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The Different Advantages Associated With Owning Pug Terriers

Pugs are often considered one of the most playful and affectionate dog breeds. They are entertaining, and the fun-loving personality makes it distinguishable from many other canines. Unfortunately, the inbreeding has resulted in many a physical build placing the pug at risk of several health complications. Regardless, pug terriers do remain one of the favorite types of animals among many pet owners. This article will provide information on the different advantages of pug ownership.

different advantages of pug ownership

1. Devoted And Loyal

One of the most beneficial personality traits of a pug is its loyalty and devotion to the owner. Purebred pug terriers are small in size with a condense snout, short legs, and large eyes. The short hair makes the animal easy to groom and maintain; so if you are searching for a loving pet that is easy to manage then a pug is the one for you.

2. Pleasant Temperaments

It is rare to find a pug that has an unpleasant or moody personality. While pugs do require more attention than the average canine, they are calm animals with a dignified air that is funny and loving. An attention-seeker, one would consider this animal to bark or run around; however, pug terriers rarely bark unless they are distressed. The friendly temperament makes a pug the ideal dog for people with children.

3. Caring Personalities

Pugs have been considered one of the ideal dogs to combat loneliness. While some people may consider pugs to be ‘stupid’, they are one of the most intuitive breeds and are able to comfort their owners when necessary. Evidence has found that people with pugs feel more loved as the pet will cuddle them in times of distress.

4. No Need For Large Spaces

If you live in an apartment or small property, the pug terrier is the ideal dog for your needs. A small animal with no desire to be too active, pugs are happy to relax in small homes. If they are provided with food, water, and a comfortable area, the pug can be a friendly pet for many years.

5. Portability Options

Due to the pug’s small size, it is not only able to live in small homes but can be carried from one destination to the other quite easily. This means that you do not need to leave your pet at home when heading on vacation. An intelligent and loyal companion, the pug can be portable and remain in your care without worrying about his wellbeing when away from your adorable pet.

6. Friendly To Other Animals

A polite animal, the pug terrier, is friendly to the majority of pets in the home, including cats. The only time they would not be friendly is if the other pet has caused them distress.

7. A Low-Activity Animal

To remain fit and happy, the pug is quite content to remain in a small area with its creature comforts. A low-energy dog, it is ideal for people who do not have time to exercise their animals or are not fans of high-energy activities.

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A Closer Look At The Pug Husky Mix Breed Dog

If you’ve never heard of the pug husky mix dog, then you should know that it is a dog that is part husky and part pug. When these two breeds are crossed, the resulting dog is a wonderful mix of these two breeds. It can either have the fine coat that pugs typically have or it can have the thick coat that Siberian Huskies have. If the dog has taken more after the pug breed, then it will be shorter and smaller, whereas a dog that has taken after the husky side would be bigger. The appearance of these dogs may be unpredictable and they can have a squashed looking face that is similar to a pug’s or they can have a face with a dark mask and flat hanging or curly ears. In most cases, dogs that are a mix of husky and pug are typically used for search and rescue as well as protection services.

Ways To Take Care Of A Husky Pug Hug Puppy

When it comes to taking care of these hugs (husky and pug) dogs, they require a lot of exercises since they have a great deal of energy. They can be classified as a working dog and as a result, they need a great deal of physical exertion on a daily basis. Therefore, you should take your dog out for a walk every day, for at least an hour. A great idea would be to go jogging with your dog so that you both get exercise at the same time. If you have a closed yard, then you should allow the dog to play in it as well as play games with them such as fetch.

husky pug mix

Ways To Train Your Hug Puppy

Next, you need to train your dog and you need to make sure it is obedient as a puppy. You should teach it to stay in one spot by putting it to sit and placing your hand near its nuzzle and saying, “stay.” Then, you should move from in front of your dog and away from it, repeating the command to stay. In the event that the dog doesn’t obey your command, then you should not give it any treats as a reward. You should only reward your dog when it obeys your commands. You should also teach your dog to come when you call it as well as to fetch. Many people wait till the dog is older before training it, however, it is best to start when it is young.


You should also take care to properly socialize your dog when its young to prevent any violent and aggressive behavior. You should ensure that it meets other dogs as well as other people, friends and family members on a regular basis. In addition to socializing your pet, you should also feed it a nutritious diet and ensure that you take it to the vet on a regular basis.

In closing, we have just looked at the pug husky mix breed dog and how to take care of it. Once you follow these guidelines, I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your new pet.

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Pug Mixes Are Almost As Popular As Purebred Pugs

Pugs can become your shadow. Such is its closeness with humans. This trait is one of the reasons why pet lovers think of it as the most adoptable pet. It is a mystery how pugs that sleep almost for 14 hours a day are such exuberant and expressive instead of being lazy. These playful pets are greatly attracted to children who also find the perfect playmate in them. A dog bite can be a concern when the pets mingle with children but pugs are child-safe because the shape of their mouth does not allow them to bite hard enough that can harm children. The good-natured pugs are often crossbred with many other breeds to produce some interesting variants of Pug mixes that pet lovers are fond of.

Affable nature encourages cross breeding

Designer crossbreeds have long been popular among dog lovers with the Poodle showing the way. However, the immense popularity of Pugs has made it a leading choice among breeders to innovate new breeds that carry the primary traits of pugs. Pug mixes have the mild temperament for sure, and it is the reason why it can be domesticated easily. The adorable features of pugs make breeders confident of producing lovable Pug mixes. This has widened the business by adding more variety to the already popular dog breed and is the reason why you see a lot of advertisements and websites offering Pug mixes for sale.


Health threats are controlled

Besides the lure of the good temperament of Pugs, breeders are inclined to cross breed Pugs in order to reduce the inherent health issues that are associated with the breed. The body structure of Pugs, especially the blunt shape of the face tends to pose health problems. In order to minimize such issues, breeders are keen to cross breed it with some other dog breeds that could help to change the shape of the face to some extent. Changes, like reducing the size of the bulging eyes or making the nose longer, could facilitate easy breathing and cut down some health risks. Genetic health issues might be reduced in this way. But still, there may be other health issues that you have to be alert about. Read on to know how you could know if the dog is in good health or not.

Look out for warning signs

Paying close attention to pets is the only way to monitor their health. The primary signs of sickness could be manifested in the form of change in behavior.

  • Change in sleep patterns, restlessness, reduced appetite and apathy for movements and exercise could be signs of discomfort linked to some sickness.
  • Check the body temperature of your pug at some interval. If you sense some health problems, it could help to detect the problem early. The standard body temperature should be in the range of 101oF and 102oF for any breed of dog.
  • Keep an eye on your Pug mix to see if it is breathing heavily. Although it is normal for Pugs to pant slightly when the weather is hot or it has undergone some rounds of exercise, in normal circumstances, it should breathe easy. If you find that the Pug mix is struggling to breathe, making wheezing noises or panting heavily without reason, it could be a warning for taking immediate medical action.
  • If you sense some strange smell emitting from the pet’s mouth or ears, it could be the result of some sickness. Bad odor can also occur from infections that occur within the wrinkles. Skin problems are not uncommon in Pugs.
  • Another warning sign that can help to detect sickness early discharges from the mouth, ears, eyes and nose. Some discharge from ears is normal that you should know, but if something else is observed, it is time to consult the vet.

The signs and symptoms that have been listed above are common for Pugs and are likely to be observed in the crossbred offspring too. Some of the most popular Pug crosses are described below.

relax pug


Cavapug is the name given to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which when crossbred with a Pug gives birth to the Pugalier. This species is a typical example of breeders aiming at increasing the length of the nose of the offspring while retaining the looks of Pug so that the breathing problems that affect Pugs can get reduced. Since both parents are known to be human-friendly, the Pugalier is a highly affectionate breed with minimum genetic health problems. The Pugalier retains the small size and the mild temperament of the parents that increases its attraction for being reared in small homes.


This is not the one that you find on the table. It’s a mix between the breeds Jack Russell and Pug. Generally considered a healthy breed, the Jug was first developed in America in the sixties. This breed possesses high energy and is hyperactive and therefore requires good amount of space to allow it to exercise well. Jugs are very fond of digging, and if it is ever allowed to go to the garden, better keep a close watch on it.

sleepy pug


Breeders introduced this breed in the eighties in America by breeding a Beagle with a Pug. The physical characteristics of this breed are determined by the gene of the dominant parent and can thus vary. However, the inherent health issues of the parents are passed on to the newborn. The energetic playfulness of Pugs is nicely blended with the intellect and skills of the Beagle and manifests in the hybrid.

Pug Tzu

When a Pug meets a Shi Tzu, you get a Pug Tzu that boasts of the happy and friendly nature of the parents.  The coat of Pug Tzu can be anything from the long and colorful coat of Shi Tzu to the short and black coat of Pug. Be watchful about the breathing problems that the hybrid is prone to.

There is some more variety of pug mixes like Chugg (Pug and Chihuahua) and Bugg (Pug and Boston Terrier) that have gained popularity among pet lovers.

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Adopting A Pitbull Pug Mix Will Require You To Know These

You can pretty well go for experimental mixes of the pug, and this is a great way to explore newer traits. One such mix is the Pug and Pitbull mix, which is known by many names. Some of the popular names which all refer to this particular mix breed are Pug-A-Bull, PugBull, Pugabul and Pugbull Terrier. They are all same. But when you try to gauge their characteristics, this will need you to get through a close understanding of the characteristics of the parent breeds. Only when you know how the parent breeds are to live with, you would be able to anticipate a mixture of both traits in the mix breed.

What is expected from the Pitbull- a lot to know rather

Many people dread the pitbull with a notion that it’s extremely aggressive a dog. But you can always handle a pitbull the nice way with proper training. The pitbull themselves are a cross breed made from the Terriers and Bulldogs. They are famous for their fighting instincts, protective power, and the power to pin down animals. Earlier they were used in dog fights and bull fights. Now they are used as family dogs after the US government has put a ban on dog fights. With proper training they can be excellent family dogs. They are affectionate and loving, very loyal to it’s owner and family, and they exhibit this love and loyalty with great dedication, protection, and affection towards the family and the master.

They are not great for socialization though, and a threat to other animals and pets in and around the family, house, or in the park. That’s because of their instinct to fight and pin down animals. They don’t shed much, and have a neat and firm short furry coat. They are muscular, with a wide jaw, big mouth, and a big head.

They are very active, and needs much more exercising and play than other dog breeds, that is why they are not at all fit for apartment living quite contrary to the Pug. They need open space and lot of ground to play and burn off that excess energy which keeps them on and active all the time. If not given enough play and activity, they can get destructive in the effort to use that excess energy within, which will result in shredded carpets, boots, dresses, cardboard, books and what not.

Also pitbulls have the Alpha feeling and instinct in them. Hence to help your pitbull not get dominant and take over on you, you must always keep strict control on it, and never ever let it feel that anyone other than you is the Alpha and controller.

Characteristics of the Pug

The Pug is totally different than the Pitbull, and most of it’s trait are contrary to those of the Pitbull. The Pug is a small and cute dog, which is considered a lapdog for it’s habit to cuddle and stay in it’s owner’s lap through the day or whenever given the chance. It never leaves the side of the owner, and follows the owner everywhere.

The Pug is characterized by the funny face with square jaw, flat nose, big bulgy dark eyes, which gives the face a cute and funny look. They shed profusely but don’t slobber much. They are extremely affectionate, attention loving. They are very playful, mischievous, humorous, and loves playing with family and kids. The pug is not a watchdog or a protector. It’s just a cute companion and lapdog which is extremely loyal, and will never bite or bark on you. Rather it seldom barks, and generally never bites.

pug pitbull

They are perfect for apartment living, and don’t demand much of outing. Inhouse play and activities are good enough for them, and if you take it for a walk outdoors it’s a bonus.

What to anticipate from the Pitbull Pug Mix

The Pitbull pug mix is a nice family dog which sheds low and plays a lot. You will have to be prepared that it will bark quite often and too much unlike the quite pug. The Pugbull is quite good and adaptable for apartment living, and has a nice temperament towards family.

Appearance of the pugbull is short, weighing between 20 to 35 pounds. Nose color of the mix breed may be blue or red or black, and eyes are generally brown. Ears may be rose or button, and tail is very much like the pug, curled up sticking to the back and short. Just like the pitbull the pugbull terrier has a smooth coat and short fur. It inherits the short muzzle of the pug and the almond eye shape of the pitbull.

Normally a pugbull terrier would live for 10 to 13 years. It needs little grooming as it doesn’t shed much. Brushing on alternate days is okay. It needs t play and exercise, and demands activities. But training it may take time and patience. You must not let it go it’s way. Keep strict monitoring and tell it every time that you are the master.

pitbull pug

Adopting a Pitbull Pug mix

If you want to adopt the pitbull pug mix, you must carefully select the breeder. You won’t want a messy situation for owning a pugbull that came from a very aggressive pitbull parent. To verify that, and make sure that parents of both breeds were with great temperament and did not bear major generic diseases and problems, the breeder has to be a qualified and reliable one.

The pug costs around $350 and the Pitbull costs around $1200. The pugbull would therefore cost in between $700 to $1200. And this will vary from one breeder to another.


If you are looking for a family dog, that is friendly, looks sweet and adorable, needs minimum grooming, and is very loyal as a watchdog, and great with kids then the pugbull is a nice choice. It will demand just a daily walking and playing outdoors for some time, and you need to train it with patience.

Pomeranian Pug Mix

When you are planning to get a Pug Pomeranian mix, it’s difficult to tell initially if the dog will look more like a Pug, or a Pomeranian. This mixed breed which is also called the Pug-A-Pom, Pugapom, Pugpom, PomaPug etc carries equal amount of traits from both, but the appearance varies somewhat from one dog to another although the mixing is done in the same way. It’s interesting to pet a Pug-A-Pom for many reasons. But before you find out all about that experience, get introduced to its parents first.

The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a nice small toy dog, good for a show, and also nice as a watchdog. They are cute and smart, beautiful for their furry double coat. They come in a lot of coat colors. The face is small, muzzle short and nose color depends on the coat color. The ears are small and straight above the head. Eyes are black, dark and almond shaped. Tail is furry and mall curled over the back. The fur has one inner soft and thick coat, and an outer harsh textured long coat. The furs are denser in the neck and abdomen region. It has very sharp teeth, and it bites and barks both on apt situation.

pomeranian pug

The Pomeranian needs firm handling and yet sensitive handling. There are some issues with it like the small dog syndrome which often affects some for their small size, and when they start thinking due to their handling that they are the leader of the human pack. Thus they get stern, stubborn, dominant which may pose a problem. But if dealt better from the beginning, trained well and strictly, then it can be a very nice family dog. They are intelligent and very good learners. But it’s not a great dog for the children in family. If introduced from the beginning with other animals, it gets along well with them, and also socializes well with stranger humans. It’s also a great apartment adapting dog, but needs a daily walk and some playful exercises. It’s a fussy eater.

The Pug

The Pug can be the center of attraction for the whole family for it’s excellent temperament, innocent large and dark eyes, funny flat and square face full of wrinkles, and the small and cute size. The small tail curls up at the back. It roams about all day in the house with you, and is a great companion. It’s as good with family and children too. The Pug has a few genetic health issues, but overall it’s a nice dog to stay with you as a friend, and never leave your side, not even in bed.

Pugs shed a lot, and you need a vacuum cleaner at a home where there is a Pug. But it has no drooling habit. It also doesn’t bite and seldom barks. It’s very mischievous and playful, and would love your attention all the time. Besides a Pug is a greedy eater, and will tend to overeat if not monitored.

The Pug-A-Pom

When you mix the two, the Pug and the Pomeranian, you get an excellent family dog the Pom-A-Pug.


The weight of a Pug-A-Pom will be around 14 pounds. It will have a mixed look of the Pug and the Pomeranian. The face will not be as flat as a Pug, but eyes will be bulged enough. The ears may be erect or floppy. The body is lean, and neck is thick. Tail is curly and the color of the coat is inherited from its parents through a blend.


It has inherited it’s excellent temperament, charming personality, great mood and affectionate nature from either parents and specially the Pug. A very noticeable trail in Pug-A-Poms is that they are too loyal, and fans of their owners, and would do anything to please the master. They are apparently calm and very good with children in the family, and also with other pets. They show an amazing blend of playful nature and composed personality. Just like the Pomeranian, the Pom-A-Pug may alert the coming of any stranger with instant sharp barking.


You need to give the Pom-A-Pug moderate space inside the house to run and play. It won’t demand more than that. They love playing and running around, and these activities provides it it’s daily dose of exercises. Yet if you can manage time to take it to a dog park or a walk everyday, then it would stay even fitter and healthier.

Training and Feeding

Just like the Pomeranian the Pom-A-Pug is also a very good learner, and has the urge and will to learn. That is why training it is easy and requires less effort. The Pug-A-Pom is best fed on dry dog food with it’s dose of daily vitamin and nutrients mixed in the food. It would always try to overeat like it’s Pug parent, and hence strict monitoring on it’s eating is required.


The Pug-A-Pom sheds moderately, and it’s not close to alarming. Even maintenance is also low for this mixed breed.

pug mix

Other habits

The dog strives best in a warm weather. Extreme climates are not good for it. It’s playful, active, and yet calm in personality. It won’t bark normally unless there is some intrusion, and in such a case it will cry shrill. It’s normally independent and happy, and quite well behaved.


The Pug-A-Pom has no significant allergies to mention. It normally lives a life span of around 12 years. Overall, health is not a concern with the Pug Pomeranian mix. The only thing you will have to take care is that their skin doesn’t get too dry during the winters.


If you want to buy a Pug-A-Pom you must choose the breeder wisely. The better the selection of the parents are, the better will be the mix breed. The cost of a Pug-A-Pom is around $700 to $800. The recurring expenses on it are like other dog breeds where you bear the medical expenses, vaccination neutering and all such costs.

Adopting A Pug Bulldog Mix Requires Knowing All Of These

A Pug mixed with a Bulldog makes a new breed and has two names. You may call it a Bull-Pug or a Miniature Bulldog owing to the small size and Pug like looks of the Bulldog. There is quite a lot of controversy with the history of the Miniature Bulldog. Breeders are often themselves misled with conceptual notions. Some thinks that the real Bulldog that is bred to look small is the actual miniature bulldog. Some breeders mix the Pug with the Bulldog to make the same. Some also confuse people by saying that a Miniature Bulldog is a Toy Bulldog, which is totally wrong, and in reality the toy Bulldog is an extinct breed of dog. The actual Miniature Bulldog is the mix of a Pug and the Bulldog.

If you want to pet one, you must know about it in details. Before jumping into the characteristics of a Bull-Pug, you must have a clear understanding of what to anticipate, by knowing its parents well. Here is a short overview of a Bulldog and a Pug to make your concepts clearer.

pugs mix

The Pug

Pugs are small and amiable, affectionate, passionate, cuddly and fun loving creatures. These dogs are loved for their amazing inclination towards family life and companionship, and their great adorable temperament and sense of humor. They would never leave the side of their master, and love to be fondled, cuddled and attended. The flat face, square shape, and big black eyes make them unmistakably noticeable. They have a cute little tail that sticks up curled to the body. They love to stay indoors, and love to eat and play. Their favorite place would be your lap, and would not mind staying the whole day in your lap, or sticking to you wherever you go, and even to your bed.

The Bulldog

The Bulldog was once used in bullfights in the 1500s in England. At that time this dog was trained to be aggressive, fierce, strict, courageous, mighty, and attacking- but not towards its master or human companions, and rather to guard them. It was a wonderful guard and watchdog. All these qualities were made to put on show, when the dog was made to fight the bull in a ring, and pin it down. On the other hand, the bull tried guarding itself by throwing it off its back. This game brought this breed of dog its famous name, the Bulldog. Later as due to the violence in this game, it was banned, and the Bulldog was bred by a small number of dog lovers and breeders.overs and breeders.

pitbull pug

It was at this time, that the Bulldog was trained to be a family dog, and not as attacking and aggressive as it were. Nowadays, Bulldogs are obedient, patient and reliable family dogs, which are great with the family, good and responsible with children, sensitive and obedient, and very social when trained well. However they are slow learners, and as the master you have to have the patience to train it well.

The Bull-Pug

Now coming to the mixed breed the Bull-Pug, you would love to know that it has inherited most of the good things from both the parent breeds, and is therefore an excellent family dog that mingles well and stays great with you through its life.


The Bull-Pug measures between 12 to 16 inches and weight between 20 to 40 pounds. It inherits the fused looks of the Bulldog and the Pug. The eyes are wide and big, black and dark but almond shaped. Muzzle is shorter than the Bulldog and longer than the Pug. Head is round and nose is black. The coat is short and fine, and body is heavily muscular. The common colors are black, silver and white.

The Temperament

It’s always happy and fun loving. You will find it sticking with you and the family always. It has a lovely friendly nature, happy mood, playful mind, and loves a lot of affection and attention just like the Pug. The Bull-Pug also loves couching on the lap or bed or couch with you, and it’s a great companion. It plays with children, and do not bark at strangers, and doesn’t get aggressive. You can depend on it. However it gets stubborn at times when it runs on its own mind. Hence, training it can demand patience and time. As the pup it is more active and playful, and as it ages it grows calmer. It gets quite messy while eating and also has habits of snoring and drooling.

buldog and pig

It’s important to note though that the Bull-Pug is not a watchdog. It rarely barks, and never bites unless extremely instigated. Rather it may welcome in strangers and get friends with them soon.


Though the Miniature Bulldog is great for apartment living, and can easily adapt with it, yet it needs some playtime outdoors. A small walk, a little park strolling makes it happy. It has to be trained with patience and consistency, as it quickly gets bored and also learns slow.


If you are to live with a Bull-Pug, you need a vacuum cleaner at home. It sheds moderate to high, and hence you need to brush it daily or on alternate days, and also vacuum surfaces it had been on everyday. Brushing teeth twice a week, and ear cleaning once a week is best. Bathing everyday is not required though.

If you have other pets at home, then you must bring home a pup which gets time to adjust and socialize. The same applies with children at home to; the pup must be introduced to them as early as possible. The earlier you train it to socialize the better.

Where to buy one?

It’s always advised that you choose a dependable reputed breeder whom you may address and talk to whenever you have a problem later. Most reputed breeders would not give you a dog, which will be an easy carrier of the common Bull-Pug health concerns like, epilepsy, eye problems, reverse sneezing, nerve degeneration, hip dysplasia, yeast infection etc.

Also to buy one you will have to spend some $1200 to $2500, as it’s an expensive breed. The annual medical expenses on it would be around $500 and other expenses would be around $400.

Learning All About A Puxer- A Mix Of Pug And Boxer Before You Pet One

When you are going for a Pug and Boxer mix, which is called a Poxer, then you will definitely have a lot of questions about the mixed breed. How the dog is going to look like, the temperament, the friendliness, aggression, shedding, activities, health, care needed, are some such things which will daunt you until you know it all.

What to anticipate from a Poxer

Being a mixed breed, a Poxer will inherit the characteristics of both the breeds. There are some signature traits of a Pug which will be inherited, and again some signature traits of the Boxer which also will come in the Poxer. Now it depends on how recessive or dominant the genes of either parents are, which will finally establish the dominance of one similar trait over another.

pug and boxer breed

It is generally assumed, that with a Poxer, you will be enjoying 50% of a Boxer and 50% of a Pug. Yet, only you can tell how the experience is after petting one for a while. The best way to get ready for the anticipated characteristics of a Pug Boxer mix is by knowing what the parental characteristics are.

The significant characteristics of a Boxer

You would recognize a Boxer with a short muzzle and small face with folds of skin on both sides of the snout. A Boxer is a good watchdog, which can be tamed as a nice family dog when you get one to train from the puppy stage. It needs a lot of exercises, activities and training. It won’t bark shrill or try biting. Rather it’s quite polite and welcoming towards a stranger. On seeing strangers, Boxers make a nice welcoming sound, wag their tails, and observe the person. But the dog won’t get aggressive on strangers normally unless the breed is from the German line.

They are brilliant watchdogs, and can take care of babies, property, and you real well. They are very good companions. They shed a lot, drool a lot, and also are prone to heat strokes in hot weathers. You have to take a Boxer out of the house for a run, and playful activities, romping etc everyday. It’s also a witty and quite stubborn dog, which will carry on with a job with a mindset, and only when the master is more tricky and stubborn, you may take over on it. As puppies they are quite active, always jumping around and very playful. They encounter a lot of health problems though, and don’t have a long life.

The significant characteristics of a Pug

The Pug is a cute family dog. It’s famous for its innocent and funny square flat face, which has a flat nose, lots of skin folds or wrinkles, large black innocent eyes, and a short tail that sticks curled up to the back. The Pug is very cuddly, adorable, and will always follow you wherever you go. It’s a very people centric dog, and loves to be with companions, kids, and family. It’s playful, makes funny moves, and has a great sense of humor. The Pug is perfect for apartment living, as it never demands an outing normally, and is quite good to go inside the house. It will always stick to you, try to sit on your lap, love affection and attention from you, and if allowed would also share your bed. It doesn’t drool as such, but sheds a lot. It loves eating, and often eats a lot if you don’t control its food quantity. Thus a Pug gets obese soon. They are mischievous and would make ways to skip out of training, but a strict master can train a Pug well. Pugs have no such serious health issues. Due to the flat face their eyes are prone to injury. The skin under the folds of wrinkles also needs frequent cleaning to avoid microbial infections and irritations.

tounge out pug

The mixed characteristics seen in most Pug Boxer mixes

Now coming to the characteristics of Poxer, you would obviously find some interesting blends in it inherited from both parents to form a new line. Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • A Poxer has the face of a Pug, with the muzzle not as short as the Pug, and yet shorter than the Boxer. Eyes are of the Pug with ears of the Boxer. It has little wrinkles on face.
  • The tail is like the Pug, short and curled to the body.
  • The weight of a Poxer can vary around 26 pounds
  • Generally a mix of fawn and silver colored coats is common in them
  • The Poxer makes an amazing companion. It would stick beside you all the time, and is a cute little family dog.
  • It sheds average, not as much as the Pug.
  • The Poxer inherits the ability to become an excellent watchdog from the Boxer, and yet it doesn’t bark much.
  • The dog is relatively healthy, and doesn’t have as such any allergies.

The bonus points of owning a Poxer

As the goodness of a Pug and Boxer gets blended you like a few things about the Poxer which are:

  • Its cute face and short body stature
  • Friendly temperament and affectionate nature with family
  • Fair health
  • Medium activity
  • Lesser shedding
  • Great monitoring as a watchdog

Where to get a Poxer?

You would get a lot of people selling Pug mixes. And a Pug Boxer mix is not rare too for all its good habits. But it would be sensible to purchase a Poxer from a good breeder who has the reputation for choosing the parent dogs wisely by genetically filtering them. This will save you from much harassment later due to bad temper, habits and health of the pet. It’s easy to spot a good breeder and seller online in your area.pug boxer breed

The estimated cost of a Poxer

The cost of a Poxer depends a lot on the demographics and the pedigree of the parents used to breed it. An estimated cost revolves around $300.

Petting A Dachshund Pug mix Can Be Quite Exciting

Planning to bring home a mix of the Pug and the Dachshund is a good idea. That’s because this mix dog breed, which is also called a Daug in short, is famous for having a very nice temperament, quite amiable an nature, and can win hearts at all places. The Daug has mixed characteristics. Many of them are inherited from the Pug, and many from the Dachshund.

At a glance

Here are some typical characteristics of the typical Daug, which you would notice at a glance:

  • A cute and smart dog by appearance and nature both
  • Good as a companion
  • Physically strong
  • Healthy, shining nice coat

It’s quite interesting to note about the Dachshund Pug mix that even highly allergic people can pet a Daug without having any problem.

All you need to know about the Pug

The Pug is famous for its cute looks and temperament both. Originated in China, the Pug is a toy dog, basically meant to be a companion than for any other purpose. It is also a lap dog, and couches on the lap of the master most of the time. With a short and square muzzle, lots of wrinkles on face, and a big head, the Pug has a flat and square face. Eyes are round large and black, and bulging. The tail is cute, and small, and sticks to the back tightly curled up. There is a trail of dark line running from the head to the back till tail, and in full dark Pugs you won’t notice that.

The Pug is a highly affectionate dog, and is a real companion. It won’t leave you for a moment, and loves to play, have fun, and get lots of attention. Again it returns back the love and attention it is given with extreme love, loyalty, companionship and affection. The dog seldom barks, and is quite playful and quick as the pup, and with aging grows sluggish. The Pug is such a dog which sheds profusely through the year whatever weather or season it is.

All you need to know about the Dachshund

This dog quite contrary to the Pug has a history of being a fighter or hunter. It is a German breed, and famous as a hunting dog, which was used for finding badgers from their holes. The short legs of the breed gave them access to the holes easily.

Now some of the prominent Dachshund features are a long body, with short legs, drooping long ears, short haired coat and available in tan, red and black colors. Normally they weigh 15 to 22 pounds, and height is between 5 and 9 inches. They come in both long and wirehaired varieties, and short and straight hair varieties.

Dachshunds are very loyal dogs, and will stay by their masters. They are obedient if trained well, and with proper socialization they are good with family and children. They have a fairly good temperament, and are no longer treated as hunting dogs.

The traits you would see in a Daug

You will find the following traits in Daug, though they may vary depending on the amount of inheritance from each parent breed:

  • Color can be generally black or brown
  • The coat is generally short haired
  • Now both the parent breeds are small, thus giving the Daug to a small body
  • The weight generally doesn’t exceeds 10 kg
  • Face is with a short muzzle and the body is long like the Dachshund and short height. This special body shape has fetched it it’s name as the sausage dog too.
  • Healthier than the pure breedspug with bow

The temperament of a Daug

The temperament of a Dachshund Pug mix is really interesting to note and enjoy. It is as cute and cuddle as the Pug, and yet proud as the Dachshund. The Daug is curious, wants to find out what is what, and would turn into everything. Yet it is going to stick to you through the day like the Pug is. Both the parent breeds are great companions, specially the Pug being also referred to as the Velcro dog for it’s never ending zeal in sticking to the master. The Daug has inherited this spirit.

It is a great learner, and can be trained real well. It is not aggressive, and will not try to bite or shout at people. But it is a nice dog to watch you and protect. It will be great with the family with or without children, when it’s properly trained to socialize. It is amiable and fun loving, playful, and is a good and reliable family dog.

How much does a Dachshund Pug mix costs?

The Dachshund Pug mix costs variably, and the varying price depends on a few factors. One factor is the character of the mix breed, and the next is the age. The price of a puppy and that of a young or grown up will differ. Again as per the amount of trait the Daug has received from its parent breeds, the price will vary. A Daug with half of a Pug and half of a Dachshund characters will tend to be higher, whereas the price for a Daug with 25% of Pug and the rest of the Dachshund characters will be lower.

studio pug

How to choose the best Daug?

If you want to get a Daug, then there are apparently two ways you may get it. One is by directly buying it from a seller or breeder. Another option is to get a rescued Daug from a dog shelter. Both ways are dependent on money; you will have to pay the price for the pup or dog.

If you are getting it from a seller, always ask about the breeder. It’s wise to buy one from the breeder directly, and know complete information of its parent breeds. That is the best way you will know what to expect from your pet. It’s always good to know what to anticipate than to face problems due to ignorance later.

All That You Need to Know About the Beagle Pug Mix

A Pug Beagle Mix is a mixed breed between a Pug and a Beagle. This is why it is also known as a Puggle. Since the two breeds are so adorable, they give birth to an even cuter Puggle puppy. A Puggle is such a craze among pet lovers across the globe because of its adorable appearance and its fun-loving and affectionate nature that makes it the ideal family pet. Out of the mixed breeds, the Puggle is the calmest of the lot and gets along really well with other dog breeds, animals and kids really well.

What mommy and daddy gave it!

The distinct appearance of this one of a kind dog is the unique blend of its parents. It has the best of both worlds. It has the adorable wrinkles of the Pug and gets its long muzzle, tail and ears from the Beagle in most cases. The unusual look that resembles a Mastiff gave rise to its popularity in the early 90s during the initial stages of breeding. It has a double coat that is very smooth. The undercoat is quite dense and short, whereas the topcoat is relatively longer. Depending on the color of its parents, the Puggle can adopt its color and they come in a variety of colors like red, fawn, black, tan and even lemon among a few others. It is also quite common to come across a Puggle with a black face and a different colored body.

pug with fur hat

Size and health issues of a Puggle

The average size of a beagle pug mix dog measures up to 13-15 inches in height, and its weight ranges from 18-30 pounds. There is also a smaller variation of the dog known as the toy variation that measures around 13 inches or less in height and it weighs between 8 and 17 pounds. Unlike the larger dog breeds, a Puggle is not very active and likes to stay mellow most of the time, sitting at its favorite spot in the house.

Since a Puggle is a mixed breed, it is known to face lesser health problems, but it is vulnerable to genetic health problems if passed on through parents. Since a Pug Beagle Mix inherits a long nose from its Beagle parent, it does not suffer from any respiratory problems like Pugs. On the flipside, a Puggle is vulnerable to hip dysplasia which is an issue that causes discomfort for the dog’s rear legs. If you your find dog’s movement unnatural or if you notice him limping, you should immediately have it checked by the vet. Moreover, since a Puggle is prone to hypothyroidism, it has a good chance of becoming obese, infertile or even lazy if not treated early on. Although hypothyroidism cannot be cured, it can be effectively treated with continued medicine.

It is advised to buy your dog from a reputable breeder who does not let dogs breed early on and only after maturity.

pug and chick

Temperament of the Puggle

The Puggle is quite an affectionate and sweet dog that easily adapts into regular family life routine. It is very easy going with children and likes to play with family members and known ones. You better be willing to give it attention since it is quite the attention seeker and begins to indulge into mischief if it does not get sufficient attention and love. If your Puggle begins to get bored, it will start barking, whimpering, howling, wandering or even digging. So, give it enough tender love and care if you don’t want the little guy to start misbehaving.

How to take care of your Puggle

Taking your Puggle out for regular walks in the open will prevent it from getting unruly. Take your Puggle out for a walk at least twice a day for around 20 minutes or so. Make it a point to play with them for at least 20 minutes so that this can serve as one exercise session. Just make sure that you do not let it wander close to another dog since it will not obey your commands and run towards it to get friendly with it. Just like the parent Beagle, it does not obey its master’s command when it gets the scent of another dog or something as interesting.

Since a Pug and a Beagle both shed fur, it is necessary for you to brush your dog’s coat often to remove shed fur. Do give your dog regular baths but not too often. Just like a Pug, even a Puggle often has folds in its skin, so make sure you clean the folds regularly to remove dirt and moisture so as to avoid infection and any kind of unpleasant smell. Also, regularly check the eyes of your Puggle and keep them clean from dirt, irritation or any discharge.

Since Puggles have a tendency to get naughty and stubborn, it is advised to train them early on from the puppy stage so that they adopt good habits. Do touch their paws often so that they get used to it since dogs and Puggles especially have very sensitive paws. This should make it easier for the vet to deal with the dog during check-ups. It helps to offer them dog treats as a reward when they follow instructions. This will lead them to obedience and make your job easier.

pug in star wars costume

Suitability and living conditions for your Puggle

Since a Puggle is a friendly dog, it is not advised to keep them outdoors. It helps to keep them indoors with family. This way they shall adapt well to family lifestyle and should be able to adapt to any sort of living environment including small apartments.

Puggles are beautiful dogs with a cool temperament. Any dog or pet lover should have no issues with them as such, and you will fall in love with that cute little bundle instantly. Go to your nearest pet store and bring home a Puggle puppy for your family right away. A healthy Puggle from a reputable breeder may cost around $1000-$1900, but they are certainly worth the price!

All about The Frenchie Pug: Frug

The Frenchie Pug does not belong to the category of purebred dogs. It is the cross breed of two different types of dogs that are the French bulldog and the Pug. The Frenchie Pug is also called with different names such as Frug, Pugbull etc. These dogs are of small sizes and posses the physical attributes of both their parents. Offspring of these dogs which are crossbred has a mixed appearance of their parents. Generally these dogs have wrinkle face mostly on their forehead and also around their eyes with a short muzzle and also a snout like pugs. The ears of the Frug are mainly straight or plumb like their Bulldog parent. They also posses curled up tail like their pug parent. These dogs are generally of even-temperament and in recent days they are now well received in the matter of agility and also in guarding. Frugs are mainly kid friendly dogs and love to play with them. Frugs cannot stand too warm or stuffy temperature and it is always better to keep them in lively environment or open garden. Before adopting a Frenchie pug one should always know about their parents.

pug in costume

Information about the French Bulldog

The French bulldog comes under the category of small breeds of dogs of domestic type dogs. The lifespan of these dogs is 8 – 10 years. The origin of these dog breed is from France. These dogs are the direct decedents of an old Greek tribe that is dogs of the Molossians. They are commonly known as Frenchie. These dogs have the appearance of heavy bones, active, smooth coat, muscular dog, compactly built and are generally of small or medium sizes. The most common colors of French bulldog are tan or white with patches, fawn and different shades of brindle. These dogs have wrinkle on their face and mostly on their forehead. They have small eyes and their head is square shaped. The head top is slightly round but has to be flat. They have short and smooth hair and have velvety coating. These French bulldogs poses horizontal type of body with small legs which makes their stature small. They have a muzzle short and deep. They have very short nose and eyes wide apart which is far from the ears.

Information about the Pug

Pug also comes under the category of small breeds of dogs with short muzzle face, wrinkle on her face and a short curled tail. The life span of a pug is generally 12 – 15 years. They are active dogs and love to play with children and also with their masters. The origin of pugs is from China. They come in variety of colors such as fawn, silver fawn, black and apricot. The temperament of pugs is very charming and friendly. They are docile in nature and too playful. They are sociable dogs, charming and stubborn in nature. They are quiet and generally do not bark often and are very clever in nature. They are not good as guard as because of their small height and they are too calm in nature so they might not bark at the intruders. They have hinder legs and a horizontal body which makes their stature short. Height of a male pug is 30cm and of a female pug is of 25 cm. They have velvet coating with soft smooth and silky hair all over their body. They weigh 14 to 18 pounds.

pug driving

The Frenchie Pug

This cross breed possesses both the qualities of its parents. The good qualities possessed by the French bulldog and Pug are inherited to them so they become more adorable as a pet. The life expectancy of a Frug is 12 – 15 years. They may weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. These dogs were first originated in U.S.A. Frug makes excellent family pets and superbly goes with children of various ages and also with senior citizens. They generally love to follow their masters wherever they go. They are very curious and inquisitive in nature. When it comes to training it might be difficult to work with them.


Frugs are short in size and have wrinkle type face and around their eyes. They have flat skull though slightly rounded. They have bulky horizontal body and small legs which make them short in height. They have short curly tail. They come in different colors like brown, black, tan, golden cream, silver, merle, spotted, white and speckled. Their coating is smooth, silky, medium, glossy and fine. They have height of 13 to 15 inches.


Frugs are naturally energetic lively and intelligent and kid friendly dogs. They are attention seeker and love to get attention from their masters. These Frugs are very playful in nature and love the company of their masters and always follow them to where ever they go and they these qualities are by default inherited from their parents. As being soft in nature they coalesce with children of all ages and love to play with but should be under the guidance of adults as of their small sizes. They go well with canine and also non canine animals but should not be left all alone with big canine pets as because of their small stature.

pug on beach

The Frenchie pug has awesome sense of disposition and fun loving. Frugs are mostly natural fun-lovers. They are always in a mood to entertain their masters and please their masters in each and every way as they can. They are always curious about their surroundings. They should not be left alone as they can feel dejected and lonely. They generally do not bark so it is not considered as a good watchdog, though it can be done through proper training.

Care and grooming

Frugs shed very rare or little but grooming is necessary for them. You need to brush its hair almost every day and have to brush its teeth twice a week and its ears should be cleaned once a week. Bathing can be done once or twice in summer season and once a week in winter season. They will need one and half to two bowls of dry dog food daily.

Where to get Frug and its Price

It is necessary to get from a trusted breeder else they can provide unhealthy dogs with posses health issues like epilepsy, bad mood etc. it is better to get a pup so it can get well acquainted with the family members. The price of a Frung varies $1200 – $2500 as it is an expensive dog.