(Chug) The Chihuahua Pug Mix

Want a cute and adorable small dog? I am guessing them you might be switching your thought gears between a Chihuahua or a Pug! Both breeds have a small stature. But that doesn’t take away their personality, which makes them a popular choice for many.

And if you aren’t able to decide between the both, you might as well opt-in for a Chihuahua-pug mix. Also known as Chug, it’s the best of both dog breeds you can have. I like the Chug because it’s affectionate, loyal and playful. All good things come in a small package.

Being a designer dog, with the best traits of two breeds, the Chihuahua Pug’s genetics aren’t simple. I suggest before you decide to bring one home, do your basic research. Discussed below are some essential facts about the Chihuahua Pug mix that you should know before purchasing one.

The Chug Dog Origin


The origin of the Chihuahua Pug mix is unknown. A documented history of small dogs suggests that 2000’s marked the emergence of Chugs. Ever since then it has been gaining popularity worldwide.

This dog breed is also known as Pugwawa or Pughuahua. Like the majority of small hybrids, the poodle ancestry doesn’t have any influence on Chugs. I guess that’s what makes this breed so distinctive.

A Chihuahua is a small breed of dog. It is the smallest breed in the American Kennel Club. The name “Chihuahua” comes from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where they were originally found and where they are still abundant. They are believed to have descended from the Techichi, a companion dog favored by the Toltec civilization in Mexico.

The Chihuahua’s small size makes it an apartment dog and it can be used as a purse dog for women or men with arm impairments.

Physical appearance of Chihuahua Pug Mix

Like most mix breed small dogs, the appearance of Chug’s will vary. Both the parent breeds have a varied color range. So, you can’t know if the offspring color always. Also, I’ve noticed both short and long-haired Chihuahua pups. It is difficult to predict the Chug’s final appearance. However, I have seen that certain aspects of their appearance can be predicted.

Expect a Chug or Pug Chihuahua mix to be a small, compact dog as both the parents breed are small dogs. They would be anything between 6 and 14 inches in height. Their weigh will vary between 10 and 20 pounds. But concerning strength, your little Chug is more muscular, sturdy and robust compared to its Chihuahua parent.

Similar to the Pug, a Chug have flopped down ears. Or it can also of a folded and medium length, like a Chihuahua. These physical features make them appear more loveable. You might want to cuddle up with your Chug after a day’s hard work and relax. Watching them trot around is fun too. I love when my Chug is all bouncy, brimming with joy and confidence.

Furthermore, Chug’s might have a coarse, dense and short coat similar to a Pug. It draws a silky and medium length coat from the Chihuahua parent. Also, these small dogs aren’t hypoallergenic.

pugs and chihuahua

The food and nutrition

Being a small dog breed, the Chihuahua Pug mix needs good quality commercial dog food. The nutrition mix should be created especially for small breed dogs. This nutrition mix is created in a way that it caters to the dog’s requirement for a high-energy.


Chugs are small in size. Hence, they needn’t be highly active in a day to stay happy and healthy. I have always maintained a moderate physical activity level with my Chug. It just works out fine. Taking out your Chug for a walk once a day and playing with them for close to 30 minutes is perfect.

Don’t take them out for long walks as they usually get fatigued very fast. Give them the dog toys as you play with them. That will keep your dog mentally stimulated and busy.

They would love their playtime!

Common health concerns

The Chihuahua Pug mix is a healthy dog breed. Most cross-bred dogs don’t suffer from any congenital conditions. It’s usually the case with purebred dogs owing to the vast gene pool. I don’t mean you will never face any health issue with your Chug.

Every dog breed sometime or the other experiences diseases. So, what about your Chug?

In my experience, you can expect minor eye issues, respiratory problems, hypoglycemia and patellar luxation. Additionally, there can be dental and joint problems. Sometimes, your Chug might also get skin allergies, ear infections, and a UTI.

But don’t fret! A regular check-up with the vet and regular grooming will put most of the health concerns at bay. You’ll find your Chug to be healthy for the most part of the year.

The Chug Temperament/Behavior

You will hardly find a dull Chug! They’re mostly free-spirited, vibrant and animated. Your Chug will want to play with you frequently. However, the dog’s temperament will differ based on the breeding. As a dog owner, I’d like to say, you may expect few combinations of Chihuahua and Pug like traits.

Majority of the times, Chugs are happy go lucky and energetic breeds. They always want to be friends with whoever they come across. Similar to Chihuahua’s your Chug can be slightly happy. Early socialization is essential. It will avoid issues with other children and dog breeds in the days to come.

how many chihuahua pug mixes


The Chihuahua Pug mix come short coats and small size, but it moults heavily. Pugs generally shed heavily. Also, Chihuahua’s don’t slouch in matters of shedding fur. I will suggest that you develop a daily brushing habit. It will make your Chug breed lose minimal hair and also look its best.

At times, Chug might come with facial wrinkles as well. It’s a good idea keep your dog dry and clean. Based on your dog’s habit, you can plan a cleaning ritual on a weekly or daily basis.

Small dogs generally are susceptible to periodontal ailments. I would strongly suggest that you make daily teeth brushing a habit. Using toothpaste specialized for small dogs are a good idea. Also, choose a brush that fits the size of your Chug’s mouth.


Chugs are an intelligent breed. They usually respond to the dog training fast. Use positive reinforcement-oriented training processes. That keeps their training session’s fun and short. It will keep your dog engaged. Early training is always a smart call.

Training should be done with a consistent and firm hand.

Now let’s examine the parents…


Chihuahuas are small and compact dogs. They have a long, pointed muzzle, large, round eyes and erect ears.

Chihuahuas have a history as old as that of the Aztec civilization. They were first bred by the Toltec people, who lived in central Mexico from 900 – 1200 AD, to serve as companion dogs for nobility and priests.

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. It has a long, pointed muzzle with large, round eyes and erect ears. It is believed that these dogs were named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico because they are known to be good hunters there.

This little dog has a lot of energy and loves to play. They are very social and will get along with other dogs and cats too. They are also very intelligent, but can be stubborn at times.

Chihuahuas are a small breed of dog that originate from Mexico. They are named after the state where they come from, Chihuahua. These little dogs have a lot of energy and love to play around with their owners or other dogs. They are also very social and get along well with other animals and people too!

Chihuahuas can be stubborn at times, but they still make great pets because they’re so intelligent!


Pugs are small and wrinkly, but they are also very cute. They have short legs and a short muzzle with a black or dark brown nose. Pugs can be any color, but they usually have a dark mask on their face.

A pug is usually very friendly and affectionate with people they know. They love to play games, especially fetch, which is why many owners get them a squeaky toy.

Pugs are not the best at walking because of their short legs and big bodies, but they do enjoy going for walks if it’s not too hot out. They need to be brushed every day to keep their coat healthy looking and smelling nice!

Pugs are loving, devoted dogs that are happy to please their owners. They like to be around people and other animals and make excellent watchdogs due to their loud bark.

Final Words

Of course you know about them. But just few points about pugs..

Bringing home a dog of your choice is a delight! A Chug will add fun, happiness and a childlike playfulness in your life. But it’s essential to give it the correct habitat and grooming habits to grow well.

Read the above-discussed points and add to your Chug Dog Breed research, before you bring one home.

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