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The Different Advantages Associated With Owning Pug Terriers

Pugs are often considered one of the most playful and affectionate dog breeds. They are entertaining, and the fun-loving personality makes it distinguishable from many other canines. Unfortunately, the inbreeding has resulted in many a physical build placing the pug at risk of several health complications. Regardless, pug terriers do remain one of the favorite types of animals among many pet owners. This article will provide information on the different advantages of pug ownership.

different advantages of pug ownership

1. Devoted And Loyal

One of the most beneficial personality traits of a pug is its loyalty and devotion to the owner. Purebred pug terriers are small in size with a condense snout, short legs, and large eyes. The short hair makes the animal easy to groom and maintain; so if you are searching for a loving pet that is easy to manage then a pug is the one for you.

2. Pleasant Temperaments

It is rare to find a pug that has an unpleasant or moody personality. While pugs do require more attention than the average canine, they are calm animals with a dignified air that is funny and loving. An attention-seeker, one would consider this animal to bark or run around; however, pug terriers rarely bark unless they are distressed. The friendly temperament makes a pug the ideal dog for people with children.

3. Caring Personalities

Pugs have been considered one of the ideal dogs to combat loneliness. While some people may consider pugs to be ‘stupid’, they are one of the most intuitive breeds and are able to comfort their owners when necessary. Evidence has found that people with pugs feel more loved as the pet will cuddle them in times of distress.

4. No Need For Large Spaces

If you live in an apartment or small property, the pug terrier is the ideal dog for your needs. A small animal with no desire to be too active, pugs are happy to relax in small homes. If they are provided with food, water, and a comfortable area, the pug can be a friendly pet for many years.

5. Portability Options

Due to the pug’s small size, it is not only able to live in small homes but can be carried from one destination to the other quite easily. This means that you do not need to leave your pet at home when heading on vacation. An intelligent and loyal companion, the pug can be portable and remain in your care without worrying about his wellbeing when away from your adorable pet.

6. Friendly To Other Animals

A polite animal, the pug terrier, is friendly to the majority of pets in the home, including cats. The only time they would not be friendly is if the other pet has caused them distress.

7. A Low-Activity Animal

To remain fit and happy, the pug is quite content to remain in a small area with its creature comforts. A low-energy dog, it is ideal for people who do not have time to exercise their animals or are not fans of high-energy activities.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Caring For A Pugston Terrier

The pug is distinguished by its short body, stubby legs, wrinkled face, and overwhelming eyes. While the majority of people would consider pugs to be uncomfortable in their build, they are surprisingly sturdy and can adapt to all situations easily. The reason for pug ownership is to find a pet that is happy to be near their owner and aims to please the human. This animal is the ideal option. In this article, we will offer information on how to effectively care for a pugston terrier.

Feeding And Nutrition

1. Feeding And Nutrition

While they are small animals, the pugston terrier loves to eat; therefore, you need to plan and monitor their diet carefully. High-quality dog food mixed with warm water would be the best alternative. Puppies tend to be fed at least three times per day until they are six months old, then you can head to a twice-per-day schedule if you choose. The majority of pug owners opt to use a once-per-day routine; however, it is very difficult to resist those expressive eyes when asking for a biscuit or ‘doggy snack’.

The type of diet being formulated is greatly dependent on the size of the pug as an adult. Furthermore, you should cater the dietary requirements as the animal’s digestive needs alter during the different phases of their life. It is recommended that you speak with a veterinarian regarding the formulas used and any supplements that should be added as the pug is a small breed. It is also important that clean water is available at all times to increase the pug’s health.

Grooming And Maintenance

2. Grooming And Maintenance

The pugston terrier’s short hair makes it an easy dog to maintain when it comes to grooming. Grooming can be an enjoyable bonding experience, and weekly brushing with occasional baths will be sufficient to keep the pug looking clean. This animal has fast-growing nails that need to be trimmed with nail clippers or even grinders to avoid splitting or cracking. Teeth should also be brushed regularly and ears cleaned on a daily basis.

pug Exercise And Activity

3. Exercise And Activity

The majority of pug owners will agree that this breed is ideal for people who do not have time to exercise their dogs or are not interested in high-energy activities. Pugs are content to reside is smaller properties with children or older adults. They enjoy eating and relaxing in a comfortable area; therefore, it is important to keep an eye on their weight to avoid any obesity. The pug thrives in moderate climates and should be kept in a temperate setting.

pug health

4. The Health Of The Pug

As with all dog breeds, there will be certain health problems associated with the pug terrier. The majority of pugs are healthy dogs, but the common health conditions can include eye infections, hip dysplasia, and pug encephalitis. Unfortunately, these conditions are becoming more evident due to inbreeding and increasing respiratory issues.

Final Words

Owning a pug can be a great deal of fun, but it is important to know how to care for a pug before purchasing this animal. Using the information, you can determine if you are able to care for the pet before committing to the purchase.

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A Closer Look At The Pug Husky Mix Breed Dog

If you’ve never heard of the pug husky mix dog, then you should know that it is a dog that is part husky and part pug. When these two breeds are crossed, the resulting dog is a wonderful mix of these two breeds. It can either have the fine coat that pugs typically have or it can have the thick coat that Siberian Huskies have. If the dog has taken more after the pug breed, then it will be shorter and smaller, whereas a dog that has taken after the husky side would be bigger. The appearance of these dogs may be unpredictable and they can have a squashed looking face that is similar to a pug’s or they can have a face with a dark mask and flat hanging or curly ears. In most cases, dogs that are a mix of husky and pug are typically used for search and rescue as well as protection services.

Ways To Take Care Of A Husky Pug Hug Puppy

When it comes to taking care of these hugs (husky and pug) dogs, they require a lot of exercises since they have a great deal of energy. They can be classified as a working dog and as a result, they need a great deal of physical exertion on a daily basis. Therefore, you should take your dog out for a walk every day, for at least an hour. A great idea would be to go jogging with your dog so that you both get exercise at the same time. If you have a closed yard, then you should allow the dog to play in it as well as play games with them such as fetch.

husky pug mix

Ways To Train Your Hug Puppy

Next, you need to train your dog and you need to make sure it is obedient as a puppy. You should teach it to stay in one spot by putting it to sit and placing your hand near its nuzzle and saying, “stay.” Then, you should move from in front of your dog and away from it, repeating the command to stay. In the event that the dog doesn’t obey your command, then you should not give it any treats as a reward. You should only reward your dog when it obeys your commands. You should also teach your dog to come when you call it as well as to fetch. Many people wait till the dog is older before training it, however, it is best to start when it is young.


You should also take care to properly socialize your dog when its young to prevent any violent and aggressive behavior. You should ensure that it meets other dogs as well as other people, friends and family members on a regular basis. In addition to socializing your pet, you should also feed it a nutritious diet and ensure that you take it to the vet on a regular basis.

In closing, we have just looked at the pug husky mix breed dog and how to take care of it. Once you follow these guidelines, I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your new pet.

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How to Get Going in Buying Pug X Puppies with Confidence

Despite the focus on pedigree when buying dogs and puppies, it is not that everybody prefers the pure breed. In the world of pets, there is a steady demand for cross breeds too. Unlike the purebred canines that bear the nomenclature and name of the breed it belongs to, cross breeds have names that show up the breeds from where it has originated. This can be explained by the dog breed named Pug Zu which is an offspring of Pug and Shih Tzu. Similarly, you would come across some other names like Bassugg that showcases Pug and Basset Hound as its parents. Likewise, Bugg is the result of cross breed between Pug and Boston

Terrier, and the hybrid of Pug and Chihuahua is named Chug.

puppy pug

The attraction of Pugs

The size of the pug is a great attraction for pet lovers so that space never becomes a constraint to keep it within the household. The Pug is most commonly found in households even though other small sized dogs are also liked by many. The beauty of Pugs is that it has the ability to fill up a lot of space with its high spirits and lively ways. They have the uncanny habit of making people laugh and smile with their antics as they have a great sense of humor. Another reason for its popularity in households is that Pugs are very fond of human companionship and love to stay close to people. The mild temperament of Pugs and their affinity to get along very well with children make them one of the most sought after pets among other small sized dogs.

High demand for Pug X puppies

It is therefore quite natural that whenever any cross breeding is thought about to produce small sized dogs that could be excellent pets, the Pug tops the list. Perhaps this is the reason why Pug X or cross bred Pugs are in high demand. The offspring of the hybrid might not be as small as Pugs to fit the bill as a lap dog, but it won’t be too big either. The demand for Pug X can be gauged from numerous advertisements all over including the internet that displays Pug X puppies for sale. For pet stores and breeders, Pug X makes a sizeable amount of business and can be put in the same bracket as purebred Pugs.

sleepy pug

What to look for in the crossbred puppies

The genetics of puppies that contribute to their health has to be scruti

nized before buying puppies to ensure that they have good health. Besides physical health, the mental health of puppies should also be considered. Pugs have the innate characteristics of being mild tempered and well behaved, a trait that should be looked for in Pug X puppies. In fact, this is what increases its attraction to find a place in households. The element of humor that is so special among Pugs should also be a consideration for pet lovers who want to adopt cross bred Pugs.

Where to find it

Your search for Pug X puppies could begin at home only. There are numerous websites that offer designer puppies, the category to which Pug X belongs.  These are also places where you can find purebred Pugs. When going through the website called DogsNow, you could come across a variety of puppies belonging to different hybrids derived from Pugs. From Brug to Chug and from Pug Zhu to Puggle, the list is quite long.

enjoying pug

Go to the breeders

In case you do not find your choice on the website, you could get in touch with breeders directly for your requirement. Websites like carry advertisements from breeders that could help you to find your choice. In order to get in touch with breeders, the website Dan’s Kennels can also come handy.

If you are interested in adopting puppies from rescue organizations, then you can browse through websites like Animal League America that cater throughout the USA. You may also visit the website of Owned by Pugs for further guidance.

Know what you want

Cross breeding of Pugs with other dog breeds would mean that the puppies would inherit the genetic traits of both types. Since you want a variation of the purebred Pug, it is implied that the major traits of Pug should be mostly dominant in the puppy.  If you like to have a hybrid of the quietness of Pugs together with calm and dignified looks and close companionship of Boston Terrier, then the Bugg is the best choice. Knowing what you want would help to shortlist the names of Pug X that might suit you.

cool pug

Health check is to be done

No matter from where you source the Pug X puppy, make sure that you make a thorough evaluation of the animal before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. The evaluation is based on ascertaining the health condition and paying attention to the health history of the puppy. Although sellers would be obliged to provide the certificate of health to bolster their claim of offering the best pup, you should never feel shy to check it on your own. Get assistance from a professional vet who can accomplish the task for you.

Assessing the mental health is equally important

It is not physical health alone that you should be concerned about. Since you are choosing a Pug X, it indicates that you have a preference for a puppy that can grow up into a well-behaved dog that would not be difficult to discipline and train. Moreover, the congenial characteristics of Pugs should be present in the puppy no matter whatever breed it has been mated with. To ascertain these traits, visit the seller and spend some time with the puppy that could give some indications about its temperament and attitude. After all, you are choosing the puppy with the intention of including it in your family and this needs careful evaluation before closing the deal.

Once you are satisfied with the evaluation, you can expect that the Pug X puppy could live for 10 to 15 years on an average depending on its parental lineage.

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Adopting A Pitbull Pug Mix Will Require You To Know These

You can pretty well go for experimental mixes of the pug, and this is a great way to explore newer traits. One such mix is the Pug and Pitbull mix, which is known by many names. Some of the popular names which all refer to this particular mix breed are Pug-A-Bull, PugBull, Pugabul and Pugbull Terrier. They are all same. But when you try to gauge their characteristics, this will need you to get through a close understanding of the characteristics of the parent breeds. Only when you know how the parent breeds are to live with, you would be able to anticipate a mixture of both traits in the mix breed.

What is expected from the Pitbull- a lot to know rather

Many people dread the pitbull with a notion that it’s extremely aggressive a dog. But you can always handle a pitbull the nice way with proper training. The pitbull themselves are a cross breed made from the Terriers and Bulldogs. They are famous for their fighting instincts, protective power, and the power to pin down animals. Earlier they were used in dog fights and bull fights. Now they are used as family dogs after the US government has put a ban on dog fights. With proper training they can be excellent family dogs. They are affectionate and loving, very loyal to it’s owner and family, and they exhibit this love and loyalty with great dedication, protection, and affection towards the family and the master.

They are not great for socialization though, and a threat to other animals and pets in and around the family, house, or in the park. That’s because of their instinct to fight and pin down animals. They don’t shed much, and have a neat and firm short furry coat. They are muscular, with a wide jaw, big mouth, and a big head.

They are very active, and needs much more exercising and play than other dog breeds, that is why they are not at all fit for apartment living quite contrary to the Pug. They need open space and lot of ground to play and burn off that excess energy which keeps them on and active all the time. If not given enough play and activity, they can get destructive in the effort to use that excess energy within, which will result in shredded carpets, boots, dresses, cardboard, books and what not.

Also pitbulls have the Alpha feeling and instinct in them. Hence to help your pitbull not get dominant and take over on you, you must always keep strict control on it, and never ever let it feel that anyone other than you is the Alpha and controller.

Characteristics of the Pug

The Pug is totally different than the Pitbull, and most of it’s trait are contrary to those of the Pitbull. The Pug is a small and cute dog, which is considered a lapdog for it’s habit to cuddle and stay in it’s owner’s lap through the day or whenever given the chance. It never leaves the side of the owner, and follows the owner everywhere.

The Pug is characterized by the funny face with square jaw, flat nose, big bulgy dark eyes, which gives the face a cute and funny look. They shed profusely but don’t slobber much. They are extremely affectionate, attention loving. They are very playful, mischievous, humorous, and loves playing with family and kids. The pug is not a watchdog or a protector. It’s just a cute companion and lapdog which is extremely loyal, and will never bite or bark on you. Rather it seldom barks, and generally never bites.

pug pitbull

They are perfect for apartment living, and don’t demand much of outing. Inhouse play and activities are good enough for them, and if you take it for a walk outdoors it’s a bonus.

What to anticipate from the Pitbull Pug Mix

The Pitbull pug mix is a nice family dog which sheds low and plays a lot. You will have to be prepared that it will bark quite often and too much unlike the quite pug. The Pugbull is quite good and adaptable for apartment living, and has a nice temperament towards family.

Appearance of the pugbull is short, weighing between 20 to 35 pounds. Nose color of the mix breed may be blue or red or black, and eyes are generally brown. Ears may be rose or button, and tail is very much like the pug, curled up sticking to the back and short. Just like the pitbull the pugbull terrier has a smooth coat and short fur. It inherits the short muzzle of the pug and the almond eye shape of the pitbull.

Normally a pugbull terrier would live for 10 to 13 years. It needs little grooming as it doesn’t shed much. Brushing on alternate days is okay. It needs t play and exercise, and demands activities. But training it may take time and patience. You must not let it go it’s way. Keep strict monitoring and tell it every time that you are the master.

pitbull pug

Adopting a Pitbull Pug mix

If you want to adopt the pitbull pug mix, you must carefully select the breeder. You won’t want a messy situation for owning a pugbull that came from a very aggressive pitbull parent. To verify that, and make sure that parents of both breeds were with great temperament and did not bear major generic diseases and problems, the breeder has to be a qualified and reliable one.

The pug costs around $350 and the Pitbull costs around $1200. The pugbull would therefore cost in between $700 to $1200. And this will vary from one breeder to another.


If you are looking for a family dog, that is friendly, looks sweet and adorable, needs minimum grooming, and is very loyal as a watchdog, and great with kids then the pugbull is a nice choice. It will demand just a daily walking and playing outdoors for some time, and you need to train it with patience.

Of the many colors of world’s favorite small-dog breed: Brindle Pug Puppies

Vodafone may have brought pugs into the limelight, but pugs were a prime breed since the beginning of this millennium. They have been around since the dawn of 400 century B.C. They were earlier most commonly seen in China and other Asian countries. It was 16th century when Europe saw its first pug being imported from china. All the pugs found today, in America and Europe, are accepted to be the descendents of pugs brought from China. However, they were only accepted as a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club or AKC in 1885.

What are the most common pug colors?

The American Kennel Club accepts two different colors of the breed: Fawn (082) and Black (007). Fawn can include a wide range of hues starting from light apricot to dark tan. Even a silver will be registered as fawn. This breed is known for its dark and lustrous eye colors (dark brown and black). Any registered color other than black is classified as fawn according to the AKC.

A few rare colors include the white pug and the leucistic pug. The leucistic pug has restricted distribution of melanin in its body making its skin look patchy like the Australian Shepherd and Great Danes. They are also characterized by blue eyes. However, these two colors are not accepted by the AKC.

What are brindle pugs?

Many people think that brindle is a color. Quite contrary to popular belief, brindle is actually a striping pattern that is seen rarely in pugs. The stripes are usually brown and grey, and it is also seen in other dog breeds including boxers and a few mastiffs.

What does brindle mean?

Brindle means tiger stripes and is not used to refer to a particular breed. It is often not restricted as the description of a species since this pattern can appear on guinea pigs, horses and cattle as well. The defining character of the brindle stripes are – the stripes are darker than the base color of the dog’s coat. If this describes the pattern of your pug’s coat, then you have yourself a rare brindle pug!

Myths vs Truths about brindle pug puppies

Now, there are a few myths and even fewer facts known about the origin of the pug breed. So the study of the origin of the brindle phenotype and the actual source of the “brindle gene” is quite unknown.

Myth 1: the brindle phenotype is dominant and will take over the entire pug breed.
Truth 1: Well, brindle does exist in other breeds as well, including, whippets, bull dogs and bullmastiffs. And time has shown us that these breeds have not yet been taken over by brindles. So why should pugs be an exception, we don’t know.

Myth 2: brindle pugs are weaker and that is why lesser in number.
Truth 2: Brindle is a rare pattern and combination of colors seen on a pug. It is not recognized by the AKC as a standard pattern. So most breeders do not breed these brindle puppies and as a result there are fewer brindles in every subsequent generation. Their breeding programs are designed in a way to prefer fawn and black pugs only.

Myth 3: brindle pugs are never pure bred.
Truth 3: we have heard this many a times before. Multiple DNA tests have been done in the past to check the genetics of pugs. While some of these brindle pugs contain genes from other breeds, this is also true for fawn and black pugs. Just because a pug is pure black or fawn does not mean you can assume their genetic purity. A few brindle pugs were found to be purebred after thorough DNA testing. Also, gene distribution and frequency shows us that, if the brindle gene came from some other breed about 10 or 20 generations back, your brindle pug is still more than 99% pure bred.

Is it normal for puppies to change color over time?

Color change is quite normal in pug pups. In case of brindles, there’s hardly any color change. But the coat pattern can evolve over time. You cannot expect a brindle puppy to become fawn or black over time. However, the intensity and frequency of a color can vary.

Do brindle pugs have the classic signs and marks of a pug?

A pug is usually identifiable by its mask, trace and thumbprints. Although these are far less conspicuous in a brindle pug, they are definitely present.

A mask is the black coloring of and around the muzzle. This is present since the birth of a pug puppy and does not elude a brindle puppy. The mask begins right under the chin and continues over the top of the nose, encircling both the pug’s eyes.

The thumbprint is the black mark you see on the forehead of your pug. If you have a brindle pug puppy, it will be very difficult for you to locate the thumbprint. It is very unusual for a purebred pug puppy to be born without a thumbprint and develop one with passing time.

The trace is by comparison is rare trait that appears as a pug matures. It is a straight dark line of hair that covers the pug’s back and ends at the tail-base. This line may be dark in apricot and fawn; in case of brindle pugs it is hardly seen as conspicuously due to its patterned fur.

Should I buy a brindle pug online?

Brindle pugs are very rare. This makes them a perfect, profitable product of puppy mills. So in case you find brindle pugs online, we suggest you check the background of the website and registration of the breeder before making any commitments. There are currently quite a few websites operating as fronts for puppy mills online.

If your breeder cannot help you meet your puppy’s parents or if he is offering multiple breeds at a time, for sale, you are probably dealing with a puppy mill owner or employee. Looking for very rare features in your puppy while puppy shopping online, is an open invitation for puppy mill owners to step in.

What is Albino Pugs?

Is albinism among pugs normal and how to identify an albino pug?

Albinism is a condition characterized by the lack of melanin in an organism’s body. This is a condition that affects human beings as well. However, it is possible for any organism that produces melanin to be affected by this condition. Albinism is a rare congenital disorder brought on by the activation of recessive genes. The manifestation of this condition is the lack of functional melanin-producing cells in the body. It does not show up in every generation and that makes its occurrence difficult to predict.

white pug

What is melanin?

Melanin is the milieu of pigments that give color to hair, iris and skin. When pugs are affected by albinism, they usually have a complete lack of pigments in their skin, hair and irises. This makes the albino pugs appear completely white.

How to tell albino pugs apart from silver fawn pugs?

Silver fawn is a color among pugs that closely resembles white. This is also one of the three categories of colors accepted by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Silver fawns do not lack any pigments and that is very apparent from the presence of face masks, thumbprints (the oval shaped marked on the pug’s forehead) and the trace in all silver pugs.

Albino pugs however, lack all melanin and are rather “colorless” than white. This means, their irises do not appear black or dark brown, as per the accepted norm. Due to the absolute lack of melanin under the upper layers of the cornea, the color of the blood vessels feeding the iris region becomes very prominent. This renders an albino pug’s irises completely pink (-ish). They do not have a mask. Although this is a character that sets this breed apart from other small dog breeds, the lack of melanin compromises the classic pattern on an albino pug’s face.

Are albino pugs accepted by Kennel Club’s?

The American Kennel Club or AKC accepts only two kinds of colors. Fawn and black are, in reality, two broad categories that host a range of hues. The Fawn category includes all colors varying from light fawn to a dark fawn that seems close to tan. The Canadian Kennel Club or CKC accepts three major variants: silver fawn, fawn and black. Silver fawn is sometimes really close to white and more often than not, the pug puppies will be born with a complete white coat. But within the age of 7 months they assume their original color coats.

To be very blunt and technically clear, albino is not a color at all. As a matter of fact, it is a condition characterized by the complete lack of it. Hence this is not an accepted variant at any well-recognized kennel club. Since these pugs won’t be qualified for registration at any KC, their puppies won’t be certified or registered either.

pug on white blanket costume


Does albinism pose extra risks to your pug’s health?

Albino pugs are extremely rare. And this has given very limited chance for the people to study their health and behavior. In the limited window of observation it has been noted that, albino pugs do not lack enthusiasm or the classic “pug sense of humor”. But they are indeed plagued by added health issues.

The regular pugs we see every day with the fawn and black coats face scores of health problems brought on by selective breeding to exaggerate their features. Their eyes are “unnaturally” protruding and that makes them extremely prone to injury. Cloudy eyes, squinty eyes and scratches on the lenses are the other most common injuries seen in pugs.
In case of albino pugs the chances of eye injuries are often pronounced by the lack of melanin. The complete lack of melanin causes albino pugs to be often photo-phobic, direct sunlight causes severe pain and irritation in their eyes. Albino pugs should be taken out for walks at night or in conditions where light is minimal.

The lack of melanin in the skin removes a very important, natural sun-block from the pug’s system. The complete lack of pigments also makes the albino pugs susceptible to sunburns and UV-generated skin cancers including melanoma.

Their basic form of immunity is lower as compared to their pigmented brethrens. They are very prone to fungal infections on their skin including ringworms. Ringworm is usually caused by Trichophyton rubrum, a dead skin cell eating fungus. Dogs with albinism are also prone to dandruff caused by different types of fungal manifestations. Usually treating these can be very difficult as albino dogs have very low tolerance towards sunlight.

Is albinism always absolute?

When we call an animal albino we usually mean they are completely devoid of any pigmentation. This usually holds true for most human beings. However, for dogs, albinism can be interrupted by sudden patches of color (or the other way round). This condition is called merle.

The name comes from the merle gene responsible for creating the interrupted patterns on the dog’s coat. This is very common in Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Welsh Corgis and Great Danes. But in case of pugs this is not as common and is again, not accepted by the AKC.
In case of pugs blue eye color is occasionally seen in puppies. Although extremely rare, if a grown up pug retains the blue eye color, it is considered to be leucistic. They are valued as “rare” however, cannot be re registered at AKC due to their unnatural eye color. Accepted eye colors for pugs are just black and dark brown as per AKC norms.

pug with glass of juice

The pug rockstar

Let us acquaint you with one of internet’s latest sensations whom you may have come across and loved, but rarely noticed as genetically exceptional. Internet’s answer to Grumpy Cat was Toronto’s Grumpy Dog – Cornelius. Cornelius has light blue irises and silver fawn skin without a mask. This is not albinism, what Cornelius has is an even rarer form of pigmentation – leucism. This happens when the cells that produce melanin are absent from only certain areas.

Albino pugs are different from normal pugs in quite a number of ways. They call for more care and attention owing to their lack of natural sun-protection and photophobia. But in reality, they are just as playful, intelligent and goofy as fawn and black pugs. There is no reason you should be apprehensive about adopting an albino pug puppy unless you want to train them specifically for dog-show and competition purposes.