dog or pet lover should have no issues with them as such, and you will fall in love with that cute little bundle instantly. Go to your nearest pet store and bring home a Puggle puppy for your family right away. A healthy Puggle from a reputable breeder may cost around $1000-$1900, but they are certainly worth the price!

Knowing all the pug mixes , can help you decide which ones to go for. Appearance is one thing, but the traits and temperaments matter too! Luckily, we have all these information for you.