Boston Terrier Pug: Five Unique Features of a Bugg You Must Know

I am biased towards small dogs! They are a storehouse of expressions. And if you enjoy studying the expressions of the small breed dogs,you’d fall in love with the Boston terrier pug mix. The Bugg as it’s known as will win you with its liquid, round innocent eyes. The pug genes give your Boston terrier pug mix a big appetite. You have to keep a tab on the pup’s diet. Else it might turn fat and demand more food and start causing havoc for food, like a Gremlin version of a dog.

Surprised! Never thought that your little Bugg could have such a voracious appetite? Yes, then stay tuned and keep reading this post. I will share five such unique Bugg traits and facts that will baffle you, pleasantly. I Do you want to bring one home?

If yes, keep these fact shandy. But first, let’s start by knowing this small dog breed a little more.

The Boston terrier Pug – A brief overview

Boston Terrier bug

Being a cross between the Pug and Boston terrier, your Bugg dog is cute, fun and adorable. The overall stature is short with a straight tail, small legs, a short muzzle that finally ends at the dog’s blunt nose tip and a round head. You’ll find slightly wrinkled skin close to the muzzle. In some breeds, it hangs delicately. The eyes are almond shaped, and the small ears tips hang like its Pug parent. I have also found some Bugg’s having erect ears like a Boston.

I always suggest a Bugg to the first time dog owners. The adorable look and its small size make it highly manageable to people who’ve got no experience of petting a dog. It’s also a perfect choice for apartment life. Watch the Bugg walk around your apartment’s living room, and you can’t hold your straight face for long. The Bugg dog’s dopey expression is a perfect match to its huge dopey eyes. You’ll be delighted in the Bugg’s comical presence for hours. Hence, it should come with no more surprise if I tell you, that the Bugg dog today has become a popular choice amongst the first-time dog keepers and other dog lovers like myself.

A blend of impish looks and roguish charm, the Bugg dog can be stubborn at times! But it will be all joyful and happy for most of the time when surrounded by children, senior citizens and other family members. Now as promised, let me share the five unique traits and features about the Bugg. Here goes!

1.  Bugg’s are an incredibly low maintenance breed to own

You heard it right! Your Boston Terrier-Pug mix will need minimal grooming efforts. Consider bathing him once in a while along with brushing few times weekly, and the dog’s all good. You can do away with the need to take your Bugg to the groomer.

The coat for this breed doesn’t require excess attention. The skin is shiny, and it can repeal excess water and dirt. Also, Bugg’s nails don’t break on its own. You will have to clip it daily. Also, clean the ears on a regular basis and look if there’s any sign of an infection in both ears and eyes.

2. Your Boston Terrier Pug Mix is active and loves exercise

A huge part of your struggle ends here! You don’t have to lure your Bugg to exercise. Being energetic and enthusiastic, he will instead be willing to exercise. Buggs play in quick intervals and then rest all through the day. So a brisk morning or evening walk around your community block, or a morning short play session is ideal.

If you have a busy schedule, you can time your Bugg’s exercise hours and get it done. There’s no need to get your Bugg dog to walk many times in a day.

When you are out on a walk with your Bugg dog, carry a short leash. It will help you get better control and manage his behaviour effectively.

3. Buggs’ live longer

As I write this, I can instantly sense a twinkle in the eyes of every dog lover! No one wants to get separated from their dogs. So be prepared to take care of your Bugg for a long time. The life expectancy is thirteen eyes and sometimes even longer.

I strongly recommend a Bugg for people searching for an animal by their side for a long time.

4. Human interaction is essential when the Bugg is young

Bugg puppies are very adorable. And they love human company. So it’s necessary to get them to socialise with other animals and humans, at an early stage. It’s done to avert any unwanted behavioural issues that might crop up later. Buggs’ are smart and intelligent. Hence, dog training becomes easier. Few Buggs’ display a stubborn side as well. It needs constant training. Irrespective of this, they are highly responsive to a training technique which is reward based. And the good news is that with a loving hand you will find your Bugg dog responding faster than other small breed dogs.

5. These dogs have a huge appetite

Let me get back to the unique Bugg feature with which I started this post. Do not underestimate the Bugg’s appetite depending on its size. Your Boston Terrier-Pug mix is a “food lover”, if I am to describe it in a human attribute. A Bugg would and love to eat almost anything that it chances. It is the reason why Buggs’ are prone to weight gain and obesity. So here’s a quick suggestion to all the Bugg owners. Always restrict their food intake to anything between 0.75 and 1.5 cups per day of dry dog food. And the average weight of a Bugg is between 15 and 25 pounds. And it is suggested that you ensure the dog’s weight remains to that weight count.

On the health front, the Bugg can be prone to eye injuries and bulging eyes. A visit to the vet can help ease the situation. Go ahead and bring a Bugg home today. You’ll fall in love with this dopey eyed cute small dog!

Now let’s examine the parents, shall we?

Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier is a small breed of dog that is known for its intelligence and strength. They have a high level of energy and can be fun to play with if you have enough time for them. They can be good with kids, but they can’t get along well with other dogs.

Boston Terriers are compact, sturdy and well-muscled. They are a relatively low-maintenance dog with a short coat that is easy to groom. Boston Terriers do not shed, which makes them an ideal pet for people with allergies.

Boston Terriers are born brown and black and turn white as they mature. They have a short snout with round eyes, small erect ears and a tail that curls over the back when at rest. The Boston Terrier has a broad chest that reaches down to the elbows of its front legs.

Boston Terriers are friendly and playful dogs that enjoy being around people. They are easy to train, but can be stubborn at times. They do not shed much, but they do drool a lot. They enjoy playing with other dogs, but they should not be left alone for long periods of time.

The Boston Terrier is a very friendly dog that enjoys being around people and is easy to train. However, it can be stubborn at times and does not shed much but does drool a lot. It enjoys playing with other dogs, but should not be left alone for long periods of time.


Pugs are a crossbreed of the English bulldog and the pug. They are often called “bullpugs” or “puggles.” The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the pug as a breed, but it does recognize the pug as a type of “Pekingese” dog.

Physical characteristics:

The Pug is an adorable short-faced dog with a wrinkled face, large round eyes and bat ears. Pugs have short legs, with the front legs shorter than their back legs. They have a deep chest and an arched neck that gives them an almost hunchbacked appearance.

Pugs are gentle, loving dogs that make excellent family pets because they get along well with children

Final Words

Knowing all the pug mixes , can help you decide which ones to go for. Appearance is one thing, but the traits and temperaments matter too! Luckily, we have all these information for you.